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Impossible… My god This match finally have a normal equipment Let’s kill that side first One of the players use the gun of “Bison” kills many people This segment touch is really high level I have been touched for a long time then it occurs after that I always accidentally touched it. So annoying This match… When i shot that people… I didn’t shot him. AKM… I feel that is my AKM’s bullet finished Scared me Scared me I didn’t see any car I didn’t see any car My opinion is i wanna go to the house to have a look Maybe still got some more people Have a look to the house Should be fine for the time I don’t want x3…. take a sniper Take a sniper will be a stupid guy Oh! Got people How is my song? Is it okay? So can you subscribe me? Wow! The guys can hear it ? The sound of the car These people are a bit powerful… Wow!!!!! This guy straight away come over me Shot on my helmet. I almost die This guy is really powerful. Still got poeople Currently,these people are really amazing Let’s go Ps 🙁 He thanks to the people who send him the gift ) Why you guys call me “ErBaiWu” 2 signal airdrop ya Observe first skilled player I can’t go straight over there Shot him Is it right? Throw a smoke. Let them think that i wanna go over. I believe that is not only 1 person When they are blur reverse the car u-turn Outflank.. Amazing…Good plan “A trick to lure the tiger from the mountain” Good plan. Amazing They don’t know i’m coming. Okay Stop Dadadadada…. So powerful…. 2 of the pro players killed by BuQiuRen Amazing Amazing Hahaha.. AWM Wow Look at the seductive emerald Seductive emerald’s bullets Put in my backpack is really pleasing to the eyes Actually i don’t like this gun, is just because of the bullet The color of the bullets Someone shot me. Shit Oh! My charm Let them shot on me Shot on him Pop Our emerald bullets Shiu… Bang! Exactly shot on his 3 level of helmet Where we go? Where we go? Ohhh! Tui… I’m sleepy. Do you feel sleepy? I wanna to have a sleep Hehehehe So powerful Fighting Fighting. Okay There is people in the warehouse, i guess I can’t simply kill them because.. Almost the final stage and i think there are many people in the team If i go in front of them, then i will die Can’t fight with them Aiyo.. Got car Maybe someone hiding in the grass. Caterpillar But i didn’t see it Let’s go the mountain first Ps: ( He is singing ) What? I should drive the car to have a look I don’t know there is a people at there. Annoying

72 thoughts on “BUQIUREN GOT REKT BY A CAMPER! | PUBG Mobile

  1. والله ان الصيني يقدر يواجه بيكاتشو وابو خليل وابن سوريا وكل اليتيوبرز ولا يطرحهم فوق بعض ويرقص عليهم. لاكن الحسد عمى عيونهم ولا فيهم خير يعترفون بها الشي

  2. وين متابعين 😍🙈
    (( الاعب الصيني ))❤ حط لايك 👍
    فدوة وصلوني 2K _😔
    هسة اني 703 😭😭

  3. We all die cuz of campers, we get out of military base save of georgepool as well at the end we die by a Turkish campers, and I don't know if camping is a smart way to play or pro way ???

  4. اي احد يلعب ببجي يلعب تحت ظل الصيني واذا احد يريد يحترف يشوف غير لعبة لاني الصيني ماترك شي من الاحتراف لغيرو
    قال ابن سوريا قال

  5. شوفوا السرعة والانتباه في الدقيقة الثانيه كيف بدل السلاح اي كي ام ل ديبي

  6. شباب ارجوا اضافتي ف الانستا اذا ماعجبكم لعبي ألغو الإضافة حسابي o7w7o

  7. من شاف الدروب جان عنده ١١ قتلئ وباقين ٥٠ و شوفوا من وصل للدروب اشو صاروا ٢٣

  8. انتبهو ع الدقيقه ٣:٠٩ شلون سكوب ٤ ثابت لانو جاي يستخدم جيرسكوب شوفو ايده شلون ينزلهه ليجوه

  9. يمتى اصير مثل لعبك ..مليت من الكتل جسمي باز…من الكتل

  10. بس انت لاعب تستاهل واحد يتابعك لان لعبك نظيف

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