100 thoughts on “Bullet For My Valentine – Over It

  1. When I first heard this album I was a bit turned off by the thirteen year old girl style lyrics. Now after going through a breakup, BFMV really comes in handy and this album is GREAT when following "Pretty On The Outside" 500 times.

  2. After going through a very severe loss just like Matt did, I can now see why And heavily respect why this album was created. After I was left in the dirt by someone I loved a little too much and I listened to this album, it was like it was speaking to me in a way a lot of music never has. This album is very situational because this is a basis of his life and not a lot of people will relate to it.

  3. I've heard of these guys for a long time. Never heard a single song from them till now. At first it was just more linken park type crap I don't listen to BUT it's got that groove I like alot. 2 thumbs up.

  4. Great tunes – I bought this CD ' My grandson chose #Coma for our opening #Qatar2022 Foundation Bullet is our 1

  5. The singer's voice has matured well. it's got a bit more grain in it. his screams have always been good, but his cleans have gotten tougher and stronger.

  6. Its alright. Really no factor to have me come back to listen to it again. 😕 I listen to every song they release hoping for something that Ill like.

  7. Am I the only one who can relate to hoobastank crawling in the dark? Matt long hair again please. Much love from Germany 🇩🇪

  8. Reminds me of old Soilwork, sounds dope; keep this sound up way better sounds more authentic not a show

  9. Why don't u try learning how to play the guitar before making a video about playing guitar????😜😜😜

  10. This song definitely grew on me, I fucking love it and it made me buy the album. This and Your Betrayal got me into BFMV

  11. I broke up with my girlfriend with this song. So damn accurate representation of our relationship. I can really relate.

  12. This is probably the best track they've done in a while, but it still pales in comparison to anything from 2005-2008.

  13. salam buat fans bfmv di seluruh dunia mai name is darman from indonesia god lakc untuk mat padge jason jimmy

  14. salam buat fans bfmv di seluruh dunia mai name is darman from indonesia god lakc untuk mat padge jason jimmy

  15. This really is a song that takes a couple listens for it to grow on you. If you don’t like it right now, listen to it again in a couple days. It’ll become your jam. Trust me.

  16. This is bullet, no matter what people say how much the sound deviates from how their old music was. If the music stayed the same, it would get stale. It doesn't matter what the people say, this is a fucking banger

  17. Great song! Yes similar melody to “crawling in the dark” in the verse but it’s different enough by a few notes and the feel of the song is totally different, songs are bound to sound similar sometimes. No big deal.

  18. This song is great! The music video makes it even better, with the woman slowly being painted and then turning into this universere thing being the best ending ever BUT THEN WHO THE HELL DECIDED TO PUT THE DAMN LINKS OVER THIS COOL AS PART I HATE YOU!

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  20. I remember that the first time I heard this song I said, matt when are you going to shout at me? but now I love it

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  22. I love this song. It's not as heavy as their older stuff but I just enjoy the riffs, vocals, and drums in this song

  23. I can feel his pain in this album cause I’m going through what he went through in his divorce. After 2 years being married and 4 years being together this is by far my favorite album by bfmv

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