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Bill allowing law enforcement to remove firearms from suicidal individuals tabled

bill that would allow law enforcement to remove firearms from the possession of suicidal individuals was tabled in the House Judiciary Committee today House bill 718 also known as a red flag law would have allowed law enforcement to obtain an extreme risk order of protection through the courts if they believed an individual was at an extreme risk to themselves or others police would then be able to temporarily seize the firearms of the individual the sponsor of the bill representative Robert fares Olson of Helena said firearm related suicides need to be addressed the next steps are really to work with constituents and they were even a few Republicans who expressed interest in finding a solution and to protecting these individuals and so really it’s just working with those stakeholders over the interim and finding a solution according to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services the state suicide deaths the majority use firearms now if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts you’re asked to reach out to the suicide lifeline

5 thoughts on “Bill allowing law enforcement to remove firearms from suicidal individuals tabled

  1. Red flag laws are a violation of due process. You innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty, then made to hire attorney and prove you are innocent.

  2. Absolutely no! Don't tread on our constitutional liberties! If someone has a mental health issue help them get treatment. There are many ways to commit suicide removing their guns is not the answer. It's an excuse to give government more over the people!

  3. Way too easy to abuse these kinds of laws. Especially since it is the opinion of the left, that just wanting to own a gun, is evidence of mental instability.

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