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Bicicleta BTT CARA?! COMO Comprar MELHOR e BARATO!

Damn, debut a new bike is anything and orange… Where is the owner of this bike? You don’t have to talk about prices but if you want you can tell me How much does this 960 cost? This Spark Over 1600€ Cunhado 1600 € for this bike Attention that was how much I gave for mine but I didn’t know my brother-in-law at the time as I do now if I now knew my brother-in-law … i would buy his bike for sure Hello everyone welcome to another video Yeah a lot happened while we were not coming here to see another video from … uncle Bruno and a lot has changed Daylight Saving Time is gone Autumn has come which is not exactly bad I really like autumn because of the colors and it has been raining to hell over the last few days and we can come here to make a video and we can’t ride a bike which is really kinda sad and at home we start scratching us all Today we go ride at Maia Let’s go for a ride with PICUS again Let’s see what we will do there for the sides of Maia But let’s talk about something, let’s go! Do you know how much a mountain bike costs? I can tell you it goes between 600 € talking about already acceptable ranges to do this kind of sport and 12,000€! 12,000€ for a bike? This means that there are bikes that are worth much more than a few cars and one thing that I have noticed is that bike maintenance are starting to be better handled than car maintenance We took a bike to the garage for maintenance and they come from there like new I wish it were that way with cars too but that’s not the case The topic here that I raise is not just that If it’s worth giving so much money for a mountain bike to ride to do what I do and that a lot of people do I think we should always be a little thoughtful in that regard because sometimes I see a lot of people sometimes spending a lot of money and often to buy on credit that means it won’t stay for that price and it’s going to be much more expensive and I don’t see them taking some advantage of the gear bought we don’t need to spend a lot of money to ride comfortably I think so we should bet a little on security on some components like the brakes and transmission that should be really good makes the bike more comfortable but at the rest, what makes the most budget difference Like the frame, whether it’s carbon or aluminum I don’t know if for what we do we take advantage of unless you’re a big do competition where every pound makes the difference on a bicycle or component that will make you into the overall weight of the bike enough that you take or stand out above others at the gear level but there are great ways we can get good bikes and at inviting prices I can show you in a while such a case a case of someone you already know and he was really lucky but let’s see Now we are just here waiting for Vitinho Vitinho also comes with us, great Vitinho! And let’s go to Maia do the Drop Zone there and let’s see who’s coming Cunhado, you haven’t explained to the guys how you got this deal I’ll explain to you how it was I was supposed to go buy a front shock to the other bike I had which was an KTM Ultra Fun and the guy sold me a carbon bike, that was it And you kind of gave nothing for change, or almost nothing I had to give money, I had to give some more and KTM, but that was it And what model is this? CUBE, Super HPC… I told the dude to study this shit… CUBE Elite Super HPC Carbon Which year’s a model? 2014 See? Fantastic bike … He got a mule what a f#$#$#$ mule F#$# Why buy new bikes? Not worth it. A guy expects a guy to buy one from 12,000€ to buy another one… I don’t need that shit anymore… Are you filming? This is how it goes… I would ride this bike like this but… look, see you, I’m going away See you! Are you leaving us? We had to stop… Nogueira went… piss! What a f#$%$#$ bike What a f#$%$#$ bike man! It was a nice ride be with these great guys He will close today Continue to like his videos, this guy is top! It’s the best youtuber I know I paid him to say that Calm down, it’s the only one I know f#$# I don’t know any more youtuber, personally speaking Friend, I pay you lunch. Vitinho is always in a hurry And I have to go with him so maybe we better end vlog here yeah? So you know, why spend money on bikes? spend money doing MTB but on amoderated way OK? OK!

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