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Blast Cannon vs Sniper Cannon – Which is better? | Battle Bay

Hey guys this is Kyle from Genki Gamers and
in the video today, we’re going to go over choosing between the blast cannon and the
sniper cannon. Why these two weapons? Both the blast cannon and the sniper cannon
are very powerful weapons and are a couple of the best 1 slot point weapons in the game. However, Bhurt’s skill tree often forces
you to choose talents that benefits only one of the two weapons, meaning you should be
sticking with just one of the two weapons to have maximum efficiency. The blast cannon is a medium range, high damage
weapon that’s great for dealing big bursts of damage. It fires with a slight arc that allows you
to fire over small waves. If you can land your shots, the blast cannon
is a great source of consistently high damage without relying on lucky critical hits. It also pairs very well with you and your
teammates fire damage weapons if you use the damage to burning targets perk. The sniper is a long range, low damage weapon
that’s great for hitting opponents from a safe distance. At higher captain levels, you can unlock a
bunch of talents that increase the sniper’s critical hit chance and critical hit damage
for the chance at dealing a huge amount of burst damage. Because the sniper fires straight forward
without any arc, it can be easier to land than the blast cannon but you must have a
clear line of sight to your target. Overall, it is a lot easier to hit opponents
with a sniper than it is to hit your opponents with a blast cannon. So, which of these items is better to use? Like many choices in Battle Bay, it depends
on your ship and your play style. In general, the sniper is better on slower
ships that like to fire from a safe distance such as the Shooter or Fixer and the blast
cannon is better on faster ships that like to get close to enemies to deal heavy damage
such as the Speeder and Enforcer. The Defender can use either weapon depending
on how aggressively you like to play. With all that said, pick your item based on
how you like to play and make sure you get all the right talents for the weapon you choose. It only takes an hour per talent to switch
so don’t stress out about making the right choice of talents. Now that you have a better idea of which weapon
to choose, let’s go over some weapon tips. With a blast cannon, lead your shots far ahead
of your opponent because of the slow projectile speed. The blast cannon also has a high arc meaning
you will have to aim it higher or lower if your opponent is moving towards you or running
away. If you can, try to get close enough to your
target to make sure you don’t miss as it can be a little difficult to land at a medium
range. Even ships like the Shooter can use the blast
cannon as their choice of short ranged weapon if the rest of their loadout is filled with
long range weapons. The best perk for the blast cannon is the
cannon damage perk unless you plan to use a fire damage weapon as well at which point
the best perk is the damage to burning targets perk. The sniper cannon has a much faster projectile
speed, making it easier to land. However, you still need to lead your target
a little bit if they are far away or moving quickly. Always make sure you have a clear path to
your target before you fire. Because of the straight firing shot, it is
very easy to get blocked by a wave which is a complete waste of time. Remember that your aiming indicator will turn
green when the path to your target is clear. The best perk for snipers is without a doubt
the sniper critical hit chance perk which is made even better by the fact that Bhurt
has talents that increase critical hit damage. I hope this video helps you decide between
which of these two great weapons to focus on. Because of their single slot point cost, they
make great additions to just about any loadout so don’t be afraid to spend your resources
leveling these items up. That’s all for today! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t
already. I’ve started doing live streams so click
the bell to be notified of when they’ll begin and as always, thanks for watching!

80 thoughts on “Blast Cannon vs Sniper Cannon – Which is better? | Battle Bay

    God i have played enforcer all my bb life and now started playing speeder and it keeps giving weapons for shooters like railgun and mortars whyyyy

  2. Well, since I managed to get my rare Bast Cannon to tier III and I just need duplicate for tier IV, I'll use Blast Cannon 😀

  3. Usually i Team up with a Shooter and my Enforcer can set the whole Bay on fire with either a Napalm Launcher or a Fire Bomb and Flare Gun xD

  4. I don't like sniper cause it's easy to hit, has the fastest project and range in the whole game, and the crits are just retardedly op. Blast takes more skill to hit

  5. Didn't really answer which one is better :/ yh it depends on ur ship but I see a lot of high level players use sniper on speeders too so I'm left confused again

  6. GENKI MADE A VIDEO!!!!! I loved it all and I'm BadBossGuzma here to show you how much your videos mean. They are 100 percent perfect!

  7. Great video! For a next video it would be good to have your point of view on the most efficient combos for each ship/Mk given the number of slots and points that we get

  8. And for everyone who is waiting to level up to tier 5….you will need two extra weapons and the talent to evolve to tier 5

  9. Sniper is broken in every ship or comp. Critical hits are super common on high elos, the proyectil is to fast to miss, and all of that can be done from the safety of your own base. Sniper plays don't need skill, just point and shoot.

  10. I am a Shooter and use both Fire Bomb and Big Shield.. Both trained by Bhurt.. What should I do? I want both health and fire damage as firebomb is at very high level.. What should I do? Please someone help me.. 🙁

  11. looks like everyone around me(1000-1800infamy-ish,mk3-5)use sniper and blast in same loadout lol

  12. Well I have training both for sniper and blast bcoz I use both of them so some training for sniper some for blast☺️(Is it ok?)

  13. What advantage does blast cannon have over normal cannon? I see people playing blast and sniper but I prefer to stick to cannon cos it has the highest dps. Tell me what the difference is pls

  14. I currently use blast cannon on my shooter, and it works extremely well at about the 900-1100 nfamy range. I am mk 3 and have a cannon and big torpedo on it, and am almost always the best on my team, even when mk 5s are in the match. So if anyone likes blast cannon but watched this vid and thought that sniper would be better, just choose based on your play style.

  15. Shooter – Sniper Cannon
    Defender – Sniper Cannon
    Speeder – Blast Cannon
    Enforcer – Blast Cannon
    Fixer – Sniper Cannon

  16. I have a tier 3 uncommon blast cannon and it does 306dame, a tier 1 rare sniper cannon and it does 110dame. Sooooo which one should I use?

  17. Thank you very much for the details and a commentary on how to play well to get to nightmare because that last issue was informative because frustrating as it is I am a man of stature that just wants to win but in the long run even if you do lose you still win gold and or sugar so thank you very much

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