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Boyi M4 M16 Grenade Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG Review

hello in this is noah with airsplat and im gonna do a review on my on th dboys m4 and everything it comes with comes with 3 airsplat stickers but i only have two right here because i put one on the truck comes with a high cap mag just wind it up bb’s come out here and it comes with a standerd mag they are both medal if u see one on there thats says its not medal they are speedloader usually holds 90 to 100 it comes with two stocks i perfer this one better but its harder to get on this one slides easier it comes with a 1.2 volt battery which you know I wouldn’t think is good but its what i can afford right now that comes with 1 2 3-5 rail sliders i quess thats what you
call em I have no right there one on the other side and two right there what looks to be as laser for the top of
it washing reviews on it and are you gonna
do some pull it up right there and it comes up and it clips back on pretty tough and it comes with a to forehand grip things idk what you would call them ones a regular ar-fifteen body style handrail and ones a multi-purpose rail with a lot
of attachments and a hand grip and do it right here is plastic its pretty tough
to get on and off and it comes with a grenade launcher all you got to do is press this thing right here and you slide it up and the magizene comes out and it hold 10 to 15 bb’s at the most and it is spring powered pull it back and shoot it has a conecter on it to your connector tragedy and hook it to
your battery in there and take it to that and just doesn’t fit all the way on
their and sometimes all clear but don’t worry
about kids still flows through your dues put the
tape comes around this on their he’ll be fine K and it’s not a difficult there but put on
there but you know it is pretty tricky
sometimes category right the barrel on the inside and out is metal as plastic insides plastic gun overall ago it pretty gay rare far you can take the
carrying handle of distant with those in and out to adjust your harbor useful back on
their on the charging handle you can adjust
but with little are brought here ok Flickr dust cover back cover a Got mag release
button is out there unfortunately not an ambidextrous getting so you know and you can turn
this number here when you get it it’ll probably be over
here to the left earlier to the right is twisted animators and do you win stuff right here this is
first day so you know does move this right here
for the win you know whatever you prefer Skepta mean lost 32 garrick you get there for short-distance then kick flip it over in there for long
distances the whole which packed issues along this is our
town an comes with and jammin right you know pretty good 382 in to look later on another issue
cleaner barrels a us because the slain but I don’t know how to set it up so I
just for one in wrapped around here made my own homemade
3-point sling and comes two days with it the company’s parts for the slain she
can use a does not come with a flashlight
inflation up last night over there doesn’t work nobody ever to me but yeah fitness is no break a airsoft airsplat in or are they just watch this video

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