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BIONIC BRASS shotgun slug – Effortlessly DEFEATS Body Armor

ok I’m ready if yep always that one of the layers that all outset hello everyone this is jeff calculator and also have a wicked news love to show you today this one’s called the biotic brass these were designed and machine bike in hamilton of ballistic machines channel on youtube be sure to check them out you just love to have you on board now these have six loops going down the side essentially given at 12 pretty sharp cutting edges each lug weighs about one eighth of an ounce for about 24 grams and this is the first time these events tested hi everyone Josh here tell my friends at home a little better now but i’ll be back on again next mission that’s a experimental sluggish thing with no right blend of the smoothbore barrel so here we go the first target is this gigantic block of wood wow I think you hit his first shot was done without any trifling so we don’t have any spin stabilization and as you can see the slug is having problems that was stumbling along and the shot was a little bit high that’s kind of difficult for someone who hasn’t shot my shots before i even though we didn’t have any stabilization the slug was essentially tumbling and flying likely it still had a a lot of energy and it was just brute force that just shoved it right through that block of wood block of wood was just a cat under 6 inches thick I expect to be like to make it about halfway through and we will recover the slugs but it had so much energy it just went right through and look at that sucker hand the next target is just one gallon jug full of stopping wet junk mail and our share the sinus parents have to work shop this time looks like it is dead center and we were able to recover the slug this time using a piece of Kevlar body armor kind of working like a big catcher’s mitt and look at that plug there’s like no damage at all to it now that was made out of leather be unrecognizable and once again this shot was taken without any right-wing just out of a smooth Lord and it was just good old inertia that kept this thing on target this shot was very accurate and that’s where a better shot but we didn’t have any stability at all from the next test will use a rifle choke tube some people call this a paradox and basically it’s about six inches of riesling just thread it on the end of the food for shotgun and we’ll be shooting at Doug he’s wearing a Kevlar body armor panel then this best has never been shot before ok whatever the more normal okay he didn’t hit the orange triangle let’s see what happened here even though it was off by a few inches i was happy everything was still in the camera pretty now using the rifle chokes you to give it a little bit of a spin and we now have the ability to blog traveling over 1,600 feet per second which those 12 sharp cutting edges it sliced through that Kevlar vest like it wasn’t in there we had hoped this lug would be stable and folk the unrivaled and rifled applications but it definitely needs a little bit of spin for stability ok that was enough going right through the best right through there probably accident Wow even though the flood was stumbling like crazy out of a smoothbore without the spine stabilization it still proved to be pretty accurate that’s relatively close distance shooting and i’m going to blame the in accuracy on this shot just because he was kind of free handing the shotgun out of a fully rifle shotgun I’m certain this lug will perform as well or even better than this that’s the very worse you might choose a lot hot little higher but I’ve ever lineup of that rear sight everywhere be you’re fired anytime you’re ready wow he hit you get that was good i think we won’t find out one that was a lot more accurate with right down the middle we’re shooting the custom-made survive last drugs out of custom Scottish aachen photo/david coming up we’ve got more wild shotgun slug designs including this we’ve got another French shotgun slug and of course you’ve got another unusual slug-like in hamilton thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “BIONIC BRASS shotgun slug – Effortlessly DEFEATS Body Armor

  1. Wait a second…. 24 grams!? From my copious amount of weed smoking I know an eighth is 3.5 grams. I’ve been had!!!!! Loved the video boys!

  2. Add a bit on lead in the tip of these to make them more front heavy and they may be more stable in smooth bore guns

  3. The slug appears to be very unstable in flight. Can't imagine this slug would be very accurate at longer ranges. Neat video, but this slug is not going to win any gun fights.

  4. At 4:00, notice how the slug is pulled to the left by the Kevlar. Imagine the force (?physics?) required to change the slug's direction so quickly.

  5. Excellent vid! (as usual) This slug really intrigues me. I would like to see the same slug, but with the machined grooves matching the rifling (either left or right whichever your gun is) Or even in a smoothbore with those slug-machined-SPIRAL-grooves.  AND in general; Do you have the ability to slow-mo longer flight distances?

  6. 1/8 of an oz is not 24 grams. its 3.5 grams. theres 28 grams in an ounce so you're at about 7/8 of an oz or 24 grams.

  7. Thank you for another great video, and great channel. One thing though: I think your math might be off: that was .8 (eight tenths of an ounce), and not an eighth of an ounce, which is a big difference.

  8. shoot some federal ammo. and compare it to some of these crazy looking ones. bet the simple federal design beats 95% of these crazy ones

  9. This is bullshit NIJ IIIA softpanel is certified to stop 9mm or up to .44 not against shotgun slug shots. In your vest you use at least a NIJ III or IV plate, ceramic or PE hardpanel to mitigate vs such shots. You could also shoot a rocket on this, it would have exactly the same reasoning…

  10. It would be interesting to see led and steel slugs with those sharp edges, but it is of course bad to teach everybody how to make bodyarmour piercing slugs.

  11. Small detail, but, don't you mean .8 of an ounce, not 1/8th as you say. 1/8th of an ounce is 3.5 grams. 24 grams is .5 of a gram short of 7/8ths of an ounce. 28 grams is an ounce.

  12. Slowing the slow motion footage further down with the Youtube player, you can see the Brass slug punch through the body armor and exit out the rear to the right tumbling… Powerful round.

  13. Insane slug round. Very impressive. Rather scary in the fact it was recovered intact when the round didn't go through the target.

  14. so looking at the slug design it seams that it would be more aerodynamically efficient if the spin was the opposite direction. though, the super sonic ballistics may through my estimation the complete opposite.

  15. These are a big time felony to possess here in Alabama.
    They thrown your ass under the jail for any ammo containing brass in the projectile

  16. What's manersha? I tried looking up the definition, but can't spell what he's saying in the first place…the word used at 2:50

  17. I am so confused I am hearing 1/8 of an ounce about 24g , now back from my pit selling days I believe I shorted everyone then , I always thought an ounce was 28g lol, Yes I am a typical smartass as usual Thankyou , like the channel been watching for a while

  18. Great channel….one suggestion, though. Standardize your testing. Test all slugs against the identical targets and then show a report card at the end for accuracy, penetration depth, etc. so we can compare one slug against the others with more data. Keep on sending those bad boys downrange!

  19. Pretty hard to do any kind of accuracy testing with these donkeys shooting. They’re shaking like a leaf and flinching very badly. Brutal

  20. great backstop…..especially when you can see buildings/houses cause you never know when even a slug could hit one of your targets and go off in a different direction….

  21. I have an idea for you. It would be awesome to see you fire both barrels of double barrel. with the high speed camera, we might get a cool look at two slugs flying side by side.

  22. Those would be amazing if the the cavity in the back of the slug was solid not open like the pellets are. I BET ANYTHING they would be consistent af

  23. they should be machined to a very sharp pin point like the FN 5.7 is or even sharper or make them smaller in diameter and put them in a sabot for use in a rifled shotgun barrel

  24. I love my guns but this is the reason those idiots wanna ban guns …why the fk do you want a armor piercing round ??? Whats is wrong with traditional ammunition?? 😡

  25. Military ordnance called the kraken. Copper disk plastic explosive scale it down into a shot gun round that ounce fired is armed. The dead shot!

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