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Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Snipers – Diamond Sniper Camos Black Ops 2

Hey what is going guys, It’s me Vikstar123,
and I am bring you the diamond camo on all of the sniper rifles in Black ops 2, curtosy
of a friend of mine, Darth Aimbot, who is the leader of the Darth Sniping clan. He is
a beast player, and they are an insane clan! So, he went out and got all of these camos,
he had to get gold camo for all of the snipers, and that enabled him to unlock the diamond
camo on all of them as you can see. SO what he needed to do for that was two hundred and
fifty One-Shot kills, ten longshots, fifty kills with no Perks or Attachments, five double
kills and ten Bloodthirsty, five killstreak medals. So that is how get them and now this
is how they look. So here we’ve got the Ballista, looks absolutely crazy. The diamond snipers,
I think top the diamond specials and the diamond Sub Machine guns because you see the whole
sniper in the bottom of the screen, you don’t just see the sight. And, yea, you get to see
down the side of it, the scope with all the jewels on it, absolutely everything That really
does look insane, they’ve gone all out with these diamond camos and it’s awesome that
Aimbot was able to get them guys. Be sure to check out their channel. Let him know that
I sent you there and here we’ve got the XPR-50, this looks weird enough as it does, the sniper,
but when you get diamond all over it, it goes absoultly insane! Look at that! And last but
no means least, we are going to move on to the – wait for it – the SUV! And apperently
this thing hitmarkers to no end, so it actually took about two hundred and fifty headshots
to get this, and again, looks really weird. So those are all the guns, the diamond sniper
rifles. And, you lucky guys are going to see some of Darth Aimbots clips with the diamond
snipers online. So here he’s just gonna go absolutely crazy with the DSR-50, that was
like a five man feed there! So I think he’s just about done killing people in this clip,
but he’s just gonna reload and you see the gun from the side there just drop to the floor
there, and look at that reload, it looks absolutely insane! And now I have got another clip which
is a really nice long killstreak. So, this is just beast this is what these guys do over
at Darth sniping. They are absolutely incredible snipers! I really can’t say that enough look
at that, picks up that guy at close range even just No-Scoping, taking these guys down
to the ground. So guys, I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at the diamond camos on the
sniper rifles on Black Ops 2. If you have enjoyed, be sure to hit the “Like” button,
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and check out Darth Sniping too, their link
will be in the description. Now also guys, if you want to see more diamond camos on weapons,
I have all of the SMG’s and the specials in different videos, which I will link on the
screen now.

99 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Snipers – Diamond Sniper Camos Black Ops 2

  1. He could of just played hardcore to get 250 one shots with the svizzera instead of all headshots that's just crazy

  2. i just got diamond camo for my snipers,it was hard!!!
    i had the most trouble with the xpr-50
    and suprisingly the svu-as was the easiest for me
    there so beutifull

  3. I have diamond launchers ill have diamond specials tomorrow and I need 2 guns for smgs 2 snipers and all the pistols haha oh and 3 lmgs

  4. I have diamond assault rifles and I'm working on snipers now I have a gold dsr and my svu and balistia are halfway to gold

  5. Just got em diamond 😀 I was hype i dunno why though I've gotten diamond guns before. Prob because its snipers

  6. Dude I'm asking what if you got gold camo for all snipers but didn't get diamond because that's what happened with me

  7. i suck at getting blood thirstys with snipers and i hate camping so all i need is 6 more blood thirsties to get my dsr gold

  8. I onky need to get 5more bloodthirsty to unlockt he svu gold but im having a hard time any suggestions on how to get this unlocked faster??like which game mode would be best and which perks/attachment

  9. I had all diamond smgs and snipers but I fresh started so now I'm going to get assult rifles so I can see how they look 😃😃

  10. I'm working on getting diamond rn lol. I have gold on my dsr and svu and I'm approaching 250 one shots with the ballista

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