99 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Ghosts: LEGO APS Underwater Assault Rifle

  1. The round that comes out isn't the size of the mag the round I would say is the size of a 7.62 the round that gets ejected isn't the size of the mag

  2. Me: "If this is a underwater rifle, is he going to do the shot demo underwater? Nah, mayb not."
    * 2:31 *
    Me: "Wow. He really did."
    * Likes the video as instructed *

  3. Are we sure it's 5.56 x 39???? It should be more around 5.56 x 70. And probably not 5.56 if it's Russian made anyway.

  4. so this gun was made in the cold war era, why wasn't it in black ops 1? it would have been cool to have a mission like that.

  5. 1:04 this gun was releasted in RUSSIA and also shared it the taiwan so russian navy and taiwan frogmen 🔫🇷🇺🔫🇷🇺🔫🇨🇳

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