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Call of Duty Blackout: Top 10 BEST SNIPER KILLS

Hey guys, and welcome back to Top5Esports! The blackout beta was recently released and
the internet is flooded with clips of amazing takedowns. Today we’ll be breaking down the top 10
sniper moments. [Question of the Day]
Before we get started, we want to hear from you, the audience! What are your thoughts on Black Ops 4’s
new Blackout mode? Let us know in the comments down below! Now let’s get straight to the video! [Number: 10] 0:58 – 1:05
Kicking off our list is CrookConflict taking down an unsuspecting enemy as he tries to
run towards cover on his quad bike. Moving targets are always difficult to hit,
but he makes it look so easy. [Number: 9] 0:42 – 1:11
Next up is CourageJD with his 2v1 clutch. With his position exposed and two enemies
remaining, it looked like a tough situation for Courage. He had a sniper rifle, which is not really
the best weapon in a shrinking circle without any cover, but he manages to pull off the
clutch and win the game. [Number: 8] 3:01 – 3:30
Our number 8 pick goes to Keemstar as he takes down an unsuspecting quadbike driver and follows
it up by sniping an enemy in a truck as the driver tried to swerve to avoid the shot. The driver should have just turned around. [Number: 7] 4:55 – 5:11
At number 7 is TimTheTatman. Camping high on a building with a medium ranged
scope makes sniping difficult but Tim makes it look easy as he takes down an enemy on
a quad. Hopefully, players will learn to stop driving
in a straight line. [Number: 6] 2:12 – 2:22
At number 6 we have Jericho demonstrating some stealthy shooting. He initially uses himself as bait to draw
the fire of an enemy squad, and the opportunity reveals itself as he goes unnoticed right
behind the enemy for a quick and stealthy kill. [Number: 5] Next up is Karma with his takedown of an entire
squad on a helicopter with just one well-placed bullet. Sending the whole team plummeting to their
deaths, Karma makes it clear that you only need one shot to seize the moment. [Number: 4] Our next clip is the longest snipe on this
list coming in at 431 meters. Judging from his quick transition to running
away, it looks like he didn’t expect the shot to hit his target, which makes it that much
more satisfying when you hear it land. [Number: 3] Next on our list is this amazing clutch from
Redditor OfficialRPM. Things look bleak as he has to rescue his
teammate and seek cover from enemy fire. But he pulls through for his team. Not only does he save his teammate – he also
takes down 3 enemies on his own, all while running for cover from the storm. [Number: 2] Fourth time’s the charm for this player, as
he lands this impossible shot on a moving helicopter over 380 meters away. His expression is the same as ours -complete
astonishment. With a shot like that, it doesn’t matter if
he lost the game, he won our hearts! [Number: 1] We’ve seen some amazing shots so far but this
last kill comes from a completely different weapon. At our number 1 spot, we have this insane
tomahawk kill. The player caught a glimpse of an enemy in
the scope of his rifle. It could have been a very simple snipe but
then it wouldn’t be here, would it? Instead, he carefully aims and then throws
the tomahawk for a nasty long range kill. [Outro]
That was some amazing shooting by some great players, hopefully, we’ll get to see even
more amazing shots as time passes but one thing is for sure. Blackout is huge success so far, and sniper
rifles are a great part of this game mode. Do you have any trickshots you landed that
are worth featuring? Be sure to send us your clips in the comments
below! Well, that wraps it up for today’s video! If you enjoyed today’s Top 10, please like
and share down below – we really appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe, and hit that
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