Bird Became A Sniper Smacking Residents In An Apartment | Kritter Klub

Residents are in fear.. Terror.. Coming again! Once we go out, we’re attacked Can’t help but to get hit because of the speed Coming, coming! I’ll see for myself.. Feel mah feet, hooman! Ouch.. Should I quit.. PD/ This really hurts As if I got hit with a rock That fella’s footprints That fella is me Stands out in the sky As a fierce bird of prey.. Natural monument, the kestrel Imm fierce bird bruh!! But I’m cute too. You got some problem bruh? (Come back to your senses, and work) If you dust off the blanket And hang the blanket Taste mah foot!! Just from looking.. I don’t like your face!! I’ll give you 3 seconds to go in Victim/ The bird hit my head, and left The birds won’t stay here for long because they belong in the wild The home must be somewhere nearby Correct! The bird will come out from somewhere Must be under here Behind the AC Little birdies live 🙂 But then!! Coming.. Coming.. *shivers* Taste mah foot again!! Being near the birds The attack gets worse Upon the baby birds’ crying.. No response Surprisingly, didn’t give the baby birds any interest Ding-dong The one who feeds the baby birds and suddenly flees Is their dad, and mom on the right When the dad hunts Mom receives And share with the baby birds Honey.. Is anyone there..? In the end.. The dad gives food.. After the strong, older brothers eat it The youngest is running on an empty stomach.. It’s mom! However Mom is in battle today as well Bird expert/ Dusting off the blanket is the biggest threat to them It makes a loud sound and moves about. If that’s the case.. They think as ‘A natural enemy that I can’t compete with..’ It’s due to the psychological trauma No matter the attack The natural enemy doesn’t disappear To protect the baby birds Mom fights alone.. I feel sorry.. If the baby birds couldn’t eat.. And she couldn’t eat either.. Sigh As a fellow mother.. She understands her.. But the baby birds are in need of the mom’s love and care Bird expert/ The baby birds can miss their timing to leave the nest When they return to the wild, they might have a hard time adjusting You should give them an opportunity To practice their wild instincts Notice from the maintenance office The natural monument kestrel are raising baby birds Please refrain from dusting your blankets on the balcony A simple hunting ground for the mama bird Wake up, instinct..! Nice catch~ Finally, the mama bird can feed her babies The mom’s love is great

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