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Bulgarian Makarov Pistols

Hey, everybody. Ben, with Classic Firearms, here. I wanted to show you our Bulgarian Makarovs
today. These have been very, very nice. We were happy to get this batch in. I had the boys that work in the warehouse
set me a few out here so we could show you some samples. Jordan, if you could come in here a little
closer. They’re coming to us in a heavy cosmoline,
and you can see the cosmoline coating on these. Some people don’t like that, but frankly,
folks, it protects the gun and keeps that finish the way that you’re seeing that finish. Keeps us from having any rust. I did have them clean one up for me. I’ll let you take a look. This one is a very good representation of
what we’ve been seeing. Now, if we’re seeing any wear at all on these,
we’re seeing a little holster wear sometimes up here on the slide or around the sharp corners. You may see some that are a little lighter
with the bluing. I’ve seen a little bluing wear here under
the bottom, but again it’s been limited to finish wear within the bluing itself. I’ve seen no damage or pitting of any kind
in any of these firearms so far. We are offering a hand-select on them, but
as you can see from the sampling we’ve set out, they are in fairly nice condition. They’re all coming with one mag. They’re coming with a holster, a lanyard. I hesitate to mention the manual, because
all of them do not have manuals. They’re shipping in these crates, here. Whatever comes in the crate, we include. So far, we’ve had a holster and one mag and
a lanyard for each gun. We’re running about 60 to 70% with manuals. There is a train of thought that just says,
“Set the manual aside and don’t tell anybody. That way nobody’s upset if they don’t get
one.” I like to be honest with you. There’s probably a 60 to 70% chance that you
will receive the manual with your weapon, but if it doesn’t come with it, it just didn’t
come with it to us. When it does come with it, there’s serial
number two weapon, so we’re putting them in there along with the gun they come with if
it were available. As far as the pistol itself, the Bulgarian
Makarov is Eastern Bloc. It’s one of the nicest examples of all of
the Makarov pistols. Very smooth slides. I think you’ll be very happy with it. We love the grips with the Eastern Bloc star
in it, and again, the holster, the lanyard, everything that you see here. Extra mags are available on the side. A good opportunity on a nice, Bulgarian Makarov
pistol, and as always, come check it all out at

26 thoughts on “Bulgarian Makarov Pistols

  1. Just Picked Mine Up From Norton's Yesterday. What A Beautiful Gun. Thank You Guys. This Gun Is Going To My Bro. He Will Be Very Happy.
    Review Coming Soon

  2. I bought one last year off a guy I know at the flea market, paid $150 came with holster and two a few boxes of ammo b Has black after market grips and no lanyard . think I'm going to get original grips for it and a lanyard now.
    Shoots Great! I can really recommend you pick one up if you get the chance.

  3. I bought one of these pistols from Classic……I wish I'd have bought 10 of them! LOL.  They are truly excellent and worth every penny.  Most of the examples are manufactured in 1989.  The more cosmoline the merrier IMHO….just shows the gun was stored responsibly at the Arsenal.  After a good soak in mineral spirits, these pistols clean up like factory new.  I've put every grade of Makarov steel case ammo, as well as good Hornady brass, and it cycled every round without a single hiccup.

  4. I have a Bulgarian Makarov and I think it shoots high. Do you know of a replacement read sight which is adjustable and fit the Bulgarian Makarov tongue and groove.

  5. My example from Classic was perfect, brand new and unissued! I'll keep it forever! Yes I intend to be buried with it!

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