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Bullet Journal Setup | December | Svenska

I started bullet journaling in October And since then I’ve gotten a lot of requests to make more videos on that subject So today I thought I’d sit down and sketch out December’s spread together with you So I make a sketch to get more control, see how it all will look together, like what details that will fit Be sure that everything works together, that all numbers fit, that I don’t write things in the wrong order Blablabla Prevent any mistakes and stuff like that Because I noticed when I was working with this that I made a lot of mistakes So I’m very thankful that I take the time to sketch it all out first So that I can change it As I said I’ve only been doing this since October, so I’ve only done October, November and now it’s time for December And I felt that there were some things I immediately wanted to do differently Including the cover page or whatever I should call it I started making a circle with branches that were dropping leaves The leaves were gone in November and then I would add snow to [the branches] now in December But I felt like it got a bit boring, I wanted to do something new So I found inspiration for the cover page I’m doing now on Pinterest And, just like with everything really, I am- Well, I feel like when I’m doing something, when I’m new to something, I don’t just sit down and create immediatly Instead I find a lot of inspiration in the introduction [phase] to get some ideas on how you can do different things How it works, how other people use their bullet journal It helps me develop mine into how I want to have it And this is the best way to learn new things no matter what creative genre There’s a lot of people who do this with my photographs for example, to try and understand photography better Which I think is really good Then there’s of course a balance to that too, how far you can go tracing someone- I don’t know I think that can be a bit sensitive But as long as you’re clear with where you’ve gotten the inspiration from, I think it’s okay Anyway, on my first spread of December I decided to have a list of things I wanted to do in December A lot of Christmassy things A lot of cozy things And I also left some space to write down things I’m grateful for this month or things that have been very nice That I want to remember I’m really happy I got myself a bullet journal, I feel like it really fits me at the stage of life where I’m at right now And to me it’s not so much about planning my life and trying to structure it It’s more of me feeling like I need a place where I can just sit and doodle for a bit and just relax I used to really like illustrating back in the day but unfortunately it got a bit much for me when- I felt like I had to make these big illustrations all the time and there had to be so many details And of course there’s a risk of it happening with this too, but right now I feel like it’s very undemanding and You don’t have to make all of the spreads at once if you don’t want to You can doodle for 15 minutes or sit for several hours, there are so many options And I feel that I’ve missed just sitting and tinkering for a bit far away from the computer It’s really nice I will have some to do lists in this one too and a lot of focus on things I would want to get done But not- I’m trying to get away from- I get a bit stressed when my to do lists get too long I don’t like seeing a whole page full of things I need to do, instead I want that the day where I have something to do I write down three to five things I really have to do and I don’t think so much about what’s next I think that’s why the original bullet journal technique didn’t work for me Because I would keep feeling like I didn’t finish, that there are so many things to do It simply stresses me out too much Anyway, now I’m sketching out the overview for December, where I’m going to write down some things I will do Personal things because it’s fun, or a job I’m going to do I haven’t had this overview on my earlier two months because I didn’t think I needed it But, now I almost feel like I don’t have that many things I do everyday so I want to put more focus on this overview Instead of the weekly spreads Because of the reason I just mentioned, I don’t use to do lists everyday, they makes me freak out Instead I use it on the days where I feel like I’m out and about and hyped and stuff like that And the other days I might just- or I was thinking of using the weekly spreads as more of dairy entries Get out my emotions and general thoughts rather than “this is what you’re supposed to do today” Anyway, I’m drawing all of these weeks in pretty much the same way All of the four weeks It’s not super exciting to watch but at least I’ve made some minor adjustments to the pages that have special dates For example the 13th of December, which is my mom’s birthday I made some confetti Then on Christmas Eve I chose to draw a santa hat and on New Year’s some fireworks Moreover, I struggle a lot with sitting up straight when I draw, I notice it a lot in this video That I bend over, I always do that So it’s a little bit difficult for me to film these flatlays because I want to have my head right above my paper But anyway, I got a little bit dissapointed with this spread because I really wanted to highlight with colors that it’s Christmas And New Year’s and stuff like that but I don’t have a red pen, so I used pink And I don’t know, pink and blue together it feels a bit “baby” in my opinion I’m not a big fan of that color combination so maybe I should’ve picked green instead of pink, I don’t know Or gotten myself a red pen, whatever But this is how it is, and that’s what it’s like with bullet journaling, everything can’t be perfect all the time And it doesn’t always turn out the way you thought, I drew a bunch of lines wrong here that I don’t think you can see on camera But it’s a part of the charm, you just have to accept it We’re moving on to my social media section that I feel have been very useful in my bullet journal I’ve never collected data regarding my channels, it’s never really been my purpose I haven’t really wanted to focus on that because I feel like the most important thing to me is the unity with all of you who follow me It’s important for me to feel that connection we have together, but at the same time it’s also exciting to see That you can learn if there’s a pattern in what you do that affects whether you get more or less followers So I’ve made a diagram here where I can fill in when I’ve published something on my blog or YouTube or Instagram posts or stories And then you can compare months and see what growth I’ve had and compare it to how much I’ve published It’s just very exciting to see and then I can also see a pattern in how I work How long I’m focused on one channel and am hyped on one channel, how long it takes before I switch After putting a little label with the month of December, we are done with this month’s spread It feels crazy! Here I’ve filled in some things I want to do during December, just some cozy, nice things And filled in a little bit in my calendar as well Under memories (“minnen”) I will stick some pictures and write down some anecdotes from the month This is how the weekly spreads turned out They are very similar to the ones I made in November, just different colors I marked out advent and stuff And lastly, my social media page So, yeah, this is how my bullet journal turned out for December 2018 We’ll see, my biggest anticipation about this project is to see if I manage to fill this book or not I’m very bad at filling notebooks in general, I easily get off track and my attention is drawn to other notebooks I’m strongly committed to be able to complete this and it might not be every month but I will continue to the end There was a bonus video from me this week, I’ve been very quiet the past month so I thought you could have an extra video Considering that you have wished for bullet journaling a lot so, yeah I hope you thought it was fun, and on Wednesday I’ll see you again with my “Christmas decorating at home” video Have a good time, goodbye!

25 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Setup | December | Svenska

  1. Go morgon Elin! 🙌
    Va roligt att se att du hittat ditt sett å kluddra å planera grejer i en bok. Jag försöker nämligen hitta mitt sätt oxå. Funderat på Dröm kallendern som Sporrong form har. Den har ju ingen fast datum och år 😍 Det där med kalender har ju aldrig funkat för mej, vet inte hur många jag köpt.. 😅

    Vilken storlek är din bullet journal, A4, A5 osv?
    Kraaam jessie ❤🌸

  2. Så fint!! 😀 någon sån där bullet journal skulle jag också vilja ha, där man fokuserar mer på roliga saker än att ha den som kalender för det tror jag inte att jag skulle använda så mycket haha

  3. Stod igår och verkligen vägde om jag skulle köpa en bullet journal. Jag blir så sjukt inspirerad av dina videos! Men samtidigt så tror jag inte att jag behöver fler hobbys. OCH jag har så sjukt många jobbgrejer att skriva in, möten med elever osv, som jag inte skulle orka skriva in snyggt 😂

  4. Va roligt att du har joinat detta härliga communityt! <3 Jag funderade själv på att göra ett mer "december-likt" setup i år men sen beslutade jag mig för att köra ett kaffe-tema! Med lite kaffekoppar, citat, kaffebönor och sånt 🙂
    Det är precis som du säger, det spelar ingen roll om allt blir helt perfekt (även fast man först blir sjukt irriterad när man drar ett streck fel osv, hehe), eller om man bara kluddar på i 15 minuter, det är bara så skönt att man kan få vara lite kreativ utan massa krav på sig! 🙂 kram <3

  5. Jättefint! Jag har verkligen gått åt andra hållet med min Bujo. Kör bara att göra-listor 😂 Men det är det som jag gillar med systemet att det är flexibelt och man kan göra precis som man vill.

  6. Ett tips gällande dina videos är att tagga dem 🙃 Ex. med "bullet journal". Om du har med den ordföljden i videorubriken, som tagg och i beskrivningen så kommer din video mer troligt dyka upp när folk söker just på "bullet journal". Krångligt att förklara, men Google algoritmen gillar sånt 😃

  7. Så FINT!!! I love your design of the Mood tracker!! I started Bullet Journaling at the beginning of the year and it helped me through the stressful times of 2018 with organization and gratitude log etc. But I stopped journaling throughout Autumn…. now I got inspired again to restart in 2019!! Kram! <3

  8. Så JÄKLA fint, Elin! Du överträffar fan dig själv varje gång <3 älskar inställningen till bullet journal-andet också – helt enig!

  9. Du är mitt favorit! Jag studerar svenska för studentsexamen och denna kanal är nånting jag ska alltid kolla på, för att lära mig även mer.

  10. Så himla duktig! Jag är likadan när det kommer till research innan jag ska skapa något. Tycker det är viktigt som kreatör att känna sig inspirerad inför något. Och! När man samlar på sig ideér och remixar så upptäcker man samtidigt sin egna väg <3

  11. ÄLSKAR(!!) mood trackern! <3 Blir så inspirerad av att testa själv i januari! Har du någon hashtag man kan använda för att se andra av dina följares bujos/tagga sina egna? 🙂

  12. Älskar att du börjat med bullet journaling, och vill gärna se det mer, massor mer! Gör det kravlöst och lägg inte för mycket tid på såna filmer. Så härligt att se på svenska med, och någon man "känner" sedan tidigare och med annat filminnehåll med! 🙂

  13. Tack Elin för en jättemysig video. Tekoppen, granbarret och dig med pennor. Underbart! Mer av det här, jättemysigt att följa. Kanske en video på hur du skriver dina bokstäver? De är jättefina! Ha en mysig advent, vännen!

  14. Så underbar film och jag gillar, precis som fler skrivit här, inställningen till BuJo.. inga krav, inga måsten.. bara som man själv vill. Jag ska försöka använda min nya som jag förbereder för 2019 som en "feelgood"-bok, med fokus på självutveckling, måbra-listor osv… jag gillar tanken på att använda BuJo som en kalender, men det skulle skapa för mycket press för jag tror att vissa månader kommer jag glömma bort min bok helt och hållet så den får vara en mer "pyssla-för-att-jag-älskar-att-pyssla"-bok :).

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