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Bolt Gun Vs Gas Gun | Sniper Shooting Comparison | Tactical Rifleman

all right we’re going to run a little
test it’s called bolt gun versus gas gun we’ve got two SF snipers up on the hill
they got to move down here we’re going to get that target heart rate up a
little bit and then out to our front randomly on a berm to right at about 327
meters they are 20 clay pigeons on each side we’re going to see who can knock
out their targets first shooter ready stand by go run Forrest run we have bolt-gun on the
right gas gun on the left hello all right we got gas gun just did his
first reload it’s going to bipod legs a little bit what I think I think we can call it Judah safe those
guns not by much so I’m a little let down all right um
gas guns definitely showed close in that follow-up shot comes a lot faster but
the man over here behind the bolt gun I mean he fast reload stayed on it and
it’s accurate as hell

47 thoughts on “Bolt Gun Vs Gas Gun | Sniper Shooting Comparison | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Would've thought the gas gun would win by a larger margin, bolt shooter was on it! But this is sniper rifles being used as sniper rifles, lets see those guys run a CQB course and then we'll see the gas gun come into its own. Great video, thank you!

  2. What was the deal with the bolt gun? The operator was incredibly slow for the first 2/3 of the round, and then suddenly was able to keep up and poull a bit of a comeback. I'd like to see what the results would have been at a longer range and using a side by side comparison of the same shooter.

  3. It depends on the distance, if you are going to engage a target at 1500yrds, good luck with a 308 semi auto, I would pick a 338 or a 408ct, and you can't build a semi auto on those big calibers.

  4. I'm a hunter my self and own a .308 and .300win mag.. bolt action I love the best.. right now with my skill level got the .308 out past a 1000m have not shot the .300win mag that far yet.. all my rounds are handloads..

  5. I'll take the gas gun every time. The only reason the bolt gun had half a chance was shooter error on the part of the gas gun shooter. If needed America's finest even have access to magnum caliber gas guns. In the near future I see the last days of the bolt action rifle in a modern military unit.

  6. I agree with others. There's no good clip about bolt and gas gun on Youtube. I mean accuracy at 100, 300 and 800 (maybe more) yards. Same caliber, same barrel length. Then check group. In this video AR-10 style win, hands down. Even accuracy was better but this is up to shoter I believe. Sorry for my potato english.

  7. This wasn't a gun vs gun test. It was more shooter vs shooter. Timed tests should always go to semi guns. Precision tests should almost always go to bolt guns. IMO.

  8. gas guns are nearly as accurate as any bolt gun any day of the week…assuming your not handloading your own ammo. that is when a bolt gun really shines. you can have a tighter case to chamber fit, and seat bullets touching the lands. that's where the semi auto runs into problems

  9. the thing with bolt action is it seals off the chamber from the rear pushing all the gas out propelling the bullet. with a gas system some of the gas is brought back into the action to cycle it through so you loose some force and with it auto loading it can move on you and change your point of aim but if your skilled that shouldn't be a worry. I still prefer my bolt action because I have seen better accuracy over distance and time with one then a semi

  10. This isn't a true test of what the guns are meant for tho. Let's see the gas gun make those same accurate and quick shots are 1200 yards!!!

  11. Fun to watch. You don't golf with one club so I don't see why so many folks on this thread get their panties in a bind. You should own both! A good gas gun , and a good bolt gun..and get good at shooting both. The only issue I have with gas guns is that they don't come in 30.06.

  12. LOL 327 meters? Well no shit a gas gun is going to win. Bolt guns don't shine until you start outpacing the distance a standard .223 or .308 is capable of. Right around the 700-800 mark. That's when I'd make the switch to a bolty.

  13. This proves nothing. After all … targets don't sit still. My guess would be that … in a real world scenario and that many targets … the Semi Auto shooter would be wasting ammo while the bolt gun shooter would be choosing his shots.

  14. Bolt guns are just a little slower then semi .i know a guy that can fire a rem 3006 left handed so fast that you think it was a semi .an if I remember right like the old 8 mm greman mowzer bolt had spring that would shoot the bolt back an you can run the gun super fast .all most as fast as a m1 grand almost .i wish that bolt gun had a bigger mag same as the semi .should had those guys switch guns .that would been cool .another great video Carl 👍

  15. They both can be very accurate and both definitely shine better in different areas, it just depends on what you’re doing

  16. There are certain advantages for owning both gas and bolt guns, and, having skills to work both systems. There are just as many reasons to know both Mil-radian and Minute-of-Angle systems on your scope. Know both standard and metric distances.
    This way no matter where you are, if you have a emergency you can pick up any discarded rifle, regardless of where you are at the time, to defend yourself.

  17. The bull shooter was a bit slow at first but then was fantastic at the end I own both gas and bolt that's hard to shoot that fast the bolt and be accurate those guys are out of my league lol

  18. Wow. I'm so surprised a semi was faster. I can't believe it. How can the guy that has to cock every time be slower? This makes no sense.the semi guy can just keep shooting. Huh

  19. This video showed nothing other than two guys running a short distance and then laying down and shooting at something down range. A view of the targets supposedly hit would have at least been something of interest – even though it would still do nothing more than compare the two shooters accuracy on that day with their different weapons.

  20. Poor Karl, he's just trying to teach us people and enlighten us. Give him a break guys 🙂

    It seems to me that the bolt action rifle would be good for a mission where one wants to travel light in terms of gear. You have the rifle, mechanically simpler and robust, and your ammo (no need for magazines) and you have a single or very few targets. That was and still is the classic or commonly occurring mission. We all know the motto "One shot , one kill".

    In the Vietnam conflict (Yeah I know it was really a war, my dad was there) sniping made a comeback and was given much more attention and various rifles were put to the task and even the M-14 and M-16 were used by sniper teams.

    But times change, technology changes, accepted equipment (what is commonly used or issued) changes and tactics will change so soldiers must adapt. The semiautomatic would serve better in a situation where a sniper needs to engage multiple targets and provide support and coverage for other personnel. So a magazine fed semi would allow more potential shots quick eliminations. We also have to consider that the more powerful rifles we have now can be used to disable vehicles and equipment which widens a sniper's scope of possible duties.

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