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British Viewer Creates INCREDIBLE HDPE Shotgun Slugs

hello everyone this is Jeff from Taofledermaus In this episode of you make it, we shoot it we have some handmade high-density polyethylene shotgun slugs when making a successful shotgun slug there are many challenges the material use has to be strong enough to withstand just being shot out of a gun next it has to be aerodynamically sound it has to fly at supersonic speed after all and finally to be accurate and of course it has to fly straight through the air so factors like the shape the balance and the weight of the projectile are very critical these are very light for shotgun slugs weighing only five grams apiece that in itself represents problems as far as just having that inertia to continue flying straight it has to rely on its aerodynamics at that point Mike from the channel atomic shrimp sent us these slugs all the way from England they are made out of recycled plastic from plastic lids and stuff like that he melted the plastic down and then eventually turn that plastic on aller to create these slugs i hope you’ll check out his video and his channel and even his website and find out how we did all this now it’s time to test them out will load them up into a federal full power shotgun shell so will these slugs break apart when we shoot them or will they fly like a ping-pong ball a tornado and we’ll be able to hit anything we’re aiming at with them let’s find out alright today we’re going to be shooting a high-density polyethylene shipped in from England or as it’s known in England plastic I think the budget slow mo cameras are the tubes are almost warmed up ready don’t show it this little dance but it’s got like foam and stuff behind her I thought it would blow a hole through it its full purple drink it turned the water for look at that any bubbles you can wash your hands and feet ok greg was aiming at that white label on that jug and boy oh boy that slug was flying beautifully unfortunately my video quality in this shot is pretty lousy but at least we can see what’s happening we can see the little mark i put on the back of the of the slug showing the rotation as its flying through the air these are definitely looking promising ok gummy bear I’m ready the second shot was just as good as the first very accurate had very stable external ballistics now the irony here is that we just tested a factory shotgun slug called the brenneke at this exact same distance and everything and there are nowhere as accurate as these homemade slugs were now this slug was powerful enough to go through two inches or so of ballistic gel and we weren’t able to recover this login fortunately after seeing the damage to the plastic water jug we really didn’t think this slug went through the gummy bear so it was kind of a surprise that actually did well and we’ll see it on high-speed hopefully it went through it a little bit of an exit more or less close itself back up wow that’s pretty good but felt surprisingly accurate yeah very good okay clay shot hit it like you scared the wildlife away shot hit it well folks we saw three shots and three perfect hits and that’s just amazing because Mike probably is not into guns he probably never shot a gun and he certainly never made a projectile our gun before successful shotgun slugs made out of plastic who would have thought that would work this was awesome ok we didn’t need are there it is in there nice big old this size hole can you get it out of there at least we recovered one I was hoping that you will recover one we got very good job Mike I want to congratulate here mushrooms in it no looks like it came apart on the you know the final but the important thing is it stayed together when I was shot and it was accurate reminds me an old just rollerskate wheels yeah let me get a close-up of that cool little mark there were embedded itself oh yeah zoom in on their very good excellent design and thank you for sending this all the way from England that’s awesome to find out how these are made please check out Mike’s video right here and there’s also links in the description thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “British Viewer Creates INCREDIBLE HDPE Shotgun Slugs

  1. have you got a video of coins like rolls or a bolt thru the center of coins holding them together as a mass maybe different sized coins to mimick the slug like the air rifle shape.

  2. Pausing at 1:47.  I'm going with the "Ping pong ball in a tornado" prediction.  Plastic, especially sodacaps, tent to have enough flex that I don't think they'll shatter.  My source for this is that I feel like it should be true.

  3. Made in the UK mate, that's why they are accurate – the man did his research – those slugs look like the Spitfire pellets i fire with my .22 break barrel air rifle.
    To be honest i expected the slug to not penetrate the first target – i expected it to ricochet but boy was i surprised when it actually made a wee hole.

  4. How much would it cost you to get enough ballistics gel to make some new gummie bears?
    I look at them and think to myself almost every time "I should send that bloke some money so he can get new gel"

  5. Why not machine a cup in the nose an use wax to cement in a steel core that would discard the HDPE slug but transfers the force to the smaller diameter steel penetration core, sort of like a full ride sabot? And I mean on the thermos, the plastic slug hit and transferred force, but it still bounced in some 2 a.m. theory the steel core might be able commit and penetrate through the harder targets. Have the steel core not fit snug, and line the nose cup with foil to dissuade the wax from bonding too hard with the HDPE. If I had the resources to build this theory I would but, I don't and alas, I only have a crackpot theory.

  6. milk bottle lids are not hdpe . they are low density pe . find a piece of pipe will be high density . a hard piece of cheese is harder than ldpe . get some uhmwpe . that'd be interesting

  7. Talk about a nice indoor APC round! More then likely would make the kill ( judging by that splintering ) not going to go through much like walls and such. Hmmmmm easy to make!

  8. Do most of your "You make it, we shoot it" submissions come from overseas? I would imagine there aren't many folks from the US sending them, due to shotguns being commonly available.

  9. the clay shot reminds me of the terminator movie with the mercury metal terminator. 🙂

    what is the chance of the plastic slug being a home defense round? can it penetrate two layers of drywall? is it lethal?

  10. If that British made diavolo slugs in rubber instead of plastic he would become rich, at least he'd sell many thousands in France and other European countries where intruders must be "politically well traited".

  11. Your backing sheet on the clay shot looks like a piece of asbestos board is that still available in the USA?

  12. next level zombie ammo…. as long as you can make gun powder, you can shoot zombies also as long as you can melt plastic… no need for lead

  13. In the 1970s we practiced with plastic rounds in the South African Defense Force in both 7.62mm and shotgun rounds – so hardly new

  14. probably illegal to use on a person even in self defense with that plastic shrapnel is almost impossible to detect.

  15. Fantastic Video Jeff. Very Interesting Slugs Too. I wasn't sure if you guys knew or not that in the U.K. we can & do own Firearms and are encouraged to own & use Suppressors but we tend to call them Moderators. Just wasn't sure if you knew or not and thought I'd let you know. Great Work As Always. Keep up the great work. Nick.🇬🇧

  16. These would probably make awesome home defense rounds for people who don't want to kill the intruder. Kinda like a beanbag round

  17. The clay target reminds me something Box O' Truth did ages ago. Probably why I enjoy checking this channel out.

  18. I believe that minimal entry/exit effect on the gummy bear was the direct result of pushing an oil-based compound through another oil-based compound.

  19. Actually they could be great for target shotgun, here in the UK. I mean the shoot is normaly around 25 – 50 yards and sometimes 10 yards. I mean why shoot lead, apart for traditional shooting, when lead can be desirable.

  20. Hi Guy's , Cheers for all the excellent video's , How about shooting an ounce of pea gravel or even waxed pea gravel slugs , it would be cheaper than lead and available if SHTF or even if its for vermin or snake loads etc.. Is it viable ?

  21. So just because he's from the UK he's probably never shot a gun ….. the BEST made guns in the world come from London ENGLAND … idiots

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