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BPD Firearms Training – CC

In our next story, police officers training continues but this time on the firing range – take a look. Continual firearms training is necessary for officers to give them survival skills for everyday patrol work out on the street. Our officers are trained quarterly – 4 times per year they also have the option to come out at their discression with an officer throughout the year. What this course is, is all about survival in every situation that an officer may face out on the street. Whether that’s kneeling, laying on the ground being in the cold, being in a dark situation, being behind a barrier a situation that may give you difficulty in seeing a threat. All these things are issues that someone could deal with on the street that we’re trying to build into our scenarios. The importance of training, first of all it’s giving our officers the tools to use maybe to save their lives or someone else’s life so probably or absolutely the most important thing to do, especially with firearms confrontations, they have to have the skills and the training to save their life and of others. The range program tonight consists of 3 different hand gun courses involving different distances and positions traditionally the shooting was taught at a fixed yardage line, 25 yards 15 yards, you stood there, faced the target and shot at a paper target. That’s not realistic to deadly confrontation so what we’re doing is having different scenarios where officers are shooting from different positions different stances moving to cover, multiple rounds multiple engagements on targets. Bend Police officers are involved in potentially lethal threat situations more often than many people think. We’ll find that an average officer may have their weapon out and be engaging a potentially lethal target several times per year. In the course of my career, I’ve been a police officer 15 years, and never been in a shooting but when you are in one, it’s very important to have those… to be proficient with those skills you’re taught out here. Our expectations for Bend police officers is that they are prepared for a lethal confrontation every day they come to work. That’s what makes this training essential. From the brand new reserve officer, brand new patrol officer all the way to the chief of police the same courses of fire, the same expectations, the same qualifications have to be met. We look at real life shooting situations that happen around our state and around the nation we also look at situations that have happened within the Bend police department and form our training around them All or firearms instructors come from within our ranks. Some are dectectives, some are officers some have rank themselves they all go to a basic class to become state certified as firearms instructors it’s a 2-week long class innitially both classes that go past that. The potential for a police to get in a lethal use of force happens across our department and whether you are a school resource office whether you are an officer in the parks whether your are a detective, the potential for that type of threat is real to us and we take that very seriously.

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