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Bloodborne Cut Content ► WEAPONS AND ARMORS (Never-Before-Seen)

Hello everyone this is Sanadsk and today I
am back with a brand new Bloodborne Cut/Unused Content video. In the previous videos, I showcased some of
the amazing cut bosses and NPCs that were supposed to be in the game, but today we are
taking a little detour from that to show the unused armors, weapons and firearms that are
left unused inside the files. Now I uploaded a video about unused armors
before that but they were mostly unused variations of existing armors but in today’s episode,
everything is brand new stuff that nobody knew before and there are alot of stuff to
cover here so I am really excited to this. Now I really appreciate it if you guys like
this video as making these cut content videos especially at this time because I have alot
of important exams is a really tough time, but I also don’t want to leave you guys hanging
about the unused content, and the likes bar is the thing that shows me that you guys really
enjoy these videos and want more. Also as always, I have to give thanks to id-daemon
and luxox18 for their huge help, as without them, we wouldn’t have seen any of the unused
content. Now the unused armors and weapons range from
icons only to models and I tried to showcase them in the best way possible. So without further ado, let us begin! The first thing we have is this super cool
looking armor set. This armor looks super elegant, yet super
good looking. There are many small details on this armor
such as the necklace on the body which has a golden pendant on it and it has the face
of a woman on it. It looks alot like the designs of coins where
it has the face of a person on it, and the major female figure I can think of in Bloodborne
is Annalise the Queen of the Vilebloods but who knows. We also have the helmet which is super cool
looking and it has these gold engravings on it and it just looks super good. Also at the bottom of the robe, we have these
wooden tablets of sorts which show a knight riding a horse which might give us some clue
that it might be related to Cainhurst as there are alot of statues showing knights on horses
and the knight looks an awful look like the knight I showcased in my previous video which
alot of people speculated that it might have been a Champion of Cainhurst and it is entirely
plausable. Now another really interesting thing is the
insignia on the back of the cape of the armor. It looks like a gryphon or welsh dragon which
is inside a heart-shaped border. Now I tried matching it up with any of the
insignias we have in bloodborne and the closest thing I could find was the Cainhurst Insignia,
so it is possible that this was an early design for it and they decided to change things later
on. So now we are temporarly going to be transitioning
to unused Weapons because this player model actually wields two unused weapons which are
a shield that you are seeing, which has the design of two eagles or phoenixes I dunno,
but the only thing I know is that I want this shield. Whether it is in Bloodborne or Dark Souls
3, I just want it. And the other weapon is a rusty/magical looking
sword. Now it looks a bit like the Claymore but this
one has some engravings on the hands and some yellow rust on the blade. Now I expect this was made early on in the
development because of the shield but the textures for armor and weapons are super high
quality, unlike the other unused content which makes me wonder in what phase of the game
this was made, and also because of the shields as we also have other unused shields that
we are going to cover in this video. So let us move on to the next cut equipment. The next thing we have is something that is
small yet it has been bothering me since the release of the game , and that is the head
piece for the Charred Hunter Set. Now first of all, the Charred Hunter Set does
have a head piece and that is the Grey Wolf cap and that is evident in alot of places
the most important being, well obviously in the code it is, and in alot of concept arts
and early footage, they are worn together. So this leaves the Ashen Hunter Set without
a head piece. Well, not quite. In the icons, there is a head piece for it
but sadly it doesn’t have a model or a name for it, but Here is a little preview I did
to visualize what it would’ve looked like. Now if you ask me, it fits, and doesn’t fit
at the same time but I tried putting the hood on the Charred Hunter Set and it looks more
convincing considering the pattern on the hood kind of matches the pattern on the body
part. So it seems like somewhere in development. they decided to swap these head pieces, then
return them normally for some reason but currently in the code, the hood is the head piece for
the Ashen Hunter Set and the Grey Wolf Cap is the head piece for the Charred Hunter Set. I honestly side with the Hood being for the
Charred Hunter Set so I made a poll which you can vote in your opinion by clicking the
small (i) button in the top-right hand corner. Now to again transition into unused weapons,
I actually found the model of the very first hunter we have seen back when Bloodborne was
Project Beast which is this guy. Now for some reason he didn’t have the cape
of the Charred Hunter Set but I put it back for visual reasons. Now if you remember the character was wielding
a torch and a sword but we never knew what that sword actually looked like. Well, today is the day, here it is. The sword has a really cool design especially
the pommel of the sword which looks decorated you can say and it has alot of engravings
on the sword. Sadly it has very low textures but the general
idea is visible. Now accompanying this sword is another shield
and this one also has an unknown insignia on it but it does look very cool nonetheless. It is also worth noting that this shield is
wielded by many other unused enemies and I’ll be talking about them in their respective
videos. Next we have is an unused Head Piece which
is also sadly has only an icon but we kind of have the model for it in the game which
is this. Now this is the head piece for the Spider
enemies you fight outside of Byrgenwerth and it is clear that you were supposed to be able
to get their heads as an item. I made this shot to visualize what the thing
might have looked like and it would’ve looked TERRYFYING yet also amazing for some trolling
videos as it looks very weird. Next thing is a small thing which is this. This is the hand piece for the Student Set
and it was supposed to be worn by Micolash. This does go well with the cage he is wearing
on his head, enforcing the whole lore aspect of it which is: That it is also a device that
restrains the will of the self, allowing one to see the profane world for what it is. This piece only has an icon and doesn’t have
a model. The next armor set we have is a very interesting
looking one but sadly the UVs for this armor are actually corrupted so we can’t apply the
textures to it, and it also only has the normal textures, but it would’ve been cool to see
how the engravings and stuff look on it. This armor sort of gave me a Tower Knight/Penetrator
vibe from Demon’s Souls and it wields the same sword and shield as the Project Beast
character. Now we are done with armor sets, let us move
on to purely unused weapons and firearms which are alot! The first one is something we’ve kind of seen
yet I have to mention which is an alternate version of Ludwig’s Holy Blade which has bloody
bandages on the blade. This matches two things: The first being the
original Ludwig Blade which is the Holy Moonlight Sword has these bandages, and the second is
a concept art that was shown which had this variation. Now sadly, this cannot be equipped by the
player currently by using save editors, but it is cool looking nonetheless. Now I wanted to show the unused firearms as
a whole because there isn’t much to be said about them, and I tried researching into Victorian-Era
firearms and stuff, but I couldn’t muster alot of information basically. So I’ll just show them one by one and give
a small description on each one. The first one seems to be a rifle which I
believe would’ve been held by two hands. I think they might have wanted it to be like
the bows in the Souls Series where you can aim and shoot with it but decided to stick
with guns only. The second one I really like the design of
it. As you can see the end of the gun is spread-out
and it looks like it would have shot some special kind of bullets, that’s how I imagine
it. The third one is a flintlock small pistol
with a hexagon-shaped end. The next one is a familiar one, which is Gehrman’s
blunderbuss as we were supposed to be able to wield it and actually use it. I don’t know why they removed it though. Next we have a flintlock rifle which is long
compared to the other pistols and I believe it might’ve worked like the Evelyn. And the last firearm is an alternate version
of the Cannon and you can see this variation actually wielded by the Undead Giant boss. This is one is very big, like for its size
compared to the player, it’s not realistic to be wielded. Now sadly, non of those firearms can be equipped
by the player and I actually got help from Zullie the Witch regarding this matter to
check if they can be equipped or not and sadly, we can’t. So this is it for the firearms and last but
not least, the final unused weapon which is the Skull. Now this weapon cannot be equipped and we
can’t see its animations, so the only thing we can speculate upon is its significance. In my opinion, based on some of the dungeon
enemies, I think it would’ve been used to fire some fireballs or magic or arcane or
whatever, but seems like they scrapped the idea altogether. Maybe that skull had some significance to
it like it belonging to an important figure but we dont’ know anything about it sadly. So yeah that is basically it. These are all of the unused armors and weapons
inside the files of Bloodborne. Now these are all base game so the DLC ones
are going to have a seperate video when we are able to view the files of the DLC. Also something quick to mention, the Harrowed
Set and the Butcher Set were actually in the main game and can be fully equipped ever since
the game was first released so yeah, it’s not a strange thing for FROM Software to use
cut ideas for DLC but no one can say that the DLC wasn’t spectacular. So yeah I hope you all enjoyed and I wanted
to make this as an entire video because I might be disappearing for a couple of weeks
to study for my exams but there is still alot of unused content left to show you guys! Also make sure to watch my previous Bloodborne
Cut Bosses video as it has some stuff that are super epic. Make sure to subscribe for more Bloodborne
Unused Content and I’ll be seeing you in the next video. Bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Bloodborne Cut Content ► WEAPONS AND ARMORS (Never-Before-Seen)

  1. They cut the First Hunter Blunderbus because the boss version instant-parries even if you aren't attacking. They would have needed to make a separate weapon from Gehrman's but still use the same model, and likely didn't want to chance a glitch causing either one to overlap.

  2. Well, this really makes me think that in the earliest moments of Bloodborne's development the game was supposed to be a lot more similar to Dark Souls. There is a lot of knight/chivalry/sword-and-shield stuff that really feels medieval rather than victorian. At the end, I believe they decided to keep that vibe as the "past" ages before Bloodborne, related to Ptumerians (you can find knight armors at Chalice Dungeons. That kind of suggest a paralelism with the real world, were Bloodborne would be maybe like XVII-XVIII centuries and then those ages before something like the Medieval Ages. They erased that Dark Souls influence in the visual aspect, which I think is good, since they kept it in the narrative, gameplay and lore.

    If only I had a PS4… C'mon, this game has been exclusive for a long time, and I agree with that, but now that time has passed they should allow other platforms to play it. I think they would also rise again their sales. If it were on Steam, Bloodborne , Dark Souls and Absolver would be the only games I'd play :'(

  3. Pretty neat to see the Garden of Eyes head was supposed to be a wearable item. I can't help but think that was intended to have like a symbol of avarice type effect.

  4. Maybe they weren't meant to be earned , it wasn't dark souls not everything was supposed to be use by hunters remember they use specific armors and weapons and shield would have been of no use against some enemies and some of the armors you're showing don't even look feel like they belong to the game lore.

  5. Looks like they cut out a lot of stuff that would add way too much Dark Souls to Bloodborne. But I would've been totally down to see long range, 2-handed rifles for pure bloodtinge builds, where you aim with L1 and shoot with R1. But that'd take out the aspect of fast paced pure action, and there's the monocular.

  6. I'm really glad that they didn't put these knight amors and shields, otherwise the game wouldn't be Bloodborne, just a Dark Souls 2,5. And come on, Bloodborne is FUCKING AMAZING the way it is.

  7. I think the first armor set
    Is a very early because it looks like
    Dark souls more than bloodborne
    Also there is a shild instade of a gun

  8. Small note: both of the firearms you referred to as a flintlock were actually matchlock pistols, but the first firearm you mentioned was actually a flintlock rifle.

  9. Fantastic video. I was waiting for something like that for ages!
    Can you do one about the npcs? Their faces. And if the Yharnam citizens have models and faces.

  10. for the guns the first one was actually a smooth bore musket, not a rifle (easy mistake to make) that big one after that was a blunderbuss similar to the one we get at the beginning and the 2 guns, a pistol and long gun you called flintlock are actually both called match lock guns and use a long match ( the rope you see hanging off the side of the guns) to ignite it's powder in the pan, it was actually invented slightly before flintlocks but couldn't be shot in the rain so the match lock was invented (that is a very dumb downed version of the actual history haha it was a little more complicated than that), plus you didn't have to worry about your match going out while your aiming. just a few mistakes but nothing major, like you said you had a hard time finding gun info, the reason is is because some of those like the match lock were invented before the victorian era, in fact by that time we had rifles and self contained ammunition meaning muzzle loaders were slowly beginning to be replaced. otherwise great video so friggen happy to finally see the guts of bloodborne so thank you!

  11. Sanadsk I was wondering, can you make a tutorial on how you do This datamining. Cause i Would love to be able to look at cut- and un-content. What programs do you use? And how. Thanks for these videos and all your work.

    Btw the first armor, looks a bit like thoes lying around in the Chalice dungeons, maybe Cainhurst sent their own to the dungeons in search of something to impregnant Annalise ..
    And the pommel on the sword also looks like a Chalice 😀

  12. They cut WAY too many weapons and armor out of this game. I must say i went in this game as my first souls like game and i was just thinking how excited i as to get these crazy weapons and awesome looking armor sets..but then i got into the game and…there is barely anything.

  13. It's possible the guy from the trailer is wearing armor of a foreign origin, and could have been designed for a starter class. They decided to not give starter classes their own armor sets and items at some point, so there's a chance they worked on it and stopped partway through.

  14. after I saw a couple of videos about unused content for bloodborne, I kinda understand why they cut all this armors, weapons and bosses. the majority of this content looks like they are inspired by the medieval era, so it could fit perfectly in a dark souls game, but not in bloodborne and its victorian inspired lore.

  15. The "Flintlock small pistol" is actually a Matchlock pistol. The rope is lit, and used to ignite the powder. Same for the "Flintlock Rifle", it's a Matchlock as well. Flintlocks use flint, Matchlocks use a match.

  16. Hey! Regarding the shackle icon: if you look closely at the PS4 trophy icon for beating Micolash, you can still see that he has the shackles on. The trophy model they snapped a pic of must have been the earlier build before they took the prison bracelets out. Neat!

  17. I think that first knight might have been a concept for the king of cainhurst as he's absent in game and his helmet is similar to annalise

  18. Makes you wonder if Fromsoft will ever just take more time and cut less. Every iteration in their new games is just full of cuts. I'd rather a game be delayed than full of cut content.

  19. Most of these models look like they belong in Dark Souls NOT Bloodborne. I'm guessing they were placeholders and nothing more.

  20. Sounds like you assume the change of headgear was made for artistic reasons—–but the things you've pointed out make me wonder if FromSoft was explicitly trying to tell us that, story-wise, the hunter featured in "Project Beast" was actually younger Djura in his heyday!

    This design-art of Djura seems to talk about both armor sets as "Ashen Hunter Attire" like they're one and the same—–or distinguish them from each other only as "Ashen" regarding what we now call the Charred set and what we now call the Ashen Set as "Retired Hunter Djura" obviously before the later set had been given an independent name at all. ( ) That artwork also shows what FromSoft was going for with that hood!

    Artistically, I'm betting FromSoft just decided that this Charred Hood would look too redundant alongside the Black Hood of the Foreign Set and the Black Hooded Iron Helm of Yahar'gul Set. Only so many ways you can make a basic black hood design appear fresh….

  21. Regarding the firearms, why do you think that would have been a sniper weapon? It looks like a carbine to me, not a sniper rifle. Considering there's a shotgun weapon you fire with one hand this could just be a carbine/rifle you fire with one hand.

    The one you described as a "flintlock rifle" is a matchlock. I recall seeing a weapon like it somewhere before but unfortunately can't remember what it was exactly. But it's a matchlock rifle anyway.

  22. Even in the cut content, FromSoftware didn't have plans for a quarterstaff trick weapon, something that I have literally had dreams about them adding.
    I'm starting to wonder if they hate staves being used as anything other than magical implements.

  23. sanadask there are some people who claim that you completely repackage the code of other people's discovery and claim it as your own, what do have to say about these allegations of plagiarism/theft?

  24. I like how he specifies guns as being flintlocks, but only on the guns which are not flintlocks! You know why it's called a FLINTlock?

  25. Those unused guns looked interesting. They're either alternate or original designs for the hunter pistol and hunter blunderbuss. The game certainly needed more firearm variants but I guess they didn't want the game to be a third person shooter. I remember when people used to PvP with just Evelyn with maxed out BT.

  26. pretty sure in some of the chalice dungeons I saw hunters wearing complete charred set with hood. I remember this because I thought the hood looked like the one you start the game with.

  27. Is it possible to get Gehrman set with this method? One that he uses while you fight him, with that bad ass cape. Thanks!

  28. I'm actually pretty sure that the second or third firearm you showed is actually used by the wheelchair Yharnamites, like the one in Central Yharnam that ambushes you if you try and pick up the item in front of him.

  29. So, for the armor, only way to access is messing with save file? Something I have no clue about 😥😥😥😢😢😢

  30. The first gun is called a baron flintlock rifle, the one before the canon is a flintlock shotgun not a rifle. The weird rifle is called a Fitzgerald flintlock/ trumpet flintlock/ or original blunderbuss rifle concept

  31. The first weapon is the flintlock carbine the riflemem use in Central Yharnam and the blunderbuss looking thing the Wheelchair Huntsmen use, and the 2 matchlock guns are used by the fat guys in the Chalice Dungeons.

  32. All the cut weapons are used in game. The old men in the wheelchair have the first 3, the blundbuss looking thing is used by Gehrman and the very straight looking one is used by chalice enemies.

  33. Most of the firearms you showed are in the game. The rifle is used by those snipers in central Yharnam, the second gun is used by some of the fat pthumarians, the 5th is used by some of the smaller Pthumerians.

  34. My guess for the skull would be either as sort of a catalyst, might have have been made before spells were remade into separate items with no need for one.

    That or equipping it in place of a gun might have added something different when casting, like a boost to damage, speed or duration?

    I'm imagining equipping it and pressing L2 when using one of the arcane relics, instead of pressing square, could augment the spells' effect.

    A couple of extra seconds to the duration of the Old Hunters' Bone, wider range or greater healing from the Choir Bell, a shorter charge-up or increased damage for A Call Beyond etc.

    To be frank, I've always enjoyed playing a caster, and I'd just love having the entire concept of arcane not be so wasted…

  35. The footage of the actual game play he puts in this video are oddly smooth. I can't put my finger on it but It's either sped up footage or smoothed out in some way. I think.

  36. The "rifle" whuld have been a shotgun probably
    I personaly belive they removed it since flintloks are extremly poor in accuracy,so it whuld just really remove a weapon for maybe a one shot luck gamble

  37. Armor could have been meant for a scrapped enemy in the Chalice dungeons possibly? There's similar armor of dead soldiers deep in the Chalice dungeons I've seen before.

  38. I used the charred hunter set with the hoodie you start the game with due to the fact that the hunters that use that charred hunter set acually uses that hood too

  39. Honestly, those firearms looks so junky. Like some random person in Yharnam made them. Nonetheless it would be cool to be able to use them.

  40. This is the Pthumerian's armorset. It's a veeeeery old stuff and it sends us to the past when Pthumeru is alive. Yharnam Queen is on this medalion

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