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what the f*ck is your goddamn problem what is your problem? what the fuck you almost hit me …. get the fuck away, get away get away get away right now your disrespecting me get the fuck on the ground GET ON THE GROUND OR IM CALLIN COPS MA’AM! RIGHT NOW I SAID! you disrespected me ON THE GROUND NOW MA’AM! …. you disrespected me im gonna fucking whoop your ass call the cops you just knocked my bike over fine ill call then you just fucking assaulted me you just fucking assaulted me got it all on camera fucking walk it off ….. *yelling* *yelling* you pulled a gun on me! *yelling* You disrespected me you just tried to kill me with your truck you parked in front of our truck no i did not you know you did you slowed down you know you did you fucking flipped my bike over i didn’t he pulled a gun on me yea because you assaulted him I didn’t touch him! bullshit *indistinct chatter in background* *woman arguing* you threw your bike on the back of my vehicle i did it? fucking moron *motorcycle speeds up* get up here, come on get up here, come on what the fuck is your problem you cut me off yeah u did i got it right here whats your problem man *HORN* el alto pinche ididota go go *engine reving* *decelerating* what the fuck was that your a fucking idiot *wind* wtf is wrong with you you got a f$$$ problem? f$$$ out of here F#### you f$$$$ fagget i was at your house the other day My house? yea i was suck my D### you fagget you don’t want me to do something, you don’t want me to do something i apologize im so sorry you don’t want me to do something dude i apologize I’m so sorry you gotta watch it the police im sorry i was freaking tf out you remember me dude?? i just seen you the other day you need to go go, goodbye you live here? yea i do i just got done working on my bike i was testing it out i can’t why? its not ready for all that yet why do you have to try and throw a bucket at me that’s right that’s right. wtf dude @#$$ [email protected]#$ what an asshole man no indicator no nothing where is your indicator? where is your indicator? no no you didn’t not indicate


  1. @2:55 Do illegal lane splitting (it is illegal in Maryland), proceed to yell at car driver for blocking him, post video on Youtube.
    The title of the video should be: How not to ride your bike.

  2. yo 7:00 nobody likes that guy in Boston btw he just goes around telling people shit nobody wants to hear and he’s just a fucking shit head

  3. That is what happened when you try to be a tough person and approach someone without knowing who you are dealing with and you end up being shot or stabbed. It is always good to be a respectful considerate responsible driver. If you are in a hurry, plan your time ahead, leave early so you don't have to rush and cut on other people.

  4. 6:47 if some like that got in my face and said "suck my dick" to me I'd say "gladly but I'd be hard to find considering it's microscopic"

  5. That number 7 video this police was me I am that police now I know what was happen there in this video this man biker was recording I when see this video I just so like I said what the heck I am in youtube

  6. 3:25.. All that huffin and puffin. "Cmon! Pull up here! Right here!"…

    Dude called your bluff and starts to pull over and you turn into a bitch and ride off…

  7. Why do motorcycle riders think they can drive crazy go fast then act like an ass when something happens.
    Why do people even bother with chasing someone. Hit my mirror because I didn’t eye them and then expect no reaction Karma will get you

  8. Motobike guys need to stop thinking they own the roads if u see something in your way slow down it will only help u

  9. A lot of these bikers have the wrong attitude.  After riding for over ten years in one of the heaviest urban areas in the world I can tell you from experience.  The best way to ride is by always thinking of vehicles as moving obstacles that can't see you and your only objective is to get past the next one as quickly as possible.  That means always look for the best open line and never rely on them to yield to you.  I passed a lot of these idiot riders while lane splitting over the years.  They are actually worse than the cars at impeding real riders.

  10. 50% of these the biker coild have avoided getting.cut off by not.trying to zoom around people right after yall take a turn. Turn into the proper lane and get over like.youre supposed to and these occurrences will reduce in frequency. I watch retarded motorcyclists do stupid shit all the time and act like its the cars fault. Fuck outta here.

  11. Bikers should always carry a gun or something like a teaser or a pepper spray. I am not a biker myself, but I understand how people are assholes; stay safe guys.

  12. I'll spare you the details. First 3 minutes are of some biker getting cut off and fed up. Which he should be. But the rest? Just a bunch of arrogant biker wanna be that will scream home to momma

  13. It’s a bus lane for a reason at 3:20 what a retard on the bike smashing that mirror he ain’t no bus as far as I see

  14. The video at 7:00 just.. Confused me. And what i saw? It really comes down to just.. Taking a breath and getting out of there. Suddenly, there's nearly a drunken bar fight? Cops aren't seeing or doing anything? Definitely not a overall good situation.

  15. Try riding a bike in indonesia i think the rider in your country is too overreacting if u ride in indonesia all u need is a high tolerance level if u make a big deal over everything man u'll fight everytime u drive or ride..

  16. The first clip is a perfect example of why you should never give into road rage, you never know if the other guy is packing.

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