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BEST Wall Weapon/Gun in Shadows of Evil Black Ops 3 Zombies! (TOP Guns in BO3 Zombies)

Hey everybody how it going my name is Usman
and today I’m gonna be showing you guys what is the best wall weapon in Black Ops 3 Shadows
of Evil zombies, I actually find there are 2 weapons/guns that you must buy in order
to survive for long in shadows of evil and both of these
weapons you can easily buy on round 3 or on round 4 and of course the goal here is to
not hit the mystery box before getting jugg, actually not hitting & waste your money on
it before round 10, so starting from the second weapon that
is the best to get is going to be the kuda, it has 30 rounds magazine size and you get
in total of 240 rounds with the price tag of 1250, it’s a really good weapon and the
best thing about this is that it’s a wall weapon that is located
at every area you’ll go to and now of course let’s talk about the top weapon, it’s called
the VMP, it cost 50 additional points than Kuda in total of 1300 points but you get a
large magazine size of 40 rounds, in total of 280
rounds, it’s kinda like a hybrind smg/assault rifle with a real good firing rate, damage
and of the best thing about this is of course it’s amgazine size of 40 rounds which gives
this weapon an upper hand, but there is a down
side to it, its only located at the left hand side of the spawn area at the canal district,
so my tip is that, get this weapon if jugg is located at this area if not get kuda first
than get this weapon, if you have trouble finiding
jugg, I have made seperate video about how to find jugg in this shadows of evil map and
I will link it down in the description, so if you did found this video quick and informative be sure to smash that like button, also share
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so yeah guys that is really about it.

6 thoughts on “BEST Wall Weapon/Gun in Shadows of Evil Black Ops 3 Zombies! (TOP Guns in BO3 Zombies)

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  2. VMP? Its critical weakness is just how fast it spits out rounds, your completely out of ammo very quickly. The HVK found behind the boxing gym is in fact, the greatest wall gun of all black ops 3 wall guns.

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