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Boyz n the Hood (4/8) Movie CLIP – We Got a Problem Here? (1991) HD

Hey man, what’s wrong with you?! Fuck you lookin’ at, nigga? I’m still trying to find out, nigga! Hold on, hold on… Oh, we got a problem here? We got a problem here? We got a problem nigga? Oh what up with this? Put the gun away, nigga! Can we have one night where there ain’t no fighting and nobody gets shot? Shut up, bitch! [hostile overlapping responses from rival gang] – Fuck you!
– Let’s roll!
– Punk motherfuckers! Ferris always trying to start some shit! Nigga can’t fight, so he always trying to find some excuse to shoot somebody! That’s why the fool be getting shot all the time… …trying to show how hard they is. Ignorant. Oh fool, shut up; you be doing that shit too! (laughs) I know. (gunfire) Hit it man, come on. Let’s go! I’m getting the fuck out of LA. Fuck this shit. Fuck it! Can’t go nowhere without it getting all shot up and shit! (siren) Shit… Shit. Fuck! Driver! Put your hands on the steering wheel!

100 thoughts on “Boyz n the Hood (4/8) Movie CLIP – We Got a Problem Here? (1991) HD

  1. Does anyone ever look at the other four guys who weren’t in the car when Ricky got shot and wonder who was the one who took out doughboy? It was obviously one of them out of retaliation.

  2. Bruh, knowing how Ice Cube ain't about that, makes this all the more funny. Both him, Dre and Yella ain't no thugs.

  3. Monster was a Rider u see how quik he walked up ready to put it down, and later on u see him handle business with that ak47

  4. The funny thing is that the shooting was unscripted so they didn't know if it was real or not look at trey acting he don't know if that was a part of it or not that why he walking fast and looking back the director said it in an interview

  5. Uzi really is a much better sub machine gun than a tech 9 which constantly has loading problems and jams. An UZI is a work of art definitely would love to get my hands on one

  6. This scene did a great job at showing how much dook and monster cared about dough, especially when monster speed walked over to back up dough and when dook got straight up when ferris bumped ricky

  7. If you live in the hood and you on someone else’s turf well don’t wear no blood or red. Friend, family, or foe. You either getting smoked or shot at.

  8. That bump was kinda so exaggerated by Morris Chestnut, lol. He gives him a little shoulder nudge, and he goes almost flying into the car. lol. And that "hey man what's wrong with you!!" ROTFL lol "I'm still trying to find out…" smh. Yeah…. they really could've used a dialogue coach on this one, cause Ricky sounds like Braxton from the Jamie Foxx show.

  9. Another thing, Paris is shooting a Mac10/11 machine pistol, the sound is way too deep and growly for that gun, it doesn't sound like that, and he has cheat code lol, because he never reloads, and with the approx 30 round mag he's using, on fully auto, you'd empty out in 4 secs.

  10. Anybody else realized that when he cocked the pistol, it wasn’t loaded cuz the slide didn’t go back?😂 After watching this movie hundreds of times, I never realized that

  11. Boy them bloods got balls of steel, you see all them Crips out there and they walking in a group of 7 😂

  12. The reason he bumped into Ricky is because they thought he was representing the crops gang with his blue on but Ricky never even realized I guess

  13. Fun fact: the Blood who bumped Ricky is the black Elvis Presley from the episode of "Married With Children" with the National Academy of Elvis Impersonators.

  14. Cube just showed you what can happen when you try to flex a lil gun to the homies.except in real life mfs die instead of getting out that gunfire alive.

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