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#BTRThinkTwice: Gold Scar vs Sniper│MSI

Twelve O’Clock! Ahhhhh!!!! Ah! No! Hold on, i’ll revive you! No… don’t… But I can’t win without you! Yes you can… You just got to get that gold scar… Get the W…. Yes!! I got the gold scar! Oh my God! This thing is so cool! Yeah! Don’t worry, i’ll revive you. No, you don’t need me to win… What you need is that sniper… Get that sniper and win! Hey guys, thanks for watching! This video was made for MSI’s campaign, “You’d Better Think Twice.” The sniper rifle is meant to represent the “MEG Z390 ACE,” so be sure to go check that out. Also check out the other videos we made, and subscribe to MSI. Bye.

4 thoughts on “#BTRThinkTwice: Gold Scar vs Sniper│MSI

  1. I would love to… but my msi system keeps crashing while MSI support pretends i do not exist. Right now i would actually get out of my way just to prevent someone from buying from such company.

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