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Browning B725 Shotgun Review

Welcome this week to Team Wild’s Gear. Now we’ve come up to Garlands today to test out the new Browning shotgun. Now Browning have been making shotguns for as
long as i can remember. So when they said tha the new 725
is packed with features. We decided to get hold of one and have a look for ourselves. Here it is, the Browning 725. So Browning have made some pretty big claims about this new shotgun and its new features. So let’s just go and have a look see what it can do. Now from the outset this gun looks like a lot of the other guns in the Browning range. But the 725’s have been fitted with a backboard vector pro barrels. Now these are designed to improve swing, aerodynamics and balance. As well as being long-lasting and durable.t6
As well as being long lasting and durable. There’s also a new improved trigger
mechanism which gives a shoots greater feel when he’s taking the shot. The limited movement within the trigger mechanism makes it lighter, shorter and faster. The 725 also has a new low
action frame. Which is longer and more compact. Making it quicker to aim reduce the muzzle flip and making it more comfortable for the shooter also. Now the DS invector chokes are also pretty special. Being longer at 80 ml and being fitted with a double gas sealing system Not only do they prevent gases escaping back into the barrel.But they create a more concentrated uniform stock pattern .All of
the 725 range also come fitted with a standard. The influx recoil pad. Now this is designed in such a way that it
pushes recoil awayand down from the shooters cheek. It also comes with three spaces so that you can lengthen or shorten the size of stock. So, it has some pretty big claims Browning it made on the new features on their gun. Lets see how it shoots! So, what better target for a Team Wild Varminator to have a go at. Thank the bolting rabbit. Pull. Pull So, its certainly good fun. I’ve managed to get a few rabbits. And the inflex recoil pad really does do its job. We call this the bolting rabbit, I’m not so sure. Dennis… I think it’s more like the bolting kangaroo some of these. I’m trying ti make them stay all right. Dennis is very kindly working the button for us today. Good day! Right lets do some more. Well I’ve enjoyed that its been good its been fun I’ve actually managed to hit a few as well. uh… which is surprising. Wildy will have a few comments on that. The gun handles really well. The balance of it is great. A lot of guns can be top heavy and a lot of guns I’ve used when you’re shooting stuff like this rabbits, when your level will come and pull you forward. Whereas this, its there and you can step back into it, step forward into it. And you can swing very freely. A lot of those targets were coming out and catching me out. They were coming along and going straight up in the air. But i didn’t have any problems going from the ground to getting up there on them. So yeah very fast handling gun. Very low recoil. And I really enjoyed it. I think I’ll be having one of thses in the cabinet soon. Okay so we’re going to to have to head off now because this young lad wants to have a go on it. What’s your name buddy? Brody Wollard… Brody Wollard. You do a bit of shooting quite a bit of shooting do ya? Yeah I do quite a bit yeah. You any good? Yeah I think I’m all right. Yeah, yeah all right for a kid like yeah. Okay lets see what you can do buddy. Pull. Right we’re off.

57 thoughts on “Browning B725 Shotgun Review

  1. lol I think this kid should join you guys. That way he is shooting his aiming for the Olympics……….and he is a little bit better shot.

  2. yes i think because you could see in one moment in the video he pooled the safety button in front

  3. Great review!
    Thanks for that, as ive been looking at the B725 with great interest with a view to buying one.
    Keep up the good work guys! πŸ™‚

  4. Great shot gun iv the 30" hunter g1 love it yes for my first shotgun Β£1800 was a little expensive but use it at the school I had leasons at and shot it well so bourght 1

  5. Hay Ian how yah doing buddy, just got a clean bill of health, is that invite, still available
    ?? please PM me. God Bless Kevin <-:)

  6. Good looking gun, I personally perfer guns that can hold more than 2 rounds.. I dont understand why someone would want a 2 round shotgun, but ehh to each his own, must admit, its a really good looking gun though..

  7. As the kids was pulling in I thought; hum that could be dangerous them kids learn fast. I was right.
    Good video, very much fun.

  8. It's doesn't sound cheap but when you sit down and look at the thought that has gone into this model you will see that you get your moneys worth Jonathan…And then some! πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Rhys. You should try the 725. The balance is pretty good. I used to shoot a 325 and know what you mean but this 725 shot way different to the Brownings I've shot before….Give one a go next time your at the clay ground and let me know what you think.

  10. Got to agree with you. The gun did seem to really good value for the features and price. Thanks for watching.

  11. It would make an awesome starter gun in 410 but you would have to look after it.

    My first gun took some hard knocks! πŸ˜‰

  12. I personally handled, hefted, and inspected a new Browning 725 Citori 20 gauge over and under shotgun
    with 26" barrels. The price was just under $2000.00. However, I'm sure it's well worth the cost. Too bad
    lead shot is banned for waterfowl hunting. This beautiful shotgun in 20 gauge and 26" barrels would be
    ideal for the dual purpose of "upland birds/waterfowl" hunting. Even for hunting whitetail deer via
    3" 20 gauge slugs in close cover. Carrying a gun like this afield would indeed be a pleasure. I realize this
    is beyond the scope of this video, but consider hunting Bobwhite quail in Oklahoma, Georgia, or other region
    which has the likely reality of encountering a rattlesnake, water moccasin, or other dangerous venomous
    reptile. A standard 20 gauge No. 6 or 7.5 shot shell load would cut a venomous snake in half at close range,
    including this Browning 725 Citori. Or any dangerous venomous snake worldwide. Finally if a person was
    armed only with a Browning 725 Citori over and under shotgun, even under the worse case scenario,
    such a firearm could still defend, guard, and protect innocent human life. Granted there may be better choices.
    Still a 20 gauge shotgun could be impressed into a survival role. Yes……such incidents can and do happen.
    —-Jim Farmer

  13. I have just purchased a 725 hunter, very nice gun, I previously owned a 525 sporter, I found that the 525 is not so well balanced as the new 725. The opaline gun case, that should come with your gun, is very well designed. Great video, great gun!!

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