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BF5 Snipers Perspective, Changes, and tips for Lightning Strikes Battlefield 5 patch

Hey, what’s going on guys it’s Ascend
Dazs here. My goal today is to give you tips and tricks
I found within the new patch lightning strike from a snipers perspective. Just a quick heads up I got a big montage
I am putting out on Sunday! So be on the lookout for that! I will cover squad conquest in Saturday’s
video from a snipers perspective and some real tips and tricks. So right off the batt. Let’s discuss some quick changes. One of the biggest is a buff was provided
to the Flare. The radius when it is shot has been increased
dramatically as you can see from just shooting it in the air. It does not seem to last as long So seems
it has been balanced accordingly. While this is buffed, those countering us
can shoot down the flare. Also want to note the binoculars have also
been slightly buffed to give an ascentive to use them still. Provides an overall balance. Next up to discuss is the changes that have
occurred to the scope glint. A 3x for SLR and Boltys now have less of a
glint compared to those with 6x. The 3x after a certain range also cuts off. I do not know the exact range indicator but
based on playing on Hamada I want to say it is 150 meters but take that with a grain of
salt and let others in the comment section know where you seen the cut off point and
will pin it! Also, visibility on certain Makes has been
made better such as Hamada and Fjell. This was not noted in the patch but people
do have more of a silhouette and halo affect on them. The environment on Hamada is still super bright
but least I can see a tad better enemy targets. Huge change also for us recons is that blasted
revolver. Or trolver as I call it. The hip fire was somewhat adjusted and the
damage overall buffed. They increased the range making it somewhat
more effective. It ain’t perfect, I prefer a 1 shot headshot
at any range. But I will take anything I can get and I definitely
appreciate the attention to the gun! Also the knife radius was increased slightly
from the nerf it got and is now a bit where it was before. So if stopped using the knives, give them
a shot again. Also note that the time between throws is
increased by 40%. I still love these things as it keeps my kill
trains going and when I burn them all my trolver bullets it can be effective. While there are some bugs that came with it
such as frontlines accidently changed in number count and kill cam bug lagging to the kill
card. I have to say the patch has created a smoother
experience. Newest Nvidia drivers are smoother for me
and player animations while sniping ESPECIALLY when vaulting are very clear and making sniper
easier. Let me know if you have experienced this as
well. Also remember for drivers to use display driver
removal as that can solve most FPS issues. One issue I see peeps run into with patches
is they stay stuck and bottlenecks. For future patches I recommend the following. If you have the download speed, always uninstall
and reinstall your game. Usually everyone is updating at the same time
and taking too much bandwidth to get to the necessary files. For a clean install the lane is clear. I take 15 minutes to download the game to
full and saves me time compared to validating the game and getting stuck. I also recommend this route as the updated
thus far as not been very kind to me and has resulted in crashes or weird bugs. Just looking out for you guys in hopes this
may help save someone time out there. So with a whole host of weapons unfortunately
there is not a sniper rifle launched quite yet. I have heard the Ross has been datamined and
was in the trailer. In the trailer they noted it has a straight
pull. A new sniper is definitely coming as it is
listed we have 8/9 snipers. Also it will take probably 4 weeks until we
see this gun as there are 3 others that are going to be unlocked weekly. Questions I see a lot is about company coin,
company fix has been put in place but some may not see it yet. I see it affecting my account and now collecting
correctly, other friends have not. So know they did not announce this officially
as this is coming soon. Finally, I want to discuss a new feature that
can affect your aim. It is located under controls and where uniform
soldier aiming is located. It is called “Zoom Transition Sensitivity
Smoothing”. This feature changes the transition speed
of your zoom in for when you are not utilizing uniform soldier aiming. I will explain quickly what uniform soldier
aiming is. Uniform soldier aiming is matching your hip
fire to your ADS (aimed down sight) or zoomed in. This is to help muscle memory. Without it, zooming in is a lower sensitivity
for a 360. Legacy players on FPS like myself prefer the
old system. But this can be quite effective for anyone
to use. What this new feature does is instead of going
0 to 100 instantly it will help smooth out your aim so it doesn’t feel jarring. Think of a car going from 100 to 0 instantly
while in traffic. This smooths it out so when you aim does not
give you this rough affect. Now it takes a second to reach that transition
and just blends it. It is applied to uniform soldier aiming naturally
as its matching the zoom sens, the dev team has put this in to help those who want a different
experience. I do not prefer this feature, but I can see
its benefit. I say give it a try and it may solve that
jarring feeling you are experiencing. Lots noticed it going from game to game as
games all handle this differently. This is just another tool for you that matches
what feels best. So note that there is no right or wrong, just
match the experience you want. Overall assault weapons get some damage changes
and recoil fixes. You may notice some encounters you have a
tad more time to engage. That isn’t the TTK changing. That is their aim. Also medic is definitely more viable than
prior. It was confirmed netcode and TTD is coming
in the next patch. Some final things that are not massive to
affect sniping, there are new cosmetics, tides of war for unlocks, and squad conquest which
will test love on stream and talk about on Saturday in a video some quick tips. This is a temporary game mode, so will definitely
be playing it while I can. Also the bug with the scope has not been fixed
but when it does I will let you all know, video on that topic is down is the description
down below. I find this patch overall promising, the game
feels solid but I say let’s keep more fixes coming and while we saw new ones let’s hope
those get resolved fast and in 2 months things are going to look better and better Guys, lots of info, but I hope some of this
video was helpful. I appreciate you guys watching, leave a like
if you enjoyed, a dislike if you did not. See you guys on Saturdays video and don’t
forget Montage on Sunday.

23 thoughts on “BF5 Snipers Perspective, Changes, and tips for Lightning Strikes Battlefield 5 patch

  1. I hope you found this helpful. I am making some more tweaks to my mic and almost got it to where I want it. Next video on Saturday should be on point!

  2. Just got one of my best games on Rotterdam with the Krag as a attacker. 35:00 with 90 headshot ratio. Was really proud of myself xD. And the visibility is better, yes

  3. I know you always talk trash the binos but theyre so OP it spots people instantly (high sensitivity quick scans across the horizon)

  4. Dazs what are your thoughts on enemies and even you crouching while moving and it changes your height when you stop still. I missed quite a few shots to this its not a very smooth motion

  5. The tide of war level progression shows the Ross cosmetic is unlocked at level 31. So perhaps around this time next month? 🙌🏾

  6. When I hear people talk about Uniform Soldier Aiming its confusing, because it's often said that the feature makes ADS more sensitive… which I take to mean the reticle moves faster.

    I've tested the settings myself and on my end, turning uniform soldier aiming OFF makes ADS (@ 6X scope) more sensitive/faster. With UFA on at the default 133 coefficient, it was slower. However, the 133 is based on a 4:3 aspect ratio, where as a 178 coefficient is based on a 16:9 aspect ratio. Setting my coefficient to 178 to match my monitors 16:9 makes the sensitivity very close to the same sensitivity I have with UFA OFF (again, at 6X scope).

    So now I'm using UFA @178 coefficient and it feels good at 6X, but it's not jarring when I change to a different class and use 1.5X or 3X.

  7. There is a skin for the Ross MK3 in the lightning strikes progression where u can rank up. Was my most kill gun for a while in BF1 xD

  8. Btw It would mean really much to me if you could watch my new montage and tell me your opinion on it. Just if you want and have time for it.

  9. Man there needs to be more youtubers like you, who get straight to the point. Wish you all success bud, keep it up!

  10. As soon as the video started I instantly recognized the quality of this channel and I’m here to stay …love the content

  11. Im not an agressive sniper but i do like to snipe while keeping my range.
    However after the update the killcam duration has increased and improved and they can easily kill me in the next spawn.

    Its kinda annoying tbh, isn't a sniper supposed to be hidden ?

  12. Soldier visibility isn't a good thing, i really think that players should be rewarded for using the correct camofluage on maps by being less visible and people who don't care about it will be punished

  13. What I am hoping for is that the straight pull mechanic will actually work for the ross rifle. I think being able to re-chamber a round without zooming out will definitely be useful at certain situation.

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