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BOLT ACTION KING – Battlefield 5 Montage (bf5 Aimbot?)

Hey what’s going on guys, first off thank
you so much for watching til the end of the video. You rock! I really hope you enjoyed the montage As you
guys know, I hit all these clips live on stream so also be sure to check me out there. I kept the standard high and utilize certain
clips otherwise for flow. If you have questions about anything, hit
me up in the comments down below. Also in the description if you ever need tips
and tricks how to get your gameplay a bit better or improve like you saw in the montage. I got gun reviews, tutorials, the works also
located there. I want to be dedicated to helping improve
your gameplay on Battlefield 5. So do not hesitate to reach out! Thanks again for the support, if you enjoyed
be sure and leave a like if you did or a dislike if you didn’t and leave a comment if you want

100 thoughts on “BOLT ACTION KING – Battlefield 5 Montage (bf5 Aimbot?)

  1. I hope you guys all enjoy this montage, I am super happy how it all turned out! If you ever have questions or need tips or advice on sniping I am always here to help!

  2. This montage show’s how sniping works , omg how I missed it too see true sniper aim like yours dazs, and everyone can see that you have skill

  3. Just watched 3 BF V hacking videos then i ended up here which is making think that maybe those other guys werent hacking. They just have really good eyes to see through walls and really good aim loke you.

  4. Meanwhile I can take my time and line up the perfect shot and "Enemy hit 6 damage" ._. Or sometimes it seems the hitreg just decided not to give me the kill when I saw the bullet hit their face haha. Awesome stuff, nice work.

  5. This’s real best montage ever I have seen … in my channel I upload montage but from what I seen now montage is like Sh!t.

  6. Any advice on drag shot speed consistency on console?? Even with no aim accel the stick speeds up the further it’s pushed. Minimizing maximum threshold really sacrifices fine tuning of shots. Any advice or opinion on whether or not to mess with these settings or just practice practice? Lol I do the range 15-20 min before each session even if it means not having enough time to actually play so hopefully I’ll see the proof in the pudding soon enough.

  7. Have 280hrs logged and watch a lot of content. My jaw dropped and I put my hands on my head and yelled "no waayyy" during this one. I can really appreciate your passion, attention to detail in the montages, high IQ plays and general friendly and welcoming demeanor to new players by teaching. This channel will get way bigger. Absolute gem for the community. Keep it going!

  8. That was incredible. Hands down the best BF5 footage I've ever seen. I mean who rushes a whole team with a bolt action? Dazs, that's who…

  9. can i ahve ur gaming config? i like that colors but it looks its good sniper config too anyway which sniper rifle is best for u?

  10. The precision, the rhythm, the accuracy, the fact that you are never to close or to far from the action, it’s incredible! I can see you have put in a couple of hours with this rifle. Thank you so much for the awesome montage, it was truly phenomenal!

  11. Please explain me this: The ZH29, the Selbstlader 1906 and the Krag Jorgensen have the exact same damage on the weapon stats chart in-game. But only the Krag kills 1-shot headshot, at any range. How come? Thx in advance, amazing video!

  12. Hey, great video mate! We are an upcoming Battlefield clan and just wondered if any of you could check out our videos, we post montages, full match gameplays and more! We have big plans ahead and we hope you can join us on our journey! If you could subscribe, like or even just watch one of our videos that'll be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

  13. This is the best bf V video I have watched to this point, you are amazingly skilled, the choice of music was great and it was overall so well put-together that I actually got goosebumps at the start. If your other videos are even remotely comparable to this I will definitely watch all of them.

  14. Ascend is the number 1 clan of BF and Dazs is the owner of Ascend … does this make Dazs the num1 player in BF history

  15. You’re crazy bruh !😯🤣 I’m trynna get like you. I’m a good sniper. Not quite there yet tho lmao ! Great clips

  16. I'm jealous of the people with gold because they are so hard challenges especially for console and I hope they change it to where it's just about how many kills you get with that gun that may sound stupid someone else but to me that sounds somewhat Fair

  17. Reminds me so much of old cod montages. This was really enjoyable to watch, and you're definitely a bolt action King. PogU

  18. first , great accuracy u got skill , second where do u keep finding these servers where all enemies are oblivious to their surroundings .most of them don't even shoot back.or have any idea where the shots are coming from;

  19. Great montage idk how some of those shots are possible maybe it’s a pc thing idk if so I’m very very thankful I’m on console lol 😂 either way very impressive GG’s

  20. i know this is one of your older videos so not sure if you will see this ; but what do you suggest as a new beginner getting into the game ? love sniping btw ! super clean gameplay new subscriber !

  21. Dawg this is insane! Can't believe I'm just now seeing this. If you ever have the time you should def toss all of your best sniper clips into a Dropbox or Google Drive or something and put it in the description of a video or something, I'm sure there's plenty of people that want to edit your godlike insane quality clips. Good shit!

  22. I have a decent match of me being okay at sniping that I'm trying to upload from ps4, but it is definitely not a good as this…

  23. You sir are an absaloute fucking animal my friend yes human aim bot well done, actualy jelous of this accuracy lol.

  24. Nice shots, but strifing is technically cheating. This should not be possible, hope there will be a Day when they take out strifing out of battlefield and other games.

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