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Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Assault Rifles – Diamond Assault Rifles Camos Black Ops 2

What is going on guys it’s me vikkstar123
and I have finally unlocked the diamond camo on all of the assault rifles on black ops
2 and I’m just gonna be showing you guys what they look like in this video there’s nine
of them and they all look equally awesome, it was a real effort to get them. This is
the most weapons in one class set, and I got the gold camo on all of them which unlocked
the diamond camo on all of them for me. So you’ve seen the MTAR there, now you’ve got
the Type-25, look at the side of that gun, that is a ridiculous amount of diamond, how
much do you reckon these guns are worth? They’re probably worth an insane amount, but yeah
the assault rifles, all in all weren’t too bad to get in Diamond, they weren’t the most
difficult. I still think they were on the same level as the SMGs despite there being
less SMGs because some of the assault rifles were single fire burst fire so yeah absolutely
awesome diamond camos, so we have the SWAT here and were gonna move onto the FAL right
here now this was my favourite of all of them in diamond just simply because I think sometimes
the guns don’t have the right ratio of gold to diamond on them sometimes its a bit too
much sometimes its not enough. I’d love to hear what you guys think is the best looking
assault rifle. The sight looks crazy on this M27, it kind of looks like a smg like an MP5
when you aim down sight, but when you come out of scope you can see the whole side of
the gun, so yeah like I said I’d love to hear what you guys think is the best looking assault
rifle in the game, I have them all now to use and fortunately when I prestige myself
or the weapons I won’t be loosing the camo. So I’ve got them for good. I’m gonna continue
my journey to get all the camos unlocked, and see what happens then, I wont be posting
videos of the rest of them because you can find most camos on youtube or on my channel.
So this is the SMR again looking really nice, it’s interesting how you reload that, on the
opposite direction to the other assault rifles, not sure why that is. And we have the M8A1
here and I’ve not actually put any scopes on these but you can probably imagine what
they’d look like they’re still, well some of them are gold, most of them are gold sights,
but yeah this is the M8A1 and we are gonna move finally, in just a moment onto the AN94.
My personaly favourite, your AK47 equivalent. So yeah guys that is the video, the diamond
assault rifle camos, they’ve been an absolute nightmare to get, probably over 24 hours of
gameplay. So if you could hit the like button, subscribe to my channel if you havent already
and maybe even share this video, that would be fantastic. Also if you’d like to check
out more diamond weapons, you can check out loads of different sets, on these videos,
on screen now, just by clicking the links.

100 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Assault Rifles – Diamond Assault Rifles Camos Black Ops 2

  1. vikkstar i have diamond snipers and im going to get diamond smgs but i need to finish the msmc. do you have any tips? and the an94,smr and the m8a1 look the best

  2. Idk i have all of em yet, I don't know which look the best.
    All though I also have sub machine, shotgun, lmg's, sniper, and all secondary guns diamond. And diamond gets really boring after a few days. So don't think I'm amazing because i have this. I actually have nothing to play for.

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