100 thoughts on “BURST RIFLE Gameplay (w/ Tips) | The Last of Us Multiplayer – Water Tower

  1. Man that was some epic MLG Pro Superstar burst gameplay awe man when you zoomed into the guy you killed and asked him was he okay I nearly died 😂😂 Sweet special effects aswell man 🙂✌

  2. 44-48 total nerd moment LMAO but I love it!!! that's y I fucks with this guy, plus he's a genius

  3. Use the variable Nick! It's an awesome weapon, with a good trigger finger it fires as fast as a Full Auto

  4. I have nothing against you Nick, but because you made TLoU "alive" a bit more again, all the multiplayer consists of is high level pussies that only use a Burst Rifle, Tac, Bomb Expert, and Pump Shotgun.

    The ENTIRE day it has just been that. So what you people call "Making TLoU alive again.", no, you're just making sore bitches turn it on again. Pick the easiest shit and win.

    MP no longer consists of having fun, it consists of inbred fucks that find the most broken shit and use it just to win.

  5. Lol it sucks being 14 and playing this game cuz every time i say im good (which i am lol) mostly people wont believe me… until the game ends lol. Any way nick hope the new camra or what ever it is comes soon so the livestrems are better

  6. hey nick. can u teach us/me how to do that wiggle? i try it but i failed badly. i already learn a lot from your vids such as blood pattern(when enemy shoot you) dance shiv etc. i really want to know how u do the wiggle bcause that move is great. #EhTeam

  7. could you play with some better players please?in the advance gameplay reviver 3 first aid 1 and burst are necesseary



    Great video 😇

  9. Its 8am and that has set me up for the day! Actually it makes me wanna come home before i've even left to watch more 😄😄💚💜

  10. Nick Eh stepping up his commentary game. He now not only gives the Last of Us tips, but also YouTube tips! What an amazing guy, he is!

  11. heyy nick why i won't be able to send a friend request to u ??
    if u can send me my online ID is john_minds and i'm from lebanon.

  12. Nick, all good burst users use the "GTorres" technique; so what you do is loose your aim button between every burst and then aim again, the aim assist will help you to get headshots like that, and another thing: try to crouch between bursts to avoid getting headshot, here i am giving tips to you xD hope it helps.

  13. Nick you should a video on a pistol/shiv class with a flamethrower. The flamer can be good when enemies are too close and the pistol becomes useless. Also teach us how to master dancing shivs and tips and tricks! EHHHHHHHHHHH

  14. Gracias por los subtítulos en español, se disfruta mucho más así. Sobretodo teniendo en cuenta la velocidad de vértigo a la que hablas… 😉

  15. Hey Nick why you put Spanish subtittles here but no in the other videos? Tanks for the subtittles but y prefer that you put more spanish subtitles in other videos like tops.
    You are the best Nick this video is very cool.
    PD:Sorry for my bad English 😀

  16. Eehhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love your vids bro…….its me Daniel……..i Will be watching your vids forever bro EHHHHHH

  17. Now that I have internet in my new home, I will make it my goal to find Nick in a lobby and end him. Permanently. 🙂

  18. why not to shoot then stop holding l2 then shoot again? thats how id use burst rifle…and i prefer streaming :3

  19. Hi, I'm Chilean and I would like to know how you do the wiggles? I'm a fan of your videos. Greetings

  20. That wiggling doesn't work on me anymore ever since I've noticed the hit box is actually in the middle when you wiggle like that.

  21. Yes, yes!

    Burst rifle should be 400/800 for upgrades and the bow should be 300/600 this should make the game more balanced, but you know naughty dog.

  22. What are your thoughts on this

    Burst rifle
    Bomb expert 3
    Lone wolf 1

    Personally I destroy with this class.

  23. Hey Nick, thanks for the vid! I've seen some players shooting the burst rifle and at the same time taking a very small sidestep, making them a very hard target to shoot at. Do you know how it's done?

  24. Please play me 1 on 1 in factions and make more factions videos! I want to hear your speculation about what features will make it in to part 2 and what you think won't be carried over.

  25. Hi Nick I always see your videos would like to ask you if you can help anyone know or say, I use the burst, but without improving the whole game I try to shoot at the head, but I tried and tried and I can not nail the sight when shooting.. If under R3 wobbles the same and if I lower even more R3 of goes very low the sight… I tried dropping several points and always the same.. If you can help me, tell me how much is lower and whether progressive or direct I do not find the return… Thanks and greetings

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