64 thoughts on “Budget Shotgun Microphone – Saramonic Vmic Mini

  1. Dave, thanks for the these audio tools. I can definitely hear the difference. I like it and can definitely use one of these along with my iographer 🙂

  2. Hey Dave thanks for a great video. Yea, this little microphone would work great for vloging. Keep the video coming.

  3. I thanks it’s great that they’ve added (to iOS), nice compressor too. Would save a tone of time with editing and serve as an awesome tool when recording live poetry events. Dave I’ve been using your products for over an year and I’ve been called The Big Boss! LOL. Thanks

  4. Vmiv Mini seems like a better option for roaming at a convention when you just want to get some responses to questions rather than getting someone to cooperate with a wireless setup. A little echo and noise correction afterwards and perfecto. Thanks for the tip on the SC6…

  5. I was just looking at getting the Comica CVM-V30 Lite but this mic might be a contender. Wish it came with a dead kitten muff though.

  6. Sweet little mic, and I'm surprised with the sound … what would I do with it? Prolly attach to the end of a boom pole to get in closer!

  7. Deja vu. I didn’t realize HOW sentimental I am about my gear now.

    Not a bad lil microphone. 👍🏽

  8. Thank you for the review. Looks easy to use and you could tell how better the sound was when using the mic.

  9. Love your videos. I would love to win the Saramonic small mic. It’s just what I need to record my kids rugby team.

  10. Hello, thank you for sharing your knowledge on this product. It seems to work very well. I would love to use this in my classes to help students produce better audio.

  11. Great video & demonstration! 😁 I think the audio sounds really good I've just now subscribed to your channel and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the foreseeable future. If I were to purchase the Saramonic Vmic Mini I'd use it for the purpose of improving the overall audio quality of my videos/content on my channel.

  12. Saramonic has been creating some great microphones for mobile video production. The sound quality is very good. The price is nice as well. I like the style of this mic.

  13. This looks great. I wish you would have covered the shock mount a little more. I’d also like to see a chart of the mic’s pick up pattern.

    One more thing—will you consider selling through amazon.com.mx? There are importer companies that are selling iographer equipment on Amazon that really jack up the price to 2x retail + shipping.

  14. Dave, I think Saramonic makes some fantastic products. I have a few of their older rigs that are still working great.
    Would love to put that little Saramonic Vmic Mini on top of my iOgrapher iPad setup! ~brian meagher

  15. This is exactly what I need to film at my school. I always have trouble with audio, so I hope to get one in the future. Thanks

  16. I think I will get one for my digital storytelling class. Right now I have a Sennheiser shotgun, a Rode video mic+ shotgun, iRig dual lapel, and a Rode Link wireless. I teach at Union College in Nebraska and we focus on guerrilla filmmaking and mobile journalism with phones and tablets so I'm always looking for this kind of equipment.

  17. EXCELLENT option when space is an issue (ie when bringing a bag of equipment doesn't fit the occasion….) THANKS for this – what a price!

  18. Looks awesome and compact. Would be a great addition to my Iographer multicase! I'm a huge fan of you and your products.

  19. This is a similar offering to the Rode VideoMic Me L-which has a lightning connector already installed. Look like the Rode can also be mounted directly to the lightning connector on the side of the rig. I think the MSRP of the Rode is $79 instead of the Saramonic at $59.00. The non-lightning version of the Rode is $59.00. Would like to see comparison between these two mics. Good review .

  20. Hi Dave – Thanks for the video! I have sent your videos to my team on many occasions as we continue to grow our video content library. Thank you for your awesome dedication to educational organizations as well!

  21. Amazing pickup for a $59 mic, especially indoors. It would be great for indoor interviews without much surrounding ambient noise.

  22. This looks like a good tool. Is there a higher end one that works to filter out more background noise when outside?

  23. I love it. I do video for the student run newspaper, The Tower, and this would definitely improve me audio quality!

  24. what would be better the Saramonic cam mic or the irig mic to use with the iographer multi case for iphone?

  25. I just started using a Rode Video Mic Me, through the one thing I noticed beside the fact this comes with the cables, is it seemed like the indoor sound may be a little better than the Rode. Would totally love to try it out!

  26. Another cool demo Dave. Very useful that you put the distance from the mic in your review. The sound. As you say was much clearer with the mic. Outside you were much clearer but also for some strange reason so was the one car that passed you by on mic. Love you do the reviews int and ext.

  27. thanks for the info, I'm currently using a Rode video micro and would like to add another mic to my gear. This sounds perfect for what I need.

  28. This is super helpful! Just got a vmic mini and am wondering if we bought an earlier edition. This doesn't have the same cable that works with iOS (or at least not that I can tell–it only has two bars on it) and so I'm having trouble making it work. New to this video thing! Any suggestions?

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