49 thoughts on “British Army Soldiers Showcasing Their Marksmanship With The L85 A2 Rifles

  1. Awkward rifle with a checkered past. I'd take a Steyr or Tavor if I had to go bullpup. The juice just isn't worth the squeeze thought IMHO.

  2. To all those saying "oh the rifles are bad", I GUARANTEE you have NEVER came close to one of the A2's, and the A2's are certainly not shite, as HK had better quality control and refined almost all parts of the rifle to make it very reliable.

    It's very accurate, and the A2's very reliable. I'll take your opinion seriously when you've actually worked on an A2.

  3. They should really get rid of that piece of trash, getting H&K to refurbish them a bit isn't good enough.
    If you want bullpup get a nice sexy steyr

  4. its all show. it took 3 guys in a truck to shut down LONDON. Dressed up police. more lies to show the world.

  5. For anyone who's unaware, the RAF Regiment are running the range, helping the non-infantry men and women hone their skills.

  6. Im surprised they are still using SUSAT…. Not enough money to switch them all over to the new sights I guess.

  7. Just another example of bungled procurement by the MOD. With so many quality AR's to choose from ,they came up with this.

  8. everyone saying the sa80 is bad are clueless and are probably not even in the military ! the A1 was terrible but the A2 is brilliant, H&K did a good job. I used the SA80A2 for 8 years while I was in the infantry, whilst I was in Afghan I fired it countless tines and rarely had stoppages, I once smashed 5 mags through it in one contact even though it was covered in dust. its vs really good weapon.

  9. That rifle is completely backwards, ,,oh hang on Mr taliban just got to grab my multi tool to adjust the site haha

  10. The l98 A2 is the common name for the same rifle but used by cadets, the British army use the SA80 rifles

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  12. bunch of government murderer's…were getting soldiers be headed on English streets… women and children blown up by suicide bombers… civilians getting their throats slit while eating… civilians getting run over…. children getting abused on a national scale…and what are our army doing people!… exactly bombing fuck out of countries with a sick agenda… forcing people to leave their homeland… training terrorist groups all over the world for their greedy profit driven racist campaign.. Empire never died!

  13. what happened to the old cocking handle? lol. was great for hooking onto your belt when on stag, but shite and unreliable in the field 🙂

  14. Whats the Point when the Brit Gov't is Selling out to Islam,when there is enough of them they will start Killing off the White Population first,What is the fancy Army going to do Then.Your Politicians are going to run away to god knows where and you will be all left to fend for your selves.

  15. tbh with a bipod at 30m that isnt very impressive at all. i shoot target rifles which tbf are very different but with a sling instead of a bipod at 30m i can keep a group well smaller than a 2p. and im pretty shit.

  16. fantastic rifle. really enjoyed using it. The only bad thing about it is that it isn't ambidextrous, however that didn't bother me as I'm right handed. my only gripe.

  17. Interesting weapon design. I have never fired a bullpup rifle, and was wondering how she feels in operation… Good video.

  18. Very interesting. They have to use a combo tool to adjust the SUIT scope on the L85A2. On our M4s we have the ACOG or the Aimpoint M68 red dot. Both these scopes have to be mounted properly and use only a screw drive or the rim of a cartridge to adjust the reticle for elevation and windage. The Aimpoints are easier for the average US Army Infantryman even though there is no magnification like the ACOG. For infantrymen with M68s. The M4 carbine or M16A4 has to be zeroed with the Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) first. Once the zero is established for a 300 meter zero at 25 meters. The M68 is then mounted firmly and the BUIS is flipped up and the sight is turned on and adjusted for the brightness of the red dot which is set on the lowest setting that can be seen by the shooter. Once the dot is at its smallest then using an empty cartridge. Center the red dot to the tip of the front sight. Then fire the needed rounds to establish another 300 meter battle sight zero then it is ready for qualification or combat using the same lot number on the ammunition. Different lot numbers affect windage and accuracy. Using the ACOG is different. The BUIS has to be zeroed separately form the scope. Once the scope is mounted, it is zeroed without any aids from the battle sights and still using a spent cartridge case, coin, or screwdriver. I personally use the ACOG in Iraq during my tours from 2006 through 2009. I found my scope to be effective. On the same note I have taught my soldiers how to zero both systems effectively before and during deployments. During 2007 when I was in Southern Iraq I had the opportunity to meet British soldiers from the Parachute Regiment and Gurkhas. We shot at a range on Safwan Hill just outside of Basra and impressed with my M4 carbine on how simple and easy it is to take apart to maintain and how easy it is to re-zero using British issue ammunition back to US issued ammo. The British Paratroopers and Gurkha Infantrymen are all competent shots with their issued weapons and no doubt excellent infantrymen of the British Army. After talking about weapons British soldiers preferred American mess hall food and our fabulous PX. They said American food was better than what they would eat at Basra and buy more stuff like protein mixes at Camp Bucca. British soldiers are excellent infantrymen. Too bad they weren't with me when I was up in Baghdad in Sadr City in 2008 when the shit hit the fan. Great times and great memories.

  19. Sa80 a2 and the new A3 versions are brilliant assault rifles! Accurate and reliable. I used the A2 variant all through my service.. And had no issues what so ever.. Not even a jam. So to those saying the sa80 is shit.. clearly don't know what there talking about. Granted the sa80 A1 had issues.. But since hk took over.. They are far better quality.

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