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Brownells Retro Rifles presents three models: BRN-601, XBRN16E1, BRN-16A1

Hello! what I’m holding right here is a
gun that it’s a legend it’s the AR-15, it’s a retro rifle made
by Brownells. Essentially is a replica of the very first AR15 that was
manufactured by Colt. In the early 1960s the very first guns were manufactured in
December of 1959 and it’s the mother of every single Black Rifle we know today. This is the Brownells
replica retro series of the first AR-15 the Colt model 601. It is a reasonable
replica it does have some perks the color is not perfect but it is really
really accurate in some details like the triangle charging handle the fact that
it even has the plus sign on the slab-sided
receiver it has an actual waffle mag which is interesting to say the least
and it has no forward assist. It’s, it’s pretty well done
I like it a lot because there are safety improvements towards the original like
the green furniture is not bakelite so it will not break
it’s polymer high-tech polymer but it gives you the exact same sensations
feelings feedback experience as shooting an original and that’s what’s important. What we have here is the XBR that’s
Brownells XM16E1 of course semi-automatic, it’s the replica of the
very first rifle that the US Army evaluated X means experimental let’s try
it out and see how it goes. The experience is just like shooting
with the AR15 with the green furniture and the very first one, this is a gun
that is a period of 1963, 1964 and it’s really really really fun to shoot. We need to shoot a little bit
more with these guns Brownells calls at an XBR bottle
essentially it has a lot of improvements one is the strengthened striking on
thing of the receiver a forward assist with a teardrop and it has the t-handle
for charging handle, also it has a improvement in the flash hider because
they were prone to break, of course and now the handguard is made of black
polymer still not the cold gray we all love but it’s a very accurate
reproduction of what the first M16 experimental rifle that the US Army will
adopt as the M16 later on we’re talking about 1963 and right now and the
magazine is the new type aluminum magazine without the rifle design. An
excellent rifle.The last model we try today is the M16A1. Essentially we
finally have a fence magazine release and it’s not anymore
a slab-sided receiver, we have the birdcage flash hider, it’s still a pencil
pencil of diameter barrel and this is the type of
calcification that in 1964 the US Army adopted as M16A1. It is still basically
what the US Army uses today the lower receiver except for some sort of
strengthening of this part here because there was also prone to breaking is
basically what is still used. So and this is the last model it is the
M16A1 of course still semi-automatic from Brownells we’re going to test it, I’m
excited as hell, this is a history remaking it isn’t it take a look let’s
load it up. it’s just great to be able to shoot these legends and not have to
worry about you know breaking an original something. It’s great.

6 thoughts on “Brownells Retro Rifles presents three models: BRN-601, XBRN16E1, BRN-16A1

  1. XBRN16E1: Lose the forward assist, install the chromed slick side bolt carrier make it select fire and you'd have the rifle I carried in the Air Force 83-89. Your M16A1 is incorrect. The A1 had a fixed rear sling swivel and a trap door butt stock.

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