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BF4: What?! RPG Shotgun & Operation Metro Tips, Tricks and Tactics

sit still or I’ll just go for it and yeah
I thought yeah you know what I’ll go for it this area is dodgy! smokes cool man smoke
is oh! hip fire the damn thing in hardcore hip firing a dmr isn’t as much of a problem
but where the damn hell did you come out from man! seriously you see spawning should like
be limited so you can’t just spawn in front of people’s faces in front of enemies there
should be like a minimum distance to enemies of something like 20 metres i don’t know if
they could make something like that if they could then that would be sweet and it’ll be
more realistic aswell because how can you even just teleport in front of someone in
real life you just can’t can i hit you from here ah no! just throw some grenades down
yeah they’ve got it covered they’ve got sights on like properly ok ok ok it’s what you’ve
got to do man you’ve just got to pop out literally for a second not even half a second oh from
that room I’m guessing ok so no ammo for the m320 just yet it always takes longer oh man
oh oh oh ok are you serious man you’re just getting too happy i hate when that happens
your teammates just get too happy and go ahhhh alright calm down guys its just a oh crap
did i just spawn here i mean it’s good we’re advancing but I’m actually confused why the
vapour smoke blocks out your irnv flir that much but come on lets get them kills let’s
take them down oh oh oh ah come on let’s get up there the mk11 is really accurate trouble
is these trains it’s like there’s something that blocks bullets everywhere unless you
go right through the window lob a couple down lob a couple more down ah sod it get in that
train ah ok ah that’s not gonna work my friend that’s what I was waiting for a couple of
sweet kills
take charlie get them down back into their spawn and put pressure on them from there
ooh I can’t do anything in this situation ok forget it I’ll try this side someone just
loves throwing flash
down there damn it I swear that should have been a kill I don’t know what was stopping
it some sort of cover cool let’s get back in there push them back ooh people are like
firing like mad enemies I don’t even know if they are I’m guessing those are enemies
but oh cheers for that hmm let’s just win the round guys kill as many of them as possible
as quickly as possible get them tickets down down down oh yeah! no chance my friend oh
oh oh woah woah woah I know you guys are here alright fair enough oh damn flares I hate
them Are frag rounds like M320s now or something they never used to be that powerful ah this
is just yeah this is just spawn killing now right now proper I don’t think there’s going
to be much recovery from this from the US team yeah this is really in their face sort
of stuff there that’s it really quick one I think for a metro round that weren’t too
bad alright guys cheers for watching see you again soon ah but before I go ok what can
I say the mk11 isn’t that bad a couple of those were grenade kills I played reasonably
in my team are this guy though I don’t know what he was using or she but twenty-four to
three that’s pretty decent right thanks again map mover signing out

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