100 thoughts on “C93 Borchardt: the First Successful Self-Loading Pistol

  1. Love the old guns.

  2. I wonder if keltec was looking back at the Borchardt when they developed the cp33? I notice that several recent models are going with the weird oversized beavertail.
    Thanks for another awesome video, Ian. As a gun dude and a historian myself, I love your channel doubly so!

  3. Just wanted to say i just recently started watching alot of your videos and really like them/the format, especially your comparison of the svd and the wa2000.

    Now this is just some personal opinion, but i really like your history side of the video, live testing and discussion of the guns and the occasional side by side comparisons. Im a little less interested in the technical aspects but can appreciate it, i just wish there was a little more of the other stuff versus the technical breakdowns which tend to take up the majority of the video. Again just my personal taste and regardless love your videos and have learned much from you, keep up the great work!

  4. Saw this video right before rdr2 came out and was pleasantly surprised to see it in game. Like. Hell yeah I know what that is. Thanks forgotten weapons!

  5. 7:00 I see the manufacturer of this pistol has taken the EA approach to customer complaints. I wonder how that worked out for them.

  6. When I first saw this my immediate thought was "that looks like a weird prototype Luger pistol". Then you mentioned DWM assigning Luger to improve the design and then I was like "ah, now things make sense!".

  7. Borchardt: I have the best self loading pistol, I bet it’ll stay that way for several decades
    Luger: um, well…
    Browning: >:) fools

  8. When I glanced at the cover of this video I actually thought the pistol was one of those suicide pistols because of how he held it.

  9. Gun Jesus: No one else did this before.
    Also Gun Jesus: An unprogressive US-company, he worked at ages before, is credible for that.

  10. Looking 4 this gun because rdr i thought it wasn't real because i couldn't find it its really rare

  11. My only problem is that handle. It's just, it looks good but the handle goes straight down. That's gotta be weird to hold.

  12. Nice pistol, but more of an experimental, esp. when compared to the C96 Mauser, M1911 or P08!-John in Texas

  13. Let's see… Low bore axis, fixed barrel, super cool appearance, looks like something that would be accurate and easy to shoot, who wouldn't want one? Looks like a candidate for a latter day re-introduction. I like it!

  14. RHoooo!! P!!!! un Borchardt, le grand père du P08 et en plus à peine piqué par l'oxydation du temps qui passe, il est magnifique, merci de nous l'avoir montré je ne l'avais jamais vu ailleurs que sur des pages de papier glacée et dans les BD de Corto Maltese, Va vite le huiler après l'avoir toucher ;O)

  15. There were better, but less sophisticated, handguns of that time. I’d rather carry a .38 any day of the week!

  16. When i first seen this gun it reminded me of the luger witch i belive it was responseabl for more death in (WW2) then any other fire arm do you know if thats correct i had a chance to bug a luger but the barreleas filled with lead and had no fire pin bolth cool pistols anyway

  17. this is kinda old but maybe someone will find this a little humorous

    when i was real little, i used to think the ‘self-loading’ part literally meant that the gun reloaded itself 😂

  18. Could use some rifling, improved sight, and some engraving for style. Go to Valentine and tell them I sent you.

  19. I can never skip the ads fast enough when Im watching your channel…. Fantastic and interesting video as always!

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