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Bulletproof Safety Glasses? 9mm, .22LR, & Air Rifle vs. Browning ACE Lenses | The Social Regressive

I’m here today on the plinking range and
all around me there’s all sorts of refuse cool objects that have been shot
up and it’s immediately obvious even for those of you that only use 22
long-rifle or whatever that they can make quite a mess
they really tear things up and so it really kind of makes you wonder what can
your eye protection actually do now in the case of sunglasses or regular
glasses supposedly they can’t do much but today we’re going to see exactly how
bulletproof these are now these aren’t intended you know supposedly to take a
bullet straight into your eye or whatever it’s supposed to be for all
kinds of debris maybe a ricochet things like that but we’re just gonna test out
some different rounds and see how they perform against these we have these
inserts for a Browning set of safety glasses that I would have liked to like
but they were and I love the lenses these things are great I think it came
with this kind of ros1 amber and then there was a yellow and it all came in
this nifty little case with different compartments inside and I’m gonna keep
the bag because the bag is great lenses will be sacrificed though because the
frames were garbage they were really really weak I think I broke them just
putting them on and off my head let’s talk about the big guns that we’re gonna
have for today’s test if any of you are snickering right now it’s because you’ve
had one of these as a kid this is a Crossman Powermaster and I’m just gonna
be firing regular copper plated BBS out of this thing and I’m gonna be using
the the high magnification scope here in addition to the guns and targets today
we will be using a chronograph just to see what kind of speeds we’re dealing
with and mostly I know what kind of ballistics I have on my rounds but I do
need this for dealing with the bb’s I don’t exactly know what kind of speeds
they’ll be doing so we should get a pretty good idea the the chronograph is
set 10 feet out from the bench and then it’s probably another no I
don’t know ten yards out to the the berm there so we’re going to encounter a
little bit of slowdown but mostly this should be pretty well right on we will
also be using this bad boy but before you get too excited
yeah we’re firing 22s today right now I have my CMMG conversion in there with
the 26 round 22 magazine and I’ve got the little Bushnell TRS 25 mounted on
top at this range it’ll be a little bit weird to figure out what kind of drop
I’m getting but this’ll be booking by the time it hits the target I’m curious
to see if the 22lr is gonna just breeze right through not really sure that it’s
going to you will see but just in case I do have my taurus OSS and
nine-millimeter I’ve got some hand load hollow points here and that should dump
plenty of energy and anything that I pointed at I don’t think we’re gonna
have to go beyond this but if we do I do have some 223 rounds and we can put
those through the ar-15 alright let’s get this thing started I’m going to kick
things off with the Crossman power master three pumps I got way down close and you probably
can’t see this but right there it’s just the tiniest little dimple so that’s
three pumps next thing is up to five pumps if I miss count I’m counting on
all of you guys to make fun of me this may be difficult to see but here’s the
hit on power level five five pumps might be able to see in the orange one the the
orange lines down at the bottom there’s just this little divot toward the right
side all right let’s take this up to eight pumps we’re starting to get into
edgy territory eight pumps of the Crossman pump master let’s see what we
have you can see on the orange lens hopefully you can see this right at the
very top just right there there is tiny little dimple they’re getting bigger
let’s take this up to ten and see what happens and finally maximum power alright here’s 10 pumps against the
rose-colored lens and it’s just right there time to move up to something
bigger something bigger this one looks interesting it looks like there’s a dark
spot but I can’t really see anything else very cool there’s a little crater there
or it just melted its way through and then right into the bag oh and it did
actually crack right here the weak point between the two lenses
aside from that no cracks there’s a little bit of dust around the edges of
the crater there that it just it really is like it melted through yeah look like
a pretty solid hit let’s take a look yeah we’re missing one
eye yeah yeah there it is so there’s the 22 hole right there and
here’s another edge that I caught with the 357 there excuse me the
nine-millimeter yeah like a hot knife through butter
so what can we take away from today’s a little experiment first off these are
not bulletproof you’ve probably seen a few videos on these already but just in
case here’s a reminder they are not
bulletproof at 22 long rifle round which is you know kind of what we consider the
minimum when we’re out with anything it actually has gunpowder it’s
yeah it’s just gonna tear right through anything bigger definitely so these
aren’t going to stop a direct shot on the lens but judging from how well they
did with the bb’s and those things just bouncing off well these are good for
bb’s and actually I did kind of need that today because I’m glad I was
wearing these yeah as I was taking his shots with the bb’s at these lenses the
bb’s were actually bouncing back and hitting near me
and of course I’ve had some actually hit me before they tend to bounce off any
hard objects but I feel pretty evident in these things that they would
actually deflect any little chunks of case that might be coming out of a
semi-auto correctly maybe there’s a case head
separation or something any debris coming back from a shot I think that
this would handle it pretty well as long as the frames can actually hold them on
your face you suck browning you

12 thoughts on “Bulletproof Safety Glasses? 9mm, .22LR, & Air Rifle vs. Browning ACE Lenses | The Social Regressive

  1. Ooh! That's a great question. I may need to find a stack of discarded lenses to find out. And thanks for the subscription! I subbed right back. The "Hand Cannon" video looks interesting…

  2. The MAKO pistol grip is indeed odd – it's more vertical than most, and it's pretty fat. It fits my individual hand better than the others, but it wouldn't be a good match for a lot of people. Thanks for the comments, Cody!

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