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Buying Your First Handgun for Women by Women

it’s Lindsay with Aegis tactical
continuing our series for women and by women today we thought we would go over
how to purchase your first handgun and just so that you know all of these guns
have been safety checked and are not loaded so typically there are three
reasons for purchasing a handgun one can be home protection one could be if
you’re considering getting your license and you’re going to conceal carry a gun
and another would be target practice at the range for home defense you can go
with a full-frame gun reason being at the larger capacity as well as it’s more
user-friendly you still want to make sure if it’s your hands this easier than
nine-millimeter it holds 19 rounds another reason for purchasing a handgun
maybe to conceal carry around a concealed carry you want to go for
something that smaller lightweight so it won’t bulge out under your clothing this
car is also a nine-millimeter like this easy however it’s much thinner and more
lightweight reason being is the ammo lines up in a single line within the
magazine whereas double stack it lines up side by side which makes the grip a
lot thicker and let’s face it ladies the last thing we want to something bulging
out from under our genes making her hips look whiter another thing to consider when to sing a handgun is revolver vs
semi-automatic so this is a 38 Special revolver one of the main reasons I
prefer the semi auto over the revolver is $3 not very well balanced it’s
heavier it’s not going to be fun to conceal carry the trigger pull is a lot
heavier than in a semi-automatic the capacity is a very limited compared to a
semi auto as well as the reloading is more difficult so this is a semi-automatic this club 42
is very easy to conceal carry its very slim it’s got that single stack magazine
we were talking about the trigger pull is only about five pounds very easy to
reload when you have another magazine so as I said earlier another reason for
purchasing a handgun maybe to target practice at the range around you want to
do that with is a little 22 this is good for putting holes in paper or protecting
yourself against small animals like rabbits and squirrels the bad guy we don’t like to see you
anything smaller than 380 from there you can go up to nine millimeter forty
caliber and 45 there really is no reason to go larger than a 45 besides that it’s
usually gonna be too large for our hands and it’s going to make it too big to
conceal carry an important factor in finding your
first handgun is finding the right gun shop you’re gonna wanna go somewhere
where they’re gonna find a gun that’s going to fit your hand they can
literally fit the gun to your hand like you can fit jeans to our body if you
walk into a gun shop and they tell you that you are a woman and so you need a
revolver I would leave and walk out reason being I have just been insulted
what they’re telling you is that you basically don’t have the brains to
operate a semi auto logo and find yourself a good gun shop like here at
Aegis tactical full of professionals were gonna fit the gun to your hand
we’re not going to try and push you one way or the other you’re going to help us and selecting
the handgun for you because when you find the handgun that fits you properly
you’re gonna have more enjoyment shooting it you’re gonna take it out and
practice with it more and you’re also going to conceal carry it more as well
and ladies remember to always practice and train and like we like to say here
at a just a coal train as you fight pay attention to our channel our next video
is gonna be on different ways to conceal carry for women let’s face it ladies we have a lot more
different considerations than the men do and as always if you have any questions
that you like to see a answer and future videos don’t forget to leave them in the
comments below

100 thoughts on “Buying Your First Handgun for Women by Women

  1. one thing she is wrong. a .22 can work as a protection round. the engineering of new loads in .22 has increased making better rounds. I have a walther p22 with mag loads and my wife loves it. the key is practice, training and accurate shooting skills.

  2. Recommending a revolver insulting???
    I carry a revolver & find that attitude insulting!
    I want a carfy piece that is reliable, reliable, reliable. And did I mention reliable!
    I also find the revolver more comfortable to carry in the waistband.
    Also .22lr is great for beginners for; instruction, practice, home defense and carry. Perfect for all these roles? No. But versitile enough to fill the bill until growing into a larger caliber. As my first instructor said, "Pull the trigger until the threat is over. There's no such thing as a one shot stop!"

  3. As well intentioned as these remarks may be, I highly disagree with the comment that one should immediately discount a revolver. No, I do NOT think women are incapable of operating a semi auto but in the process of buying a handgun for my wife (78 years old with weak wrists) I must contend with the reality that some older ladies may lack the physical strength to pull back a strongly springed slide to load a round in the chamber. Say what you will, a revolver with an exposed hammer is better suited for some people and its operation boils down to: (1) grab handle; (2) cock hammer; and (3) pull trigger.

  4. ladies… If you like a revolver but the trigger pull is a little more than you want get a trigger job done by a good gunsmith

  5. The last remark hurt my feelings now I have to get a bra and flash bang holster lol.I am a man and I dont think a .22L.R.should be ruled out nor the .22Magnum they are better than no gun and they let new shooter feel little to no recoil.This means less flinching and better groups.I bought .22 to teach new shooters about guns and I want them not to fear the recoil and enjoy shooting.I also endorse what you said about fitting the gun to the hand very good for long term shooting.Older men and women I have told some because of stiff fingers that cant rack a slide to use wheel guns or flip up barrel pistols they work.

  6. Nice. Sent it to my wife! Thank you! (All she was saying was that she wanted a handgun and that she liked the way a purple one she saw online looked! Lol.) I told her there were other factors to consider in addition to the look :). Thanks for this video, as a man I enjoyed it and found it informative too. 🙂

  7. You need to add a link to your store on the videos you have a link to Facebook but not a link to your store. It would make it a lot easier for people to shop at your store with just a click?

  8. Can someone please help me!!?? I am a women looking to purchase my first concealed and carry handguns. I want a revolver with the least recoil as possible. Can someone give any advice as to which gun to purchase…Thx.

  9. I take exception to the revolver remark. I would recommend a revolver for ANY beginner, man or woman. Or for anyone that has neither the desire, time, money nor discipline to train regularly, the revolver is the optimal self defense weapon for the average person. It will function for one who has not regularly trained muscle memory of clearing malfunctions.
    The semi auto is superior to a revolver, but also requires regular drills to maintain the discipline of the semi-auto. Brains has nothing to do with me suggesting a revolver, it has to do with the ability of the person to maintain regular, disciplined drills.

  10. this women is stupid haha the reason anybody recommends revolvers is they dont require a slide pull back not to mention she acts as if its an insult that a person saying for u id recommend a revolver no its just them trying to help you out. also revolvers only get really heavy when you get to the big rounds and btw if she really thinks a 45 cal. is where you should stop she is wrong 45 is the second largest handgun round it wont just put a hole in someone it can splatter a persons head.

  11. Oh my fucking God feminists. Some ppl recommend revolvers because of the heavier trigger pulls and how it may fit to a curvy body better than a straight semi auto. Think about what you're saying before you "leave and walk out".

  12. Despite some disadvantages I prefer to carry a revolver. I have a Smith and Wesson Air Weight. Yes, the capacity is limited and it is much slower to reload, but it is small safe, reliable and comfortable for me to carry. I like the fact that there are no springs I have to worry about, slides to operate and potential "jam ups". The gun is very simple, easy to understand and to handle. There is no safety to worry about, but there is a very long and somewhat heavy trigger pull. I really love it, because it is so small, and it has good stopping power and it is easy to carry and conceal in comparison to some of my other auto 9mms. I also have a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and a M&P 9 Compact that I carry. I like these guns because they are more accurate, hold more ammo, they are easy to reload and they are smooth shooters with lots of stopping power. My wife had a chance to evaluate and shoot all of these guns and she decided to carry a Smith and Wesson Air Weight Revolver as well. Even though our guns are capable of shooting "Hoter Loads" we both carry "Light Recoil" rounds. I hope this makes sense and helps some people who are on the fence.

  13. Bullets are important considerations for each caliber. Which one to choose can be wrought with opinions and confusion. Here is a straight forward look at some big competitors. I hope you find this is as interesting as I did. PS. I chose the Federal 124 grain HST for my 9MMs.

  14. "Bigger is Better" and "Bigger is Macho". Well, here are some real life Bad Asses who say: "No it's not".

  15. The Police, The FBI, and the Navy SEALs are using the 9mm. Why?

  16. Any man being condescending toward a  woman buying a gun should be avoided.  Any man recommending a revolver for a woman's first gun should be applauded because they are safer, more reliable and generally carry a bigger punch.  The semi automatic is slimmer, holds more rounds, but is easier to fire accidentally.  I encourage ladies to use the revolver first and then work up to the auto.  We guys sometimes don't admit it, but we like to see our ladies well-armed, particularly in the South.  And the ladies I've trained with handgun shooting generally end up being better shots at targets than I am.  And that's okay…Women generally make a trombone sound better than I do too. LOL.

  17. One thing you didn't mention about revolvers, especially the lightweight ones, they kick like a rabid mule. This is easily demonstrated to customers by asking them to place their hand palm up on the sales counter and pulling out a ball peen hammer and slamming the hell out of it. Repeat up to 6 times if necessary to replicate firing a full load of .38 specials.

    Besides as you mentioned, anyone can operate a semi-auto with the correct training so why steer your customers toward something that is no fun and painful to shoot? I like my customers to return again and again to buy more ammo, not keep the original box I sold them for years because they never practice.

  18. I have several weapons including the Shield 9 and the SW Bodyguard 380 but my primary carry weapon is a Taurus Poly 38 Spl in +P. I am a retired Marine with 27 years of service and I know that automatics can and will jam. I can't afford the several seconds it may take to clear a jam. My trusty revolver with Hornady Critical Defense will have the Honor of my first or second shot before I pull out my Shield. The Shield is an awesome weapon and with over 600 rounds down range, Bodyguard also, I have had ZERO problems with them however, that one time when it has a problem it may cause me my life.

  19. I once was held up by a rabbit and a squirrel; the danger is real folks! On a more serious note, the review was fine. Some of the reviews are unnecessarily nasty.

  20. Thank you for a great discussion. Recently I have been helping two ladies in my life find a gun for home defense and concealed carry. Both have shot hand guns, rifles, and shot guns but, on a very infrequent basis. One owned a Ruger LCP but, did not like shooting it so, did not practice. I have some different small hand guns that these ladies tried. In both cases they preferred my 38 caliber revolver. Both ladies are intelligent and capable of shooting most small caliber guns. However, both are in their 60s and do not have a lot of strength in their hands.

    Both eventually bought a 38 revolver. The only things I urged them to do was try a variety of guns to find the one that felt right for them and to go with slightly longer grips. The feel of the guns in their hands was a very important especially when firing. The longer grips just made repeated firing at the range a better experience ( we found this out after trying and holding about every make and model we could find).

    I disagree that directing a woman to a revolver has to be chauvinistic or that revolvers are not a good choice for defense. In this case the ladies made up their own mind after shooting both revolvers and semiautomatic pistoles. I think it came down to feel, simplicity, and comfort. With any gun you need to practice. Liking what you shoot makes practice a lot more fun.

  21. Funny about protection against rabbits and squirrels.  I'd LOVE her to show us how little protection a 22lr has by having her take one in the chest.

    Hopefully she is not that stupid.  Hopefully she has enough sense to recognize that a 22lr is an excellent defense round. 

    No Swat team ever decided to go home because the bad guy was ONLY using a 22lr cartridge, and that is a fact.

    The argument about the revolver "being heavier " is legitimate with a heavier revolver, but you can purchase an excellent J frame that weighs only 11.8 ounces which is significantly LIGHTER than  that Glock 42 that she is holding.

    Furthermore, while it is true that a revolver's trigger is heavier than a the glock, it is ALSO true that this makes it much safer for a beginner in the sense that they will not have an accidental discharge.

    In addition,  learning how to shoot a double action trigger is like learning how to drive a manual shift vehicle.  Once you know how to work a manual transmission and clutch, you can drive anything.  The same thing can be said for a double action revolver.  Once you can effectively shoot a double action revolver, you can shoot anything.

    So in the sense of training, the double action is superior.

    All in all, an excellent well done presentation aside from the obvious bigotries and misinformation about the lowly 22lr. For women that aren't drunk on the Testosterone of male ego, the 22lr caliber is actually a beginner's best bet. That is what I would recommend to a beginner. It is the easiest shooting, the lightest recoiling and the cheapest guns out there.

    You can purchase the excellent Walther P 22 and its cousin the Ruger SR 22 for significantly less than you can any of the guns mentioned.  The Walther P 22 has a street price of less than $220.00 and I have seen them as low as $215.00.

    Show me a decent Glock for that price?

  22. Women have no business being around firearms and being around target ranges. A woman's place in the home cooking and making a toilet sparkle.

  23. I'm a guy. Fairly "tough" according to my friends but even I …over inflated ego here…DO NOT want to take a well placed or even a not so well placed 22lr jhp.

  24. Very good video. Rabbits and Squirrels are known to carry disease dangerous to humans. I liked your choice of projectiles in the clip showing .22 to .45. I teach that one's confidence with a hand gun is the most important factor. Small pocket pistols can pack an uncomfortable recoil. Your heavier full size pistols, not so much but still, a .45 is hard to control. Your comment about comfortable fit is spot on…

  25. Hello, everyone. I believe that women should be trained and feel comfortable using firearms for self-defense. However, there is one problem with that, and it is huge. And this is just opinion (and from what I have learned from a lot of women), but the majority of women and girls alike do not care about guns at all! They would rather not have anything to do with them; and beside the fact, they are afraid of guns. Right up there with domestic violence and reproductive rights, gun violence is one of the top three concerns that women in the U.S. have; especially during an election season. Women are not worried about some bad guy or home invasion. They are, however, terrified that their boyfriends, dads, or husbands are going to use a gun against them or their children in some fit of anger, and that's the truth. You think the government wants to take your guns away? Well, in reality, a woman will go behind your back and vote for someone who will attempt to do just that! Women that do show an interest in firearms are only doing so to please a father, husband or boyfriend. You can put guns in front of women and talk about how necessary they are in today's society until you are blue in the face. In the end, it will not do any good because you will never change their DNA and misguided feelings and assumptions about guns. A lot of women would rather have a smartphone and a dog that barks at everything than a firearm in the home. Believe it!

  26. I'd like to see videos on gun manipulation, racking the slide techniques for one does not have the upper body strength of an average male

  27. I like revolvers for reliability and depending on the revolver they can be just as light or even lighter than a semi auto pistol. I have a S&W Air Weight and it is super light. It can be purchased in .357 magnum giving the user the option of using full house .357 loads or lighter recoiling .38 special loads. As far as the trigger, any good gun smith can lighten that up. Women should not over look the revolver. My advice is to go to your local gun range and take a shooting course, if you are new to gun's and if available rent some gun's that you are interested in. Try before you buy, if possible. Not all small pistols are the same in trigger pull and fit, so make sure you are comfortable with it and if at all possible try it.

  28. The revolver with a trigger job and light loads is a good option and they are much simpler to reload; just not as quick.  Most won't practice as they should so the revolver is the best choice for most; never a Kahr; unreliable.  Semi's can be great but so much more can go wrong.  Thanks for your input; good info.

  29. My daughter is about to be 21. I have told her that her first carry will be at my cost and at her choice. Thing is my girl loves my 357.Mag not good for a carry. I am going to put her through the class with my wife. Thing is I want to surprise her with her first..

  30. The dismissal of revolvers in this video is almost total, and totally inexplicable.  I guess one way to negate revolvers is to not discuss their benefits or show their ammo….oh right, that's exactly what she did.  It is also NOT an insult to suggest a revolver to ANY first time gun owner, regardless of gender.  The use, cleaning, and maintence of revolvers is easy.  New shooters should be directed toward semi-autos only if the firearm shop provides full disclosure regarding the most common problems of the modern semi-auto:  break-in, failure to fire, failure to feed, and failure to eject.  These are all problems with solutions, but the solutions are not intuitive; the training curve on a semi-auto is steeper than a revolver and it's good business to acknowledge that fact and adopt sales practices accordingly.

  31. it's sad you have to start a vid by saying all guns have been safety checked and are unloaded, in a vid that should be a given.

  32. now im not saying that women are dumber than men lets face it you are probably smarter then i am… but i think that if anyone tells you the specific gun ild leave b/c they are probably biased towards what makes them more money that being said the reason most gun owners recomend revolvers to women is because on average women biologically have less upper body strength, this is most likely because men historically have been hunters fighters and providers while women were house workers do to predudice of the time its not an insult its just because semi-autos can be hard to rack, now im 14 and when i was checking out pistols at a place (not to buy just to see yk) he recommended a revolver for that same reasons

  33. Good video. My mother is considering getting a handgun for cc. She's already been told she should only get a revolver cause she's a woman. I'm going to have her watch this video.

  34. One of the dumbest, most arrogant presentations I've seen. The revolver would be a great choice. Most females, without experience, would not fair well with most of this very unfeminine presenter's choices

  35. Revolver "The reloading is more difficult."
    You can't compare a revolver to semi Auto as more difficult time consuming yes but not by much. Now if you had to reload a semi auto from start to finish and compare that to the revolver, the revolver would win hands down.

  36. I disagree with a few remarks. Revolvers are RELIABLE I am looking to buy one as a backup and for fun at the range.
    .22 only good for range and small critters. Thats silly. Hitting the bad guy with 10 rounds from a .22 is better than 8 missed shots from a 45. I am a strong 210 lb guy I carry a M&P 9compact.

  37. The good old revolver is a good choice, but no one should push a platform on you. I would recommend renting some guns that interest you from your local range and try them out or borrow some from friends to try. The best choice is the one YOU can shoot well. There are many pluses with a revolver, but that may not be the one you shoot the best, so try many and buy what you shoot well with. I have purchased many gun's only to sell them latter, because I didn't shoot well with them. The ones I keep are those that fit me so well I can shoot them accurately. I have several revolvers and pistols as well. The thing they all have in common, is I can pick up any of them and hit my intended target. So, try before you buy.

  38. Very well laid out and well done…. I'm a revolver person myself , yes compared to the plastic guns it's more weight to pack all day, something about steel i have always liked .. I have fired double stack guns and single stack also… I figure if i cannot get the job done with 6 rounds i need to start over ..

  39. The revolver is the most easy to use, no nonsense choice. My wife carries the S&W 642 w/ crimson trace grip. Changed the trigger and hammer spring with Wolf springs. The double action is a clean 7.5-8 pound pull. Very nice CCW.

  40. I know this video is 3 years old . But I had a question I just bought my 1st Gun. I got a Beretta Pico 380 . I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I'm having a hard time pulling the Barrel back , are there a easier gun ? Thank You

  41. You got me when you said “protect yourself from small animals like rabbits and squirrels.” Hehe…

  42. Hey , here is a clip of me having fun at our Ladies League at our gun club.

    Mine is 9mm baretta

  43. Horrible advice. Honestly, no revolvers for women? My wife doesn't have the strength to push/pull a 9mm semi, so we went with a Taurus .38 special with a polymer frame. Excellent gun, light weight and a great trigger pull for her. DONT carry a .22?? Really?? I'm a prior LEO and can tell you that anything is better than nothing. A bad guy isnt going to stop and think…"Oh, it's just a .22" when a gun is pulled on him. BTW, they make the .22 LR Stinger ammunition and it will more than just sting a little.

  44. Hahahah protecting yourself against small animals like rabbits and squirrels? They are the real killers of the forest

  45. Omg the feminist comes out with that if he offers you a revolver id feel offended because he’s saying you don’t have the brains to shoot a semi auto bs. Really??? Fucking stupid.

  46. The problem with this is you are talking about a woman who wants to become proficient with her firearm and have some knowledge about guns and are willing to practice! On the other hand there are other women who have 0 knowledge,0 desire to practice,and simply want something to load up and hide and never shoot until the shit hits the fan this is where a revolver is the absolute best option.

  47. I have a old sig p230 380acp (Think ppk in 380acp) that I have owned forever. Over the years the smaller women I have introduced to shooting really seem to like that gun over other stuff I have (a decent size assortment including revolvers, pocket sub compacts, and full size automatics). It would be considered rather large and heavy for its caliber and capacity by todays standards but it is sure easy for those with weaker smaller hands to operate and shoot well.

  48. 1:25 well I for one would love a woman with a big utility belt full of guns gadgets and ammo with big hips keeping me safe 😊 if it were legal in the uk 😔😔😔

  49. Great video. I agree with a lot of the info you imparted. Revolvers have a harder trigger pull in general unless one gets a trigger job or cocks the hammer. Revolvers also have way more recoil than just about any 9mm semi out there including single stacks. It is harder to be accurate with a DA snubby than a single stack 9mm semi.

    I recommend if a lady does decide to get a revolver, that she does not get a trigger job. The DA trigger is heavy for a reason. Dry fire it often and not only will one get more accurate, but the person will get used to the trigger as it is. I especially recommend this for people who do not train often with their firearm. If you want a simple, reliable gun that you don't expect to get training on or take out to the range often, keep the heavy trigger. My opinion.

    Now, semis are easy to clean and extremely easy to shoot as long as one uses correct technique. Ladies don't be intimidated by the semi, racking a slide is easier than it seems. It's all technique. How does a woman have the grip strength to hold a 2" snubby with +p rounds yet doesnt have the strength to rack a slide? I know they're two different things, but not really. It's in the mind.

    Lastly, I don't agree with revolvers being more difficult to reload. They take longer than semis generally, but it's actually much simpler than a semi. Just pop in the rounds individually, via strips, or speedloader. As for semis, I might be in the minority but I hate loading magazines without a loader. The actual act of reloading via magazine is easy as alls get out tho.

  50. I'm a woman and I started off with a hammerless .38 Taurus. There's no safety, so it's a quick point and shoot with no casings. My other go to is my Glock .40 cal amazing, tough weapon. Best to carry one in the chamber incase you don't have time to rack it back first. Then I have my .22 lr and my ARX 100 rifle. I wish I had more. I am a lover of guns. Always locked, clocked, and ready to rock!

  51. You don’t need to “fit a gun to your hands”. That whole ‘women need smaller guns’ is bullshit. Female officers carry full size frame guns. Let that sink in. The larger the frame the smoother the shot. To an extent of course. But no. A woman isn’t limited to size.

  52. How the pistol fits the hand is the paramount consideration. If the pistol fits the hand, the shooter will maintain control of the recoil and diversion of sight alignment. If the pistol is too small of a grip, pulling the trigger will cause the barrel waver off target every time. The heavier the pistol the less felt recoil. I recommend to students either a 380 or 9 mm in a size that they (student) feels comfortable carrying. A full size duty pistol is hard to conceal.

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