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Best Weapon in The Last of Us Multiplayer | Part 1 – AIMING DOWN SIGHTS

what’s the best weapon in the Last of Us multiplayer well there’s no simple answer but we can break down every aspect of all the weapons and figure it out together episode 1 aim-down-sight speed also known as 80s how will we define it as a timespan from when you press the aim button to the point in which you fire a bullet basically it’s just so much time it takes you to aim your weapon and then fire some weapons even very slowly some weapons even very quickly making them have a slight advantage in a gunfight where every second counts alright before I reveal the SATs just know that I did multiple tests with each weapon to make sure in fact I was getting the most precise and fastest aim-down-sight speed possible with every weapon and in my editing software I was going frame by frame counting the milliseconds hence these stats in my opinion are very accurate ok let’s look at all the small firearms first the fastest small firearm is the shorty with an aim down sight speed of 0.20 seconds the revolver 9-millimeter enforcer and burst pistol follow up with aim down sights speeds of 0.33 seconds so it looks like the shorty is the best small firearm to use with regards to aim down sights speed let’s move on to the large firearms now starting with the rifles the burst semi-auto and full auto rifle clock in out of speed of zero point twenty seconds and note that the scope variations all come in at the exact same speed there’s no difference there as for the other rifles we have the variable rifle with a speed of zero point twenty seconds as well the front T rifle is actually really slow with the speed of 0.40 seconds the hunting rifle also comes in at a speed of 0.40 seconds but that’s that the second upgrade level for the base level hunting rifle it’s 0.63 seconds and for the first upgrade level at 0.58 seconds it’s almost always subparts if you’re just planning on upgrading the Henry rifle once the other sniper is the military sniper it has a speed of 0.82 seconds the crossbow is a blazing fast zero point twenty seconds and has 0.23 second ats time not even the level two upgraded bow is on par with the crossbow level one is 0.28 and base level is zero point thirty again I wouldn’t even bother upgrading the bow to the first level unless you’re going for that second level the tactical shotgun double barrel and gun all come in at zero point twenty seconds very quick just like the rifles as for the rest of the purchasable z– the El Diablo assault rifle spectre and flamethrower clocked in at zero point twenty seconds and the launcher is all by itself with the speed of 0.53 seconds ok that was a lot of info how about we just recap everything and organize it all into categories in ascending order here’s the small firearms again now all the large firearms patience guys I’m currently trying to fit every single weapon in the last bus multiplayer on screen at once while still trying to make it look clean and organized and since I’m currently listing the ADF speeds in ascending order you guys can now compare all the weapons and see which have the fastest ATS speed right now it looks a little messy but nikki is working his magic here trying to squeeze everything in so at the far left imagine an invisible column and those are the small firearms to the right of that are all the large firearms and coming soon to the right of large firearms will be the purchasable x’ and then eventually we’re gonna squish them all together and this chart will then be readable [Music] okay so what’s the takeaway here the weapons with the fastest aim-down-sight speeds and tillu multiplayer are highlighted right there if you play aggressively and constantly rush enemies then those are the weapons for you the weapon with the slowest aim-down-sight speed is the military sniper okay now I tried to see if zooming in your scope with weapons like the variable rifle and crossbow could somehow make your ats time faster but it doesn’t it still goes the same speed I also tried testing of weapon upgrades make your ATS faster nope again only the bow and hunting rifles aim-down-sight speed as affected by upgrades I even tried testing if sprinting affects your aim-down-sight speed nope and how about the perk pistol auto zoom affecting 80s times and then finally I tried testing if swapping shoulders while aiming down your sights increases your ATS it does as you press the aim button if you swap from the right side to the left side your ATS will be ever so slightly faster recall that the hunting rifle ats speeds are 0.63 0.58 and 0.40 seconds so we were just using a base level hunting rifle and we stopped shoulders and zoomed in and it gave us a speed of 0.57 that’s like using a level one upgrade and hunting rifle just by swapping shoulders but back to me explaining this you can also go from the left side to the right side and the same will apply but when you’re already positioned on the left shoulder you know from previously swapping shoulders and then not moving just staying still and then you aim down your sights it’s gonna be a regular speed there’s no speed increase there well I guess that covers everything for this episode you’ll notice that I didn’t state what the best weapon is that’s right not yet you’ll need to check out episode 2 and the rest of this series if you want to know we’re gonna continue breaking down all the different aspects of every weapon and ultimately come to the conclusion of what that best weapon is in the Last of Us multiplayer and with that being said keep on being awesome a team and I will see you all in the next one yeah [Music]

100 thoughts on “Best Weapon in The Last of Us Multiplayer | Part 1 – AIMING DOWN SIGHTS

  1. If you want to constantly shoot with hr when u shoot a bullet quickly change guns like if you have revolver for small firearm change to revolver after you shoot with hr and quickly back to hr and it also depends how much your hr is upgraded if it is fully upgraded you can switch to revolver and back to hr very quickly if the hr is not upgraded to switch weapons just a but slowly I tried it and it works perfectly and if your hr is fully upgraded you can use it like a military rifle like continuous shots

  2. The answer is simple. The best weapon is the weapon that can get out the most DPS and has the lowest TTK. But those are just actual statistics, and while they play an important role, here's the big thing: The best weapon, is the weapon that fits best in your hands.

    For example, a Shorty may statistically be better than an Enforcer, but if you are absolutely terrible at handling the Shorty, you'll still fall short against someone who's capable of handling their, say, Enforcer.

    This is a key factor alongside with other variables that come to play in each different combat scenario. Your reaction time, for example, will play a big role in whether or not you'll come out victorious, regardless of you having the best weapon statistically.
    This is something that you and everyone watching should keep in mind throughout this series, as to not have 8 people running the Semi-Automatic Shotgun all the time at the end of it.

  3. (Hey, Nick, it's me Lani. I took a little hiatus, haha) I just wanted to comment on how sleek this video looks?? Awesome editing!

  4. So disappointing, Nick makes a last of us video and in 12 house he gets 6.6k views but when he uploaded a uncharted video he only got 2k views. Keep doing what you are doing Nick, You're doing well!

  5. How much decrease ADS of Frontier rifle with upgrades?
    PS: I´m really looking forward for next video from this series 😀 Ehhhhh

  6. I know this is totally out of context but does anybody know what's the name of that old whistle song that Nick used to use in the end of his old videos. I can't seem to find it, pls helpppppppp!

  7. I hope/assume a video on time to kill is coming. This would have the time recorded on a "perfect" set of shots to down an enemy.

  8. Nick, your effort in this video is CRAZY. I am in shock that you're SO AMAZING! This video must have took days :/ Thank you for always providing quality content though!! We all appreciate it ❤❤ EHHHH!!

  9. Bro, you don't need to make these videos. Everybody knows the best gun is the Bow. Because it's definitely a gun.

  10. The best weapons are the weapons that shoot automatically without zooming in and at high speed. So it's burst rifle, semi auto rifle, enforcer , bow, and variable rifle.

  11. The best weapons are the weapons that shoots automatically without zooming in and at high rate of fire with medium capacity and reload speed. So it's burst rifle, semi auto rifle, enforcer , bow, assault rifle, and variable rifle. These 6 are the best weapons lol

  12. These 6 weapons are the best in the game:

     -Assault rifle
      -Variable rifle



     -Semi-auto rifle
     -Burst rifle


    The hunting rifle and specter and auto rifle are good but have bad damage and bad controlling

  13. The burst rifle and semi rifle aim down animation gets cut and it really throws me off when getting into an encounter with enemies with those weopons. I get downed by sharpshooting burst rifles by the time the aim down animation is finished.

  14. this is an excellent vid im glad to see someone doing such an in depth analysis of the weapons in factions i've looked all over for vids similar to this and i never saw anything as good

  15. Took a screenshot of the weapons thanks for making this video Nick, when is part 2???? I love using the Revolver only, liked

  16. You said its not worth it to buy 1st upgrade on HR and Bow unless going to 2nd upgrade, but that only took into account ADS. when each upgrade affects far more than only ADS :P.

    I get this video only talked about ADS, but shouldnt say the upgrades arent worth it. Bow 1 is way better than Bow Base (Same for HR)

  17. I understand each player will have success with different weapons because of their different playstyles.

    So that's why I just put all weapons on an even playing field. Besides maybe the purchasable Shotgun, the Burst Rifle scores the quickest down. And from better ranges than the Shotgun. Also, the Burst Rifle can outright kill you if you're good enough to scores head shots with your one burst. Essentially each burst can down and or kill a player.

    The Burst Rifle is also good in the pinch, so it doesn't need to be close like the Shotgun, and you don't need to be at a distance like the Hunting Rifle or Military Sniper. The Bow would qualify but again, the Burst Rifle can outright kill you in one burst and it ADS is faster.

    Oh and nope…the BR is not my favorite weapon, not even in my Top 5.

  18. This video is pure gold, despite it is short the info in it is priceless!
    Well done Nick-O!!
    Eeeeehhh for you ✌️

  19. hunting rifle, hands downs. There are gods amongst men who have mastered headshots with those things

  20. "This chart will then be readable…"

    Is that an Irish inflection I heard on the word "chart", Nick? If so, good man for representing us.

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