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Call of Duty: World at War ► All weapons

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty: World at War ► All weapons

  1. 1:35 pretty hilarious how the zombie is slowly breaking through and meanwhile the player is shooting the wall

  2. What had you did to get the Walter p38 in zombie mode ?

    It is probably some mistakes in my message, I'm sorry ( I'm french )

  3. The MP40 also never was meant to be held by the magazine as it would also cause jams. In the campaign you see it held correctly from the Germans.

  4. Anyone notice when you reload the Thompson with a drum mag on the bottom left your hand is still holding the same mag?

  5. Suomi kp????!?????!!!? In bf 5 it has STICK MAG?!? Suomi kp used ONLY DRUM MAGS CUZ THERE WAS ONLY DRUM MAGS IN FINLAND DURING THE WINTER WAR, THE CONTINUATION WAR AND THE LAPLANDS WAR?!?! I hope that ea could LEARN some finnish HISTORY suomi kp was the key killer and thats the reason how 500,000 soviets died at 1939-1944 wars (In finland)

  6. 1:46 lmao the mag doesn’t even leave the screen

    Edit: wait throughout the video there are more instances of this happening

  7. Is the hand model on how the weapons are held in some is that some kind of mod or just an edited version to make it some kind realistic or so and i'm a person who likes to study WW2 and the M1A1 Thompson when it had the drum round where only the other Tommy guns (M1921,M1928/M1928A1) could only have the drum magazines where the M1 & M1A1 Thompson couldn't use the drum magazines also they would be heavy and the bullets would also rattle and jam the Tommy gun so they weren't used in the war after 1942 after the M1 Thompson came Into service. Only if game developers could do research better than an non game developer

  8. Its an old game but its a great game lots of history compared to this fucking bullshit cod ww2 whos a cod waw wanna be yeahhh thats right ww2 fanboys it sucks compared to WAW…deal with it

  9. Actually, no trigger discipline is probably period correct as it really wasn't taken as seriously back then as it is today

  10. 12:11 actually that is something that bothered me. On CoD Finest Hour (first i ever played) it turned with every shot till it circled completly. On WaW it was stuck.

  11. I wanted him to say like the sight was wrong or something on the ray gun, as it was not made realistically.

  12. Thanks for the extreme nostalgia trip…
    There are some feelings this game evoked that I'll never get back but desperately needed to remember

  13. the animations are horrible maybe they should have actually updated the cod 2 animations instead of porting them over

  14. My grandfather still has the exact same S&W revolver. It's a Detective model from the late 60's police force. Truly a beaut and comfy to shoot

  15. One thing I hate with COD games WW2 games is that they completely remove British even though we joined the war before America. They need to involve them more if not have the entire campaign focus around them

  16. Lol the captions kept saying “no trigger discipline”. Boo hoo is finger was on the trigger, sounds like the person who made the captions is a liberal who’s never held a gun

  17. I dont think its mentioned on here but the bolt action rifles, the bolt(?) doesn't move forward as the weapon fires it just stays in place. Also, holding the mag on the STG was what German soldiers are proven to have done since the barrel got hot and didn't have much of a barrel cover since it was almost experimental.

  18. The germans are so stupid they named one of there rifles the gewehr 43 which means gun in german. So they just named one of there rifles gun 43

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