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Calico Field Strip (100 Round 9mm Magazine!)

– [Alex] Hey guys, it’s Alex C with TFBTV, and for today’s field strip, we’re gonna be taking
down a Calico carbine. These are of course 9mm carbines that have a very strange, very unique helical magazine design. And they’re also roller-delayed
blowback like an MP5. They are possibly one of the
most ’80s firearms I know of. But they certainly look interesting, they just really are notorious
for being unreliable. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten
through an entire magazine without some sort of malfunction, and I’ve tried all sorts
of different things. They do come with a 100-round magazine or, if you’re into low-capacity firearms, a pathetic 50-round magazine. You have to wind the big one 23 times and you have to wind
the small one 10 times. Which is a real pain. To release the magazine, press these tabs located
on both sides of the gun and it will come off there. And, like I said, it is
a 100-round magazine. It’s also quite heavy and very cumbersome. I imagine it would be very uncomfortable to carry it full-loaded. Go ahead and check the chamber, make sure there’s nothing in there. And it looks like we’re good to go. Now everything starts with this pin located towards the front
of the lower receiver. Go ahead and push that
out, and it is not captive, so make sure you don’t lose it. It’s a pushpin that’s a
lot like an HK pushpin. That’ll allow you to slide
the fore-end right off there, exposing the barrel, the charging handle, and the spring that makes the charging handle go back forward. You can also then pull
off the lower grip frame. These are striker-fired, unlike an MP5, so you can see that mechanism there that would normally release the striker. So, pulling out the bolt and carrier, just pull it back a little
bit by grabbing the front, and then pull up and out once it gets to that recessed
section of that receiver. There you can see the bolt-head along with the rollers and everything. Very MP5-like in that it’s a 9mm roller-delayed
blowback carbine, but unlike an MP5, it doesn’t work. So there you go, a
field-stripped Calico carbine. The pistol’s field-stripped the same way. These are really interesting firearms. I would like nothing more, though, than for them to be extremely reliable, because running through 100 rounds of 9mm in one go would be pretty cool, especially if you had a
select-fire version 9. I know the company’s still
technically in business but I don’t think they
manufacture the subguns anymore. I find it unlikely that anyone
would adopt these for that, given that they are kinda goofy, but. Thanks to Venture Munitions for helping us out with
our shooting videos, guys. And we hope to see you next time. (gunshots booming)

71 thoughts on “Calico Field Strip (100 Round 9mm Magazine!)

  1. Why can't you get through a full mag? Is the whole thing when together just that bit too complex that it's going to stuff up?

  2. Would do people diss everything that they deem not worthy to them? I'm all for opinion, but god damn, this was a symbol of the 80's, the decade I came from..

  3. I believe that the magazine needs maintenance too. I wish they still made these and worked out the bugs. Now look at the P90!!!! why I don't trust that!

  4. You should field strip the Sharpened Rock. It's a really reliable weapon and great for outdoor, range shooting and ideal for conceal carry and home defence.

    I sharpen all my Rocks with love so they can be thrown further and hit harder.

  5. Ahhhh The 80s! Good times. We had a president that loved America, We were forcing the colapse of Soviet communism. David Lee Roth was the front man for Van Halen. your hot side stayed hot and your cold side stayed cold at McDonalds. You could get an SKS for $99 John Hughes gave us The breakfast club , 16 candles, Pretty in pink, Ferris Bueler, Uncle Buck and Planes trains & Automobiles. handguns were made of metal and will still be around in 2080. Ford gave us the Fox Body mustang. GM gave us the Gen 4 Corvette and Reves Callaway turned it into the Sledge Hammer. Give me more 1980s! Long Live the Calico!

  6. It is a real shame that this thing did notwork well. The select fire model made a lot of sense. 100 round sub machine gun sounds very useful. I am not even sure why these do not work right though. I do not see any reason they do not work, but like you said, it is rare to get though a magazine without something going wrong. There is not glaring design flaw though, none that I can see at least.

  7. I feel like the idea of this gun is a great one. The gun doesn't function and looks fragile. I think that a newer updated version would be awesome.

  8. Hey Alex, I've been wondering if you'd be willing to do a field strip and review of a CZ P-09, They're excellent pistols in my experience, and I'd like to see what you'd think of it.

  9. Can you imagine what the CA 10-round magazine would look like? A stinking Starkist tuna can. Wind it once. On the other hand, maybe fewer jams?

  10. Yeah every H&K I've ever owned jammed or had something else go wrong. Oh and you can forget customer service, them mother fuckers won't even offer your armorer information on repairing their junk. I had nothing but problems trying to get training out of H&K USA.

  11. I just happen to know the man who designed this weapon and owned Calico along with his father. His ex-wife got the company in the divorce and nearly lost it herself due to poor management practices. Anyway, she, or her company, quit making the guns. Warren said the way to make them more reliable was to wind the magazine spring 29 times instead of 23. They discovered that 100 rounds had too much mass – therefore inertia – to get the whole spiral column of cartridges in place at the feed lips in time to load the weapon reliably. I owned one of these – the M900 – and never had a misfire due to the firing mechanism. It was always a fail-to-feed situation. Once Warren told me the secret, no more problems. Just as an aside, there was also a full-auto version ( the M900-A) available for a time. He still had a few of them in his possession and allowed me a chance to shoot it. Much fun! This was the version that the wind-up trick was developed on.

  12. What someone needs to do is build an automatic winder/unwinder for the magazines. Set it to 50 or 100 round magazine, remove the magazine then put the gizmo on and poke wind or unwind. Yup, unwind. You're not supposed to leave the magazines wound up for a long period of time. Then how about an automatic loader?

  13. have you tried lubing up all the moving parts, to ensure that everything is clean and runs smoothly… I saw a video where someone did that with the pistol and it ran fine with federal ammo…

  14. Had one for a number of years. Learned eventually that the 23-winds at the beginning just doesn't cut it on the 100-round mag. You've gotta stop about once every 20 rounds and give it another five or six winds to maintain spring tension. Of course this totally defeats the purpose of having that high-capacity magazine. I do not regret selling this gun at all.

  15. i'l be honest i would rather do a 25 round mag with just the spring and the 50 round would be with teh spring too, its not rocket science why goign mofr complicated if it make it less reliable

  16. You'd think they could hire some expert engineer to come in and make a few slight tweaks to make this gun run flawlessly.

  17. It will fire hundreds of rounds as long as you keep it clean… and don't over lubricate it… I have owed one for years and fired it with few problems. .

  18. With the calicos, it's either go heavy or go home. The don't like standard ammo, you have to use a bare minimum of 124gr.

  19. calico recently moved operations to my home town. we finely have something here and you go and shit all over it!

    I'm thinking about going over, any questions you think I should ask?

  20. what this gun needs is a simple recoil indexing magazine….. as a blowback, take some weight off the bolt and give the bolt return spring just enough tension to feed….

    I would also reverse the feed direction to place the mag over the barrel….

    eject thru the grip…

    a wrap around bolt over the grip, operating a magazine operating cam…. sear in the bolt …

  21. i shot one of these guns before they have no kick back kinda crazy

  22. The magazine design is very interesting. The gun might not work, but the mag design looks fantastic for storing a lot rounds in a single mag.

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