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Blurred-out Flag Controversy

Hey guys, I wanted to take just a moment to address an issue that came up uhh related to a video I posted this morning. Perhaps I was a bit naive in not expecting this to happen but there it is. Uhh the video I did this morning was on a gun presented by Heinrich Himmler to German snipers. It’s an I think an interesting piece of history and its a neat gun and so I did a video on it. Now I’ve also gotten into the habit of doing thumbnail images for all my videos that include the title, the name of the gun and a picture of the gun and also the flag of the Country where the gun was developed or built or invented. Whatever’s appropriate for that particular gun. Well when I started doing that, I didn’t really necessarily I didn’t think ahead about ooh I’m gonna be doing a lot of German World War II era, Nazi era guns. What am I gonna do about that flag? I didn’t really think about it. Uhh this was the first one that actually was suitable to have a Nazi flag on it. So I looked at a couple of different ideas and what I ended up doing was figuring you know what? There’s no-we shouldn’t be censoring history. I put up a standard Nazi banner. With a big old swastika in the middle of it. And Youtube kinda had a fit over that Youtube does not like swastikas in thumbnails. So I pulled this down and this was before it posted. I pulled it down and I replaced it with a thumbnail image that had a blurred out swastika and this of course got a ton of angry opinions on both sides. Umm but mostly people who are upset that I would have the temerity to censor an important piece of history. Well first off, wasn’t really my certainly wasn’t my first choice. Wasn’t really my decision. Uhh I did that based on Youtube’s policies. They are the ones who are interested in censoring that sort of thing to the extent they say censorship. Now for those of you who are out there who are really upset that I would do that or that Youtube would do that, I would say you have a fantastic second option and that would be Full30 is a video channel or video website specifically for firearms related content. I’ve been on there since basically the site was formed. Uhh it recently has gone through a number of upgrades. It has HD video. It’s better in pretty much every way for me as a content creator and for my fellows who are also posting video over there and it’s better for you guys as the viewer in realms like this. If you don’t think that the hosting site like Youtube should be in you know, putting its political views into something like this, go watch on Full30 because you know what? The thumbnail over there has the proper German flag that was the German flag from 19 what 35? to 1945. If you’re offended by seeing a blurred out swastika, Blame Youtube and then leave Youtube. There’s no reason that you have to get all of your firearms video content on Youtube. They’re bad for content creators. They’re not that great for advertisers either. Certainly not in the gun industry. And if it’s the content that you’re looking for, I realize it’s slightly less convenient to go to one website rather than another but it is there as your other option. So…just something for you guys to consider. There will be more German World War II era guns coming in the future and per Youtube’s policies. Basically all of those will continue on my Youtube thumbnails to have that blurred out German flag so.. anyway, uhh hope you guys enjoyed the video I really didn’t want it to all become a discussion about this topic so I figure we’ll.. We’ll put the response to this in a separate video and frankly, I’ll probably leave the comments to this video turned off because life is too short to get into vitriolic arguments about this on Youtube. Thanks for watching guys.

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