Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Pistols – Diamond Pistol Camos Black Ops 2

Hey ya guys it’s me Vikkstar123 and I am bringing
you the Diamond Pistol camos on Black Ops 2 TrueMeFoga got these and he was happy to
let me share them with you guys so first of all we have the five seven here, and you can’t
actually see too much of the guns, so most of the pistol camos are gonna be shown by
reload actions, as you can see it looks absoloutely crazy just all of the handle. We’ve actually
moved onto the tac-45 right here which again looks really nice, just slowmo on that reload
just so you guys can check it out. Now these, the five seven and the tac 45 look very similiar
in terms of the camo, you’ve got most of it down the side of the gun and the sliding barrel
is the same. And here you have the b23r which is an absolutely awesome pistol, it’s actually
my favourite. And just to recap to get the diamond pistol camos you need to unlock the
gold pistol camo for every pistol on the game, to do that you need 100 headshots, 150 kills
with no perks and attachments, then 30 revenge kills, 20 double kills and 10 blood thirsty
5 killstreak medals and that will sort that out for you. Now we’re onto the executioner
which is apparently really difficult to get headshots with so this is gonna be the one
that’s gonna challenge you the most, I know one of my friends went on hardcore to get
this in gold just because he said he found it easier, so that is the executioner. So
last but by no means least we have the kap-40 with the diamond camo. This is the fully-auto
pistol and it looks really psychadelic with this camo on it. So yeah guys this has been
all of the diamond pistol camos on Black Ops 2. I hope you have enjoyed, if you have be
sure to hit that like button, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, check out
truemefoga and also feel free to check out any of the other diamond camo weapon sets
by clicking the links on screen now.

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