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BIGGEST HACKER IN MW3 History ?! !Sniper WITHOUT SCOPE! (CoD MW3 Gameplay/Commentary)

Hello Ladies Gentlemen and so on here at NeonKeksHD today i’ve got an 1vs1 on Erosion kill confirmed with the L118A and this is a very special game so i don’t tell you the other equipment If got a hacker here which hacks the most unusual things today you will see Sniper WITHOUT scope, RPG with 900 Rockets, more throwing knifes,… you will also see the Elite-Camos which don’t exist on the computer But take a look for yourself

59 thoughts on “BIGGEST HACKER IN MW3 History ?! !Sniper WITHOUT SCOPE! (CoD MW3 Gameplay/Commentary)

  1. To anyone who thinks this is a glitch, it's not. It's a simple re-skin. What's a re-skin? Well if your to stupid to notice it is where someone adds a custom texture to a game.  For example, the resource and texture packs from Minecraft are all re-skins of the game. No it isn't in any way cheating. (Unless you using X-ray which you can be banned from servers for) glitching is where you get to a place where you're not supposed to be. Or a graphical glitch like something is flashing repetitively. Or being able to do something you not supposed to be able to do. Such as unlimited Prestige Points. That's a glitch. Re-skinning isn't cheating unless you make it by using unfair ways such as making humans neon orange. Or something to that extent. The only way he cheated was when he enabled the hand gun thingy… But that isn't really even cheating considering you can do that in-game with the console commands. The RPG was just changing the game scripts so instead of having only 2 shots you get 900. It's not that hard if you can find the script.

  2. He most likely meant the most unique hacker. like he said in the video: this hacker is the most unique one HE's seen…

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