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Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Shotguns – Diamond Shotgun Camos Black Ops 2

Hey what is going on guys it’s me vikkstar
123 and I am bringing you a look at the diamond camo shotguns on black ops 2 some of you may
have already seen these if you have, that’s fine, but if you haven’t you gonna get to
take a look at them very shortly so a friend of mine demon managed to get these his channel
link will be in the description and as you can see there are four shotguns to unlock
the diamond you need to get gold camo on all of the shotguns so for the gold camo what
you can do on each shotgun is if you’ll just wait a second we’ll get onto it so there we
go the main challenge is 250 one shot kills with each of the shotguns then 30 revenge
kills then we move onto 50 kills with no attatchments and also 50 kills with no perks then 5 double
kills 10 bloodthirsty medals which is a five killstreak then you unlock the gold camo so
let’s jump into a game and see what these look like. Right, here we have the first shotgun
the diamond remmington 870mcs the R800 which is the first shotgun you unlock on black ops
2 and from what I’ve heard it’s the best shotgun to use it is the easiest to get the gold and
therefore the diamond camo on, basically all you need to do is drop on a laser sight a
long barrel, play on core to get the one shot kill challenges which shouldn’t be too difficult
and then you’re pretty much set with this so this is the first of them let’s get onto
the next one. Here is the S-12 shotgun, the semi-auto shotgun as apposed to the R870 and
this can be a lot more difficult to get the 150 one shot kills I’ve heard the best way
to get this is to go on hardcore gametypes to get the 150 kills then switch back to the
other ones for the other challenges, the bloodthirsty medals all that kind of stuff, so yeah this
is the semi-auto shotgun and let’s get onto the next one now. And here we go the diamond
KSG now you’ll notice that this is the other pump action shotgun, but it doesn’t shoot
pellets it actually shoots slugs which you’re just gonna see in a second which is literally
one bullet so you have to you know be really accurate so you can’t just hip-fire with it.
If you kind of aim down the sight shoot at people’s chest you SHOULD get a one shot kill
with this so that is the way to go with this one and let’s move on to the final diamond
shotgun just now. And here we have the diamond M-126 the last of the diamond shotguns this
is the 4 shot burst shotgun so again those one shot kills you’re gonna want to play hardcore
for those and for the rest of the challenges you can just play regularly on core so that
is what they look like I’m gonna put up a quick bit of online gameplay from demon. Okay
so it’s just up on screen it’s just a bit of nice online gameplay with the R870 showing
what can be done with this thing it is really really awesome as far as shotguns go I know
a lot of people have been complaining about it at first. So yeah that is the video guys,
I hope you have enjoyed, be sure to check out demon, his channel will be in the description,
he does loads of cool tutrial kind of stuff and he got this footage for me so that is
just about it for everything so far I hope you guys are enjying seeing the diamond camos
on my channel. We’ve still got a long way to go but eventually I will have them all
up for you guys to feast your eyes. So yeah that is the video, that is the gameplay, leave
a like rating if you did enjoy, subscribe if you haven’t already and if you’re looking
to check out more content or more camos then what I’d advise doing is clicking the screen
right now and that’ll take you to my channel where you can scroll through and see what
takes your interest.

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