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Bug-A-Salt 3.0 Black Fly Edition Best SALT to use Yellow Jacket Wasps Challenged DO NOT DO THIS!

okay so maybe you’ve seen my past video
showing this bug-a-salt 2.0 which was the hardest-hitting bug assault gun that
they’ve made and now you’re gonna see in this video that they’ve replaced it now
there’s nothing wrong with the 2.0 it’s a good one
that salt loader has worn out in the past but this is a 3.0 the black fly
Edition and this thing hits harder it focuses the salt closer and uses
less salt in the process this is the back of the package they have changed
the salt magazine a little bit the slide for cocking it has been changed it’s
textured they’ve got these warning signs all over it this is for adults only this
is not a toy you hand to your kids side by side we’re showing the 2.0 in
the foreground and 3.0 is the dark gray one there and look at the changes it’s a
little shorter has a different salt magazine the front sights are different
a little more accuracy and it might be a little more harder hitting we’re gonna
test all of that out close up of the salt magazine again look at the knurling
on that pump handle there also when you slide it forward and it’s loaded it
stays slid forward the 2.0 used to still slide even after it was cocked you can
also turn off the safety so let’s take some shots here on some aluminum foil
and see how that goes you can see on the left side the 2.0 broader pattern on the
right there nice focused shot from the 3.0 and here again the wide pattern and a
nice close shot here we’re also going to test the ammo here to see if the salt
that they provide is any different there are little different designs on the
muzzle there now we’re shooting it again on the left there it’s focused this is
a nice heavy-duty aluminum foil this is just to show you what it is in case
someone has questions about that and we were using Morton iodized salt for those
prior tests and now we’re gonna try out the bugga saw high-performance salt
which is made for the bug assault company specifically for their gun and
we’re gonna see if that hits harder bug-a-salt high-performance salt ammo you
can eat so here we go and this is the cover that you open pity the fly open
here I’m not going to be shooting flies with this you’re gonna want to watch
this video to the end to see what I do again this is made in the United States
and it’s for the Skell company so they had this salt put together just for them
it looks like it might have a little larger granules there and there’s
definitely less salt powder in it so the smaller bits of salt I think have been
eliminated so let’s test it out we loaded up the
magazine there we’re gonna close it take some shots at that same aluminum foil
and we’re shooting from about 18 inches away so here let’s take the third
approach that we get through it so it looks like it’s hitting a little harder
let’s shoot it from a foot out this is just a close-up of the damage that we
caused there it’s definitely hitting harder than the other salt go again so
with the first shot at roughly 12 inches it goes right
through the aluminum foil this side is definitely better so the bug assault 3.0
is more focused the salt that they make is harder hitting and I have a problem
out by my pond I had Yellowjackets sting my
three-year-old Grandson so I’m gonna pay them a visit DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!! you

100 thoughts on “Bug-A-Salt 3.0 Black Fly Edition Best SALT to use Yellow Jacket Wasps Challenged DO NOT DO THIS!

  1. 3:57 guy gets stung to death and drops Bug-A-Salt blaster beside hive… now I don't want this product anymore. =(

  2. Well I didn't see one wasp die, but it was fun to watch. Two summers ago had an issue with wasps flying into my walls where my furnace vented out. Was pondering how the heck gonna get them out. So …. got me a bucket an extension cord and my shop vac.

    Propped the hose end up by the hole turned it on…. Went inside. Few days later, well ok ….. next spring opened the vac and full of dead wasps. Was fun to watch them sting the hose wand, that is until one landed on me and got stupid happy.

  3. I had an idea a while back: on a day with no wind, jab some sticks in a circle around a ground hive a safe distance away, then attach a 'fence' of plastic to the sticks and dump dirt on the bottom edge to give it a fairly good seal. Next, dump a couple of pounds of dry-ice inside the fence. As it melts, it turns into CO2, which is heavier than air. Theoretically, it /should/ sink down into the wasp nest and suffocate them. Any that fly down into the nest won't see or smell anything alarming before it is too late. Does that make sense?

  4. I stepped in a yellow jackets nest when I was 10 years old. Got stung over 100 times. Laid on a pallet on the floor and doctored with lemon scented ammonia for 48 hours or more to get the swelling down. 43 years later I still won't go near them with anything less than a flame thrower.

  5. Has anyone used this on mosquitos ? By the way… anyone shot a person… did it break skin or just hurt.

  6. You are an idiot ! While you kill one or two , what do you think the other 200 other are doing ? They will attack you and sting, sting , sting you over and over. I still have scars on my body just from disturbing a nest, not to mention the pain. Killing flies is fun, ground bees can kill you. IDIOT

  7. If you squash a wasp, their intestants give off a very strong smell (to other wasps) which makes them very agressive, since that smell tells them one of their group has been hurt……….
    Remember that, next time you walk up to a large swarm of wasps, with one of these guns…….!!!

  8. Brake cleaner works well on wasps – you can spray them right out of the sky – kills them instantly. Makes me wonder how it's been affecting me for the past 20 years using it as a professional mechanic.

  9. I'm glad that when they captured your weapon, they weren't able to use it on you and your family. They need to manufacture a mini gun weapons system that runs on compressed air shooting 20 billion grains of salt per minute.

  10. Gas the nest at night .that's when they all go in kills every one .that was to sir are brave

  11. I prefer the gasoline and a match solution. You can't play around with the yellow jackets, they are there to inflict great harm on you.

  12. Diatomaceous Earth flung first to aggitate the hive, then after the main xodus, hesos of DE into and onto the entrance is a much safer, and more effective way for a hornets hole.

    667th comment.


  13. Emeril needs one of these in his array of chefs tools. His catch phrase would certainly make a lot more sense.

  14. Do you have some species of super wasps? I usually kill wasps and black widows with 1-2 shots of my Bug A Salt 1 using regular Morton salt. Somehow your yellowjackets are surviving a much more powerful gun and ammo at much closer ranges.

  15. Shit looks fun as fuck tbh much better than the videogames because you can actually get hurt and have the war wounds to show.

  16. I hate yellow jackets. They are assholes. I’ve never seen them up to anything good. They never kill garden pests. They kill my Mantises, my ladybugs, they even attacked my pets. They always build nests inside things I use. So I kill them if I can.

  17. Why would you choose that video to show?
    You're just irritating them while getting stung! Makes it look like the most ineffective weapon ever!
    Go back to the cool single target shots with the red dot laser where you actually do some good.

  18. Damage a Yellow Jackets body and you release a chemical scent that will instantly enrage all others who encounter it. You have about five seconds to leave the area!

  19. Using a long piece of PVC pipe, jam it in the D.E. package. Then slowly put that end near the nest entrance and launch the powder like like using a blow gun.

  20. Pour a gallon of gasoline down the hole at night and then throw a ball of paper at it that has been lit on fire. It’s very satisfying. Kills the entire nest and they either never exit or come out literally burning alive.

  21. Looks like you needed the Paddock model with the bump stock! Also, looked like a good idea until… Thanks for the video! LMAO!

  22. Good video. I only have a 2.0 however here in Texas I get a lot of hanging nest builders. You can put the muzzle about 12 inches away and shoot to your hearts content. They cannot tell where is it coming from and if one does fly off just stand still a minute, then commence a-salting. Lets you get everything, adults and the grubs.

  23. Am I watching the wrong video here? I saw a man fire the salt gun at one yellow jacket then they all came out (just like the alien ships in Independance day) the man dropped the gun and ran away. Totally innaffective and dangerous. Is that why it says in the caption "DO NOT DO THIS"? This would be a better advert to say "DO NOT USE ONE OF THESE GUNS ON A YELLOW JACKET NEST"

  24. Wow, having a 3 year old surprised me some.

    That A-salt gun didn’t look to be the best choice for the yellow jackets, unless you wanted to make them less pleasant.

  25. Lots of shooting, but I didn't see a single dead YJ laying around…except for the 10 or so at the end…but those were probably payed actors…dissapointing!

  26. Lol. Cool vid, bro. But the bug zapper method mentioned by another respondent, along with flamethrower aerosols are what I'll stick with.

  27. Seems like u only got a super super small fraction of the wasps I think about any product on the market would cost less and be way more affective

  28. Might have been better off just pouring the salt right down the nest hole. Looks like you only got about 4 or 5 of them. All the more reason though why Yellow Jackets suck.

  29. Next time set a shop vac hose at hole and just watch them all get sucked up its fun to watch. You get them coming and going. At dusk is the best time. Nice Vid

  30. I like a quart of gasoline. You really don't have to light it, it makes the yellow jackets dizzy as f***….lol But i light it anyway.

  31. You want the "lawn and garden" version if you want power and a bigger shot of salt its the biggest of them all…even the 3.0, now the 3.0 more focused but all are great and have them all. Never throw them away they all can be fixed easy guys just look on…wait for it…yes YOU TUBE

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