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Black Ops 4: Top 5 LONGEST Blackout Sniper Shots (BO4)

Hey guys, and welcome back to Top5Esports! BlackOps 4 is out, meaning players finally
have access to BlackOut, the battle royale mode with a traditional Call of Duty twist. Activision held a closed beta last month and
players were excited about how well it was balanced. It was easy to learn for beginners, yet still
rewarding for more seasoned players. Reddit was quickly flooded with clips from
players making near-impossible shots. Today we’ll be taking a look at the top
5 farthest snipes. The players in these clips definitely didn’t
see it coming. [Question of the Day]
Before we get started, we want to hear from you, the audience! With such a large map on Blackout, some players
think snipers ruin the game because they allow people to pick a spot and camp. What do you think about the sniper rifles
in blackout? Let us know in the comments down below! Now let’s get straight to the video! [Number Five]
We start our list off with this 348m beauty. As the player downed an enemy near the lighthouse,
he forced his ally, who was camping inside, to come out and revive him. But as he came out, he played right into the
arms of our sniper who took him down with one long-range shot. [Number Four]
Our number 4 slot goes to this picture-perfect shot as the player not only took down an enemy
380 meters away, but he also managed to hit a headshot as the victim was piloting a helicopter. The shot was so insane, even Treyarch themselves
commented on the clip, amazed at the skill it took to pull
the move off. [Number Three]
This next one features a whopping 394-meter snipe on yet another moving target. While it takes great skill to kill a player
nearly 400 meters away with a single shot, imagine what it takes to do this to a moving
target. [Number Two]
Sure, 394 meters is pretty far, but it’s got nothing on the player at number 2. He sees dust fly up near the house and assumes
other players have engaged in a fire-fight. He then follows up with just a shot in their
general direction, 431 meters away. To this player’s amazement, the kill pops
up moments later in the feed. [Number One]
Our final clip is pretty plain at first sight. There’s nothing too flashy about the kill
itself. That is, until we look at the distance. Perched on a hill, this player manages to
take down an enemy across the river near a building complex. The final distance on the shot was an insane
449 meters. Judging from his reaction to the kill, he’s
just as shocked as us. [Outro]
These shots are only a few of many to come as players grow more and more skilled at the
game. We tip our hats to these players for being
able to pull off such massively skilled shots. [Call to Action]
Well, that wraps it up for today’s video! If you enjoyed today’s Top 5, please like
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  1. What do you think about the sniper rifles in blackout? 🤔
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  2. I'm not sure how to add a picture on here but I recently got a 579 m shot on a guy in a helicopter with the paladin

  3. I had a 486 m kill with paladin. Shot from house roof north of train station to the opposite side of the south fence in train station. Bullet dropped a bit at that distance.

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