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California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order

Every day gun violence impacts
communities all over the United States here in California you could help
prevent these tragedies by requesting a gun violence restraining order or GVRO.
Step 1 identify a loved one in crisis or an individual at risk of dangerous
behavior Step 2 contact your local county clerk or your
local law enforcement to start the GVRO process Step 3 a preliminary hearing
this help if the judge finds the individual you identified as a threat to
themselves or others the court may issue a temporary 21-day GVRO the individual
crisis will not be permitted to possess or purchase guns during this time Step 4
a second hearing will be held the individual in crisis may attend the
hearing if necessary the judge will extend the GVRO up to one year the
individual can seek help for their at-risk behavior and could request to
terminate the GVRO if they no longer pose a threat if they still pose a risk
of danger there could be a petition for another one year GVRO. For more
information on the GVRO and how to request an application visit speak for
safety org this website does not provide legal advice and information is intended
for general informational purposes only if you need any legal advice please
contact an attorney directly.

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