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In this video, we’ll go through all of the
sniper rifles you can spend your research data on in Mass Effect Andromeda, their uses,
performance and drawbacks as well as the best augments for them and why This is the first of the weapon series going
through all types of weaponry ending with my top picks for the ultimate loadout. remember guys if you like this content, be
sure to hit the like button so I can better provide the videos you want to see. Without further delay, lets get right into
it.A sniper Rifle should be something that is<br /> super powerful, accurate but also be balanced with a slow rate of fire, reload speed and<br /> small clip size, Clip sizes don’t matter hugely provided it<br /> is more than one, there’s nothing worse than surprising the enemy with a hit only to have<br /> them run behind cover and stay there forever because you reloaded, A great sniper rifle needs the leeway to miss<br /> one every 5 or so when there’s heavy movement and not screw you on that. Another point is ammo capacity, while the<br /> clip size of 3 is perfectly acceptable, a decent amount of extra ammo needs to be available<br /> if you are sniping, there’s an almost definite chance that you are not where the ammo units<br /> are. These tests will be performed on all sniper<br /> rifles in their rank 1 form using no augments or modifications, We’ll be testing for Range, and damage versus<br /> clip size on multiple enemy types. The rifles in question are: Vanquisher, M-90 Indra, N7 Valiant & Black<br /> Widow from the Milky Way tree of research, Isharay and Naladen from the Heleus tree, & the Shadow & Inferno sniper rifles from<br /> the Remnant research tree. In order of worst to best, the 8th slot is<br /> taken by the M-90 Indra, The first thing you will notice about this<br /> gun is it’s tiny damage but medium to high rate of fire, this is placed in the bottom<br /> position due to the fact it is essentially a scoped assault rifle, The damage to rate of fire is well balanced<br /> for an assault rifle and at mid range without the scope performs well but as it’s in the<br /> category of a sniper rifle and force the scope on you not really allowing for the accuracy<br /> buff at medium range from the scope it is a bit silly and pointless to have. This is the worst choice for a sniper rifle<br /> and no augments or mods will make it better than our other offerings. For our 7th slot, we have the Shadow Remnant<br /> beam Sniper Rifle, I would consider this an acceptable assault<br /> rifle if it weren’t for the aforementioned scope situation from the M-90 being present<br /> here also, It is a beam weapon that actually does very<br /> good damage when kept up on the target, the range is acceptable also, the problem in this<br /> weapon is the instability, the gun pulls up when you hold down the trigger and when pulsing<br /> the trigger while the stability is there the damage is not. It is usable, but certainly not worth crafting. It is possible that certain stability buff<br /> you can gain through augments and profiles and skills may make this weapon usable but<br /> I don’t think it is worth the investment, even if that was fixed, I am not a fan of<br /> constant weapons, it requires you to be out of cover constantly instead of a quick shoot<br /> and duck. Our 6th place Sniper Rifle is the Naladen, This Ultra-Rare weapon is quite cool but only<br /> because it’s rounds explode on impact, it’s damage is medium at best but it’s explosive<br /> nature does appear to cause the enemy to stagger slightly, allowing you more time to accurately<br /> bombard them, being somehow both satisfying with the explosions<br /> but unsatisfying with its damage. I would advise staying clear. For number 5 it’s the N7 Valiant, At medium damage with good range, this Sniper<br /> rifle is where it starts to get usable, it’s rate of fire is on the low side and ammo capacity<br /> is simply not enough for the seasoned sniper, Its medium damage is very apparent and not<br /> really good enough, it cannot one shot a chosen at rank one which if it could, would make<br /> this a very good weapon if a little scarce on the reserve ammo. Number 4 is the Black Widow, With good range and a clip size of 3, it’s<br /> damage is high, that mixture makes for a well-balanced weapon, It is not much lower in damage than the isharay<br /> yet has a high clip size, though if partnered with the vintage heatsink, it’s clip size<br /> is sent to 1 making it worse, You can regain the clip size with the vintage<br /> heatsink by getting the clip size rank which is number 7 in <a href="">the sniper</a> rifle skill tree. But if you are going that route there is a<br /> better option. These last 3 weapons could all be considered<br /> number 1 pick dependant on circumstance. Coming in at number 3 we have Isharay, Isharay is a beast of a weapon with an insane<br /> damage hit, for the precise sniper who likes to take his<br /> time, this is most probably the one for you, it’s single shot clip puts it at number 3,<br /> but for those patient masters who take all the time for the perfect shot, that is not<br /> an issue, the big issue here is the ammo capacity, but that can be solved. If augmented with the Vintage Heat Sink, this<br /> weapon gains all of the pros of unlimited ammunition and as it only has a 1 shot clip,<br /> to begin with, the Vintage Heat Sinks tendency to obliterate the clip size is rendered moot. The Isharay is a rare sniper rifle giving<br /> it 3 augment slots by default, Vintage Heat Sink takes up one of those slots, the other<br /> 2 should be taken by Double Mod Slot augment giving it a total of 4 mod slots and a Kinetic<br /> Coil augment for +3% weapon damage to fill the last. the better option to the black widow is number<br /> 2, the Vanquisher, This weapon is beautiful, if only a little<br /> lacking on the ammo side, but as has been stated before we can fix that, for this weapon,<br /> however, to be number 1, you must have that clip size Sniper Rifle skill, with that and<br /> the Vintage Heat Sink Augment, Double Mod Slot Augment and a Kinetic Coil to fill the<br /> gap, you have a beast weapon, its rate of fire is 90 which feels about nice<br /> for a sniper rifle, its damage is in the medium to high range, enough to one shot a chosen<br /> at rank 1 with ease and it’s clip size with <a href="">the rifle</a> skill and heat sink is 3, it’s accuracy<br /> is fantastic at 96 and has one of the longest ranges of all. If you are far enough in the game, this is<br /> the ultimate purely long distance Sniper rifle, The distance is where the top pick comes out<br /> on top, As the number one is the Remnant Inferno, As a base weapon, it is not better than about<br /> 3 of these other weapons, but it’s natural heat sink ability, giving it unlimited ammo<br /> from the get go, and its 180 rate of fire making it good for both long and medium range<br /> gives it the top pick, The fact you don’t need to use the vintage<br /> heat sink means that you can use a Battlefield Assist Module which increases your damage<br /> by 20% when shields are full, now this still puts it at about 50 damage below the Vanquisher,<br /> but it has 5 shots per clip at standard and 8 with the clip size skill. At the higher ranks this weapon has enough<br /> damage to keep up and stay satisfying with it’s higher rate of fire, it’s effective at<br /> up 100 meters but also usable at 15-20, it’s higher rate of fire also makes it far better<br /> for medium range shooting of fast moving targets, you have room to miss every so often. The Augments on the Inferno should be the<br /> Battlefield Assist Module, The Double Mod Slot augment and 2 kinetic coils for a total<br /> of 26% extra damage when shooting long, not including the mods. Due to adding even more circumstantial choices<br /> to the mix when adding mods, they will come in a separate video, mods are more powerful<br /> than most augments and far more diverse, they are also usually extremely specific to a playstyle,<br /> so keep an eye out for that in the coming days. If you felt I missed anything or didn’t explain<br /> something well enough then please don’t hesitate to mention or ask in the comments and I will<br /> reply to you as soon as humanly possible, Feedback on these guides is very important<br /> so if you liked or disliked, there are appropriate buttons below, and or give me detail in a<br /> comment, let me know what YOU want to see or know, and I’ll prioritise my video creation<br /> around that. This recent surge of activity on my channel<br /> has been very well received and motivates me to make better and better content, thank<br /> you, everyone, for watching. Have an awesome day folks.


  1. Like do a showcase of the bio converter I have ammo for day it only takes 5% of my health to refill the clip and the refill doesnt take from your deserve ammo you literally sustain your gun with your life force now thays badass

  2. On my black widow I have a bio converter, a double mod, slot, and the rest kinetic coils and its a dream fire as much as you want death death death hope that helps anyone who loves sniping as for the heath its going to cost you that's mitigated by taking the regen passives I have never ever worried about killing myself with the bio converter on the black widow cant speak for the other snipers the widow might since its single shot

  3. where does the Viper and the widow fit into that hierarchy? also did you cover sniper rifles like the raptor as assault rifles (cause the raptor is like a scoped assault rifle after all

  4. The Black Widow is my favorite. Great damage, long range, enough ammunition to justify using Battlefield Assist, and I just love what they did to the look of it in Andromeda. I usually play Mass Effect with whatever weapons I like the look of more than what's statistically better. If I'm gonna be looking at this rifle for hours of gameplay and story, it's not going to be a Kett piece of shit or a Remnant metal… thing, it'll be good old Milky Way.

  5. Bio converters are definitely more dps than vintage augments. You kind of need the Life Support evo in the Team Support skill, and Regeneration in the Combat Fitness skill helps too. Cora is good too. Take charge away from her and spec her Shield Boost for radius and health regen. Spec her Asari Commando passive for the "Power Restoration & Defense" evolutions.

    Regarding the Remnant weapons , they gain clip size as they rank up which helps to improve their dps.

    I play on Insanity. I use the Dhan shotgun with the Seeking Plasma augment and 25% shield restore on clip empty. I use the Valkyrie with the Heat augment which buffs Incendiary ammo. These two guns kind of negate the need for a sniper and are the 2 guns i used to kill 4 of the Architects on the Insanity difficulty. For the trash that the Architect spawns I use an Equalizer or Hornet (with the Seeking Plasma augment) and sometimes the Piranha.

    In regards to snipers, I have used the Isharay with a Bio converter, and I have also killed myself using it. lol. It's tops for dps though. Because Remnant weapons get increased clip sizes at higher ranks, and the fact that the Inferno fires almost 3x faster than the BW, I think the Inferno may be able to out dps a BW at higher ranks, but math is not my strong point. I will leave those calculations to someone else.

  6. Subbed! Very informative and with a nice voice!!

    I have to admit I'm not convinced about the top 3. I love the Black Widow too much! Perhaps the Isharay is better, but I like to stay scoped to quickly go to one head to another and fear the Vanquisher won't have enough juice to one shot the cloud emitting dudes from cloak… Still struggling with the augments tho. Bio-converter seems unnecessary with spare ammo mod and Battlefield Assist seems like the obvious choice… What do you think?

  7. Is there any grenade launcher? I know some of the tech power has explosive effect but what about the weapons?

  8. Isharay is my number 1 sniper rifle by a country mile with the Black Widow as a distant second. Isharay as the actual killer and the Black Widow if you want/need a slightly larger clip (especially important with TacCloak and the extended cloak perk). All other sniper rifles don't actually feel like sniper rifles. Their damage is just too low or only fill a niche. A sniper rifle should hit like a truck when you pull off a head shot. Not require 2-5 headshots to put a random, non-shielded mook down.

    To be perfectly honest, except for the Isharay and Black Widow, sniper rifles in this game simply don't feel like actual sniper rifles except for their range. Which is only useful because of the retarded AI that somehow don't see their friend's heads getting blown off right next to them if you're far enough away. Except for these two, there are quite a few other guns in this game that will be a lot more effective at taking down enemies.

  9. im looking forward to your Assault rifle video, back in ME2 and 3 i was a mattock or saber person but they dont feel the same in MEA (and the saber isnt here at all) so in MEA im using the Valiant in any fight with a bit of range or a shotgun if stuff is too close, but after this vid i may be swapping my sniper to one of the top two.

  10. +1 for the Vanquisher getting some love. So far it's my favorite of the new weapons. Have my Ryder using that as primary, been using it since I got one as strike team loot and started crafting them as soon after as I could. Carry a Raptor as a backup weapon – essentially because it's a decent semi-auto AR but uses sniper skills.

    Haven't tried the other top 3 yet tho, might later. Gave me something to think about, thanks!

  11. Vintage heatsink black widow is a beast, with mods you can up it to three shots and dump heat upgrade in turbo charge you can easily bump that clip size to 6. Enough to clear most camps before the end of duration with some skill. The big draw of Black widow for me is that it's power with the operative profile will allow you to 1-2 shot most things through cover with a good penetration mod.

  12. just want to thow this up here, the vanquishers headshot/weakpoint dmg was bugged aparently and did +100% extra, bioware fixed the bug in 1.05…… i still use her but shes not the same :[

  13. Have you done one about the pistol's? I think the M-8 one has the power of the 44 Magum. Every time I use it makes me want to say that famous line.

  14. I agree with your assessment of these rifles, only i would swap the Black widow with the vanquisher. But i suppose that is personal preference. The Vanquisher is indeed reliable and the Ishiray is a a death machine…. but like you I want a rifle where i can afford to miss every so often or take a follow up shot.

  15. So if fitted with a Vintage heat sink, the Ishiray is capable of firing more than once before over heat?

    ahh, I struggle to chose between huge damage and 1 shot, vs rate of fire. The Isharay can take out shields in 1 shot opening them up for a quick kill. I got the whale version of the game, came with the M-13 Raptor, which was pretty cool at lower levels – can go full auto – but needs a bigger clip if you're going to use it as an AR replacement (and scoping in for the SR damage increase is potentially hazardous at closer ranges).
    Haven't tried out the Remnant snipers yet – nor have I played with the M90 or Widow (Isharay takes my preference for the high damage SR – and have already invested enough play hours in those weaps in previous ME games), keen to try out the Valient at some point.
    and, as always, my augments revolve around + power dmg, combo stuff and recharge. not as important with my SR, I prefer to stack on +dmg (on shield conditions and on last 20% of clip).

  17. great video, it's hard to know what is good with so many available, would be interested to see a review for multiplayer as well, as there are no augments

  18. 0:16 Kett geneticists still haven't figured out how to properly express genes responsible for situational awareness.

    Further research is needed.

  19. Yaaaas, love the Inferno. It's just a lovely weapon to use and can be your one and only weapon (although I've taken to also slotting a Piranha to use when enemies insist on melee range).

  20. Is it just me or does others agree with me that a sniper with a range of only 100 m is a joke. Standard shooting competitions in my country Norway is without scopes and range is 200 m. Logically a sniper should cover a greater distance than this. What I have seen in this game, is that both assault rifle and snipers is base at 79 m. I wish I could pick the enemies at minimum of 150 m.

  21. Thanks for this video. The Inferno is amazing, yet I don't find it mentioned much. A question though: Why did you put the N7 Valiant at 5th place when it has superior stats compared to the Vanquisher?

  22. I was about to write "I like the black widow", but I see almost everyone has already taken care of that for me. Huehue. Cheers.

  23. M90 + Sticky Grenades + Vintage Heat Sink is an amazing weapon, just a shitty sniper rifle. The non-scoped accuracy is good enough to use it like an assault rifle and the sticky grenades are great for clearing enemies in cover and adds a nice stagger effect when they get hit by more than a couple explosions. I pair it with an Electrical Conduit PAW and feel the combo is quite potent from my experience.

  24. "Ammo capacity and clip size because reserve ammo is a concern"
    Vintage heat sink, the weapons cool in the background so once you have weight reduction and appropriate skills, you can rotate weapons and never run out of ammo and never 'reload'.

  25. By far the most informative and most interesting video on weapons so far
    (Trust me… cuz I still can't make up my damn mind after watching others before this video…)

  26. When you are evaluating a sniper weapon, you need to take the synergy with cloak and/or turbo charge in account.
    1. Black widow (with bio converter)
    2. Isharay (with vintage heat sink)
    3. Inferno

  27. Hey nice one dude .. I've cracked out the game on hardcore and just goin into insanity mode.. which I think makes the game much better.. Been using vampire leeching bio mode Blackwidow but , really enjoyed your video , keep up the good work pal . fed up of burning all my research to lvl 10 (X); only to find out its a waste of time..

  28. What about the Raptor as a sniper/assault rifle combo build using just one weapon?
    Or is Indra better for this job?

  29. I'm confused – N7 Vanliant has higher damage, rate of fire, clip size and capacity than the Vanquisher. Why do you say Vanquisher is better? Do those comparisons change at the max rank?

  30. I appreciate these tutorial vids and find them quite informative. However, regarding the N7 Valiant vs Vanquisher, at least statistically the N7 appears to have the better numbers. Perhaps the RoF appears slower if one follows the audio rhythm, but is supposedly faster than the Vanquisher on paper. And the N7 Valiant can one shot kill with a head shot, I believe.

  31. I'd rather put the bioconverter on the Isharay. The heatsink overheats the Isharay, adding a cooldown that prohibits you from utilizing the lower Tier 6 Tactical Cloak skill.

  32. N7 Valiant is the best SR for me… good dmg, big clip, fire rate. Without any fancy augments works for me just fine 🙂 Didnt play on insanity tho.

  33. I was a big fan of Vanquisher (still am, it's a solid #2 for me), but I remembered how sought after the Black Widow was in ME3, so started using one as soon as I could craft one…then a Black Widow V dropped about halfway through my first playthrough and it's been my go-to sniper since. About a third the way into an Insanity run and it's still great.

  34. I just found out a lame fact, the enemies health scales, I used the shall not be named way to make my toon lv81+. Also the enemies have increased in spawn count, like fucking 3 minigun guys and 2 invis guys in normal around large camps. Taking 3/4 hits for standard kett with a fucking Black widow is D: (8xx dmg).

  35. IDK I think the black widow is actually the best. Like I was using your number 1 for a long time, but it doesn't cause enough damage. I was something with high damage and 1 shot to kill if possible. This game has a bug where if you kill someone with 1 shot, then all the other NPC won't or shouldn't react. This making it where you can pick off them

    But playing as a sniper broke this game. If you have a penetration mod on the thing. You can shoot through doors. So make your profile infiltrator so you can see the NPCs. Then just shoot through the door. They can't hit you or open the door, and you can clear out entire areas with this. I think a sniper is the most powerful person in this game if you play it smart. But it can easily become the most boring since there is no real challenge. Even more so if you use the tactical cloak.

  36. Disapointed you didnt transform the Black Widow or the Isharay into explosive boomsticks of death with the Plasma Charge 😛

  37. You should play a New Game+ trying your weapon picks, things change drastically as enemies become massive bullet sponges for the most part.

  38. No Raptor? Best "AR" in the game so far :)) with bio converter Raptor become super stability machine gun and outperform m90 Indra

  39. m90 indra is still good if maximum stability but this gun only begin stable after 3rd shot on full auto, just control the recoil and u will have powerful assault rifle

  40. Wrong #1 is Isharay+bio-converter+Tactical Cloak+Turbocharge. But if it's only normal, might as well just melee everything.

  41. I completely disagree with the Black Widow at #4.    It is easily the best sniper rifle in the game.   It's only slightly less dmg than the Ishray but with a higher clip size and rate of fire.   It's also an ultra rare blueprint, so it can hold more augs than the Ishray or Vanquisher can as well.  

    Haven't tried the inferno yet but I MUCH prefer high damage per shot with my sniper rifles and the Inferno is wanting in that area.

  42. I'm a little confused as to why compared to the Vanquisher, the Valiant is ranked so low when it has higher damage, better rate of fire, and slightly higher clip size and max ammo. Also you say the Vanquisher can 1-shot a chosen but the Valiant can't, even though the Valiant has a higher dmg shot?

  43. Say, what's your recommended setup for architect hunting? Seems like a sniper would be a very good idea, but since it's a fairly specialized discipline, there might be some combination that would work better there than in other, more normal fights.

  44. I tryed out the inferno sniper rifle, and I noticed I can't equip any thermal clip mods to it, is anyone having the same problem?

  45. you truly don't know what your talking about, to give the black widow a good review tells me you really don't have a danny, or you haven't even played the other mass effect games bioware have taken a giant shit on the widow and the black widow in Andromeda in mass effect 2 and 3 you had to work hard to get this weapon because it hit like a nuke, Andromeda it can't even shoot through a wooden box how they dissed the widow like this is a curse its blasfamy for whatever dick head of a game developer is responsible for disrespecting the game like this

  46. Lol…… takes a college degree to learn all you can learn about this game. But……for me the best of the best is the Black Widow. Put a bio converter on it, extra mods, and power damage , then put a penetrating receiver on it…………

    Now cast barricade, go into tactical cloak, and pop turbocharge………damage is up over 3K.
    So there is much to learn in this game, it is not just the weapon but all the things you can combine with a weapon.
    The Isharay is a great sniper, but only 8 shots will kill the user unless you stop and spam a tech skill and you can do that all day long with incinerate. But enemies love to hop around and it is hard to keep up with them lots of times, so I like four shots in the clip versus one.

    Overall for me the Black Widow is the best of the best. And besides it also looks like a human sniper, not some silly looking something. Have not been a fan of Remnant weapons or armor both due to looks and functionality. Much better ways to combine other weapons and skills, but it does take some learning curve to discover all of them.


  47. Thoughts on incisor? I’ve been using that because I like it’s repeating fire functions and high clipsize (really it’s about 5 shots a clip due to repeat fire) but have been debating about changing things up

  48. The Valiant with burst fire. You'll need at least one skill of clip capacity increase to get 6 bullets per clip .

    It makes it an Incisor on steroids.

  49. Nice video. My personal preference is the Black Widow though. With the Vintage Heat Sink and the Clip Size rank, one can fire continuously without reloading just by slowing their rate of fire slightly to allow the rifle to cool a little between each shot as opposed to firing 2 to 3 quick shots and then waiting for the gun to come back from being completely overheated. With the VHS, It also has the added bonus of a shot always being ready in the clip. Conversely, the Isharay will overheat with every shot.

    I also like the Inferno, but tend to use and think of it as an extremely accurate and high powered assault rifle with decent range. My ideal loadout involves carrying both, A Black Widow (either with the VHS or with the Battlefield Assist Module) and an Inferno (with the Battlefield Assist Module). I had absolutely no problem getting through every quest and situation in the game on insanity carrying only these two weapons.

  50. this is so funny.

    look where he ended up after a year of actual gameplay..

    the Black Widow as #1, which given his initial statement of what makes a good sniper rifle in THIS video, is what I would have expected here!

  51. I use the Shadow with bio-converter. I don't use it as a sniper at that point, rather an LMG. Imagine bipodding behind some cover scope up, and spray with lots of DPS (can't remember my damage, might be ~75K+ DPS), perfect accuracy, and constant but consistent recoil, with shield/health recharge delay reduction augs, shield capacity mods, and shield oscillator on the chest.
    Even if shields buckle, Life Support, Energy Drain, and Charge keep me alive if I need it, and finally Turbocharge assists in increasing DPS some more.
    afaik, snipers deal half damage while unscoped, and the Shadow does more than twice the damage of the PAW. So I'm not missing out.

  52. The inferno was my “frontier” rifle if you will. Good at most any range, and decent enough stopping power power for the weight. For a full on sniper, l like the ishray, oneshots feel so good, but my favorite has to be the black widow. Had it sense ME2 and beat almost every boss with a combination of it and a claymore (I know, weird combo). I don’t use snipers all the time, but I did use my inferno all the time with a dahn and a sidewinder or carfenix.

  53. Having played this game a great many times with various builds from Adept to Tech to Soldier, and playing it again this week, there is only one sniper worth your time.

    The Black Widow is the best of the best. Properly built and modded with a penetrating receiver it will one shot any two legged enemy in the game, and two or three shot Beasties……..

    Isharay is good, but just too slow………

    Yea the Black Widow is best in the game.


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