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Building Lindberg Pirate Pistol. From Start to Finish. Full Scale Gun.

Hi I’m QDC. What we’re about to build today
is Lindberg Authentic Pirate Pistol, Caribbean Pirates, The Miquelet. The reason why I bought
this kit was because of Halloween. At the time of this recording it’s about to Halloween
2014 and I wanted to build a Halloween related model kit. Originally I thought I wanted to
build a monster figure such as Dracula or Frankenstein or the Mummy but I really wasn’t
into those particular type of figures but I wanted to build something that was related
to Halloween so I found this. In this advertisement here in the box it says “Building a model
of an authentic looking pistol just like those used by real pirates.” Well, I think this
is a gimmick but my research shows that model pistol is a re-manufactured pistol that was
first made back in the 1960’s. So lets start building this kit right now. Lets take a look inside this box. We have
one plastic bag containing the gun barrel, the gun hilt, and parts for the lock. And
the instruction sheet. I want to talk to you about an alteration I
done with this model kit. This is the bottom half of the gun and right on top is the gun
barrel. The bottom half is consists of three parts. This part here, this part here, and
this part over here. It was originally intended in the instructions to glue these three parts
onto the gun barrel but I don’t want to do that. It makes it easier for me to paint the
model in two halves and so I had to alter it a little by adding sprues that I’m pointing
at right now to hold up the three parts together. Ok, so we built the model kit and now it’s
time for me to show you what I think about this kit so far. Take a look. This is the completed model pistol before
painting and it is a very realistic looking pistol. I like the ornate decorations of the
bottom of the pistol and this model kit is easy to build so I recommend this model kit
for all skill levels including the beginner. For me, making model guns I feel indifferent
about it. I neither hate it or like it so if I had to it again I probably would not
make another model gun because there are other model subjects that I like better but for
those of you who like to make model guns, this is a good choice. It’s time for me to
paint the model. It’s time for me to paint my model. I already
painted the model with a coat of black primer and I’m going to my airbrush and paint the
entire model with the base color. It’s time for me to protect my model. I’m
going to give the entire model a coat of Future Floor Wax. I’m going to give my model a wash. What you
see right here is a dilution of black artist oil paint and mineral spirits and what I’m
going to do is I’m going to simply give the entire model a wash. Alright. So we built the model kit. We painted
it. We weathered it and now it’s time for me to show you what I think about this kit
from the beginning to the end. Take a look. This is the completed model pistol after painting
and it looks very nice. I like the way I did the wash and it really brought out the nice
intricate details the ornate details of this pistol. Very nice. And I especially like the
details of this area, the ball right here and this model pistol does have a lever action
for the flint lock and I’m showing right now. It’s a nice model kit and it does look very
realistic to me. That completes this model project. What you’re
about to see next is a video slideshow of the entire model kit but before I go, as always,
just because I put this video here on Youtube, it doesn’t make me a model kit expert. I am
not an expert. I’m just a regular guy just like you. I hope this video encourages you
to build a model kit of your own. Either it’s a model tank, a model plane, a model train,
or even an automobile. It doesn’t matter. In the end. It’s all about having fun. I’m
QDC. Thanks for watching and always, please, have a great day!

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