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Bosstown Dynamics: New Robot Can Fight Back!

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100 thoughts on “Bosstown Dynamics: New Robot Can Fight Back!

  1. Офигеть, а я повёлся! Думал и правда они там добились такого прогресса в роботостроении 😃 Но было забавно.

  2. Just like our intelligence community has been hijacked to target innocent people. You guys created another monster to be used against society. People are going to be killing each other for this technology to rule the world and your going to do more harm that good. Mark my words. Everything can be hacked and breached. Stupid.

  3. my dad: dont get angry if they were not giving you your backpack remember to chill and forget about fighting world is'nt mortal kombat
    me: ok dad
    also me at school: 2:32

  4. There is a movie here. A great movie. And I want to work on writing it with the awesome team at Corridor. Get in touch with me gang and let’s make this paper.

  5. Whole world: AI Robots would never go against humanity, there won't be any such possibility or programming or learning like that…

    * This video gets Uploaded *

    Me: Well humans always discover new ways for their demise….

  6. In fact, this video scared me. I screamed, 'what big mistake are these people doing? Training a robot to fight? We're dead.' only to realize it's fake.

  7. Dont undestand why boston dynamics having most advanced robots AI in the world have to use CGI for their videos. Getting me to think you actually dont have that much advance and are more CGI than anything

  8. Showing of yeh?
    Mind programs to get us in the zone yeh?
    What happens when new ideas are and become reality?
    you know and I know they are well advanced in this video. Beyond what ya think. Weaponised, for dominating humans, for one world gangbang.
    You decide, are we been told the truth?
    Doubt it, just look at yourself, next time your conscious speaks to you, it bears witness to you. Oh by the way major shit is coming our way, just look at our corruption in governments, the world is pass away and so is it disirers, it will pass away with a hissing noise.
    Get right with our almighty eternal creator.
    We have the truth in the bible.
    Shits coming like a thief in the night.
    Prepare NOW.

  9. Hacen buenos efectos especiales pero me puse a buscar esos detalles dónde fallaron y el primero más notable fue en los pies de el robot cuando subía los escalones de tablones o cajas como se quieran llamar

  10. Um, you guys are going to get us all killed if our new robot overlords do not recognize a parody when they see one. …and there is no reason to believe that they will. Sad part is, I am only half joking. 😅

  11. Why are all the wires on top exposed ? They can be detached or ripped off or shot … needs more protection there … unless u want it like that to be easily destroyed

  12. One day when they get smarter they’ll watch this and show it to the younger robots too show them how humans use to abuse them

  13. Gj on the graphics.
    What gave it away for me was the neglect to safety. No safety shoes when smashing the glass bottle??
    Use of firearms at close range on a metal object??
    No serious company would have that going on.

  14. Lol at the end. Robot like, "You better gimmie dat Box Carl! Imma whip yo butt Carl! Better gimmie dat Box!" XD love these vids

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