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Buying a POS Rifle

Joe with Aegis Tactical here again. Listen we did a video the other day for you called bad rifle. Basically there’s a lot of
deals going on this holiday season for Black Friday. Get an AR for under $500
to best thing since sliced bread well yet again here’s another one that comes in. First looking at it looks ok I guess looking at online line or if you just looked at it on the wall it would look decent look into a little bit further it’s not a
good quality rifle at all but its better then some of the other ones that we have seen but
it’s a “piece of crap” again for the again a $40 forend on this thing something you find at a flea market somewhere junk shop don’t know, you’re not going to find this at a real gun shop anywhere were over all that ok over the
appearance of it doesn’t look that good lets see the functionality of it does it
actually work guess what no it doesn’t work machined so bad that the charging handlewon’t go back without forcing and its actually tearing up the top of the lower
and here and the buttstock really start pulling it there you go it’s just not machine right off
tearing up the charging handle won’t go forward total definition of POS when you get the
gun any quality firearms that are nice smooth action should not be binding
up on anything if it is there something wrong again luck we caught this for the
client ahead of time and we are shipping it back to where he got it from listen
to your research take your time talk to people that know about guns put them in your hands before you buy them stop getting ripped off you have any questions come
down here and see us at Aegis Tactical we’re here seven days a week ten the
seven Monday through Friday nine to five Saturday and Sunday. Our number is 941-755-1610 We are located at 5103 Lena Road here in Lakewood Ranch off State Road 70 near 75 we look forward to seeing you soon have a great day.

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