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A lot of changes have come to weapons, enemies
and more in the recent Patch 1.06 for Mass Effect Andromeda, So I’ll be retesting every weapon to see what’s
changed, In this video, we’ll be covering Shotguns, Without further delay, let’s get right into
it.Shotguns are my personal favourite weapon
type, They are made for the run and gun skirmish
types as a base and are excellent anti-armour weapons. The range makes them close range with the
occasional medium so while range will be commented on it is not a primary concern. Each weapon will be tested and reviewed briefly
for overall performance and experience followed by a more accurate DPS test afterwards for
damage comparisons. The Following Weapons will be tested in this
video: Ruzad
Piranha Crusader
Venom Dhan
Hesh Scattershot
Disciple Katana
& the Pathfinder Deep Impact The Reegar Carbine acts far more like an Assault
Rifle with its high accuracy and damage aimed at shields among other things so will be tested
with either the Assault Rifles or in the Special Weapons Category.The Ruzad is a slow firing fairly hard hitting
Shotgun that staggers the enemy on impact, It is fairly fun to use but only without behaviour
modifying augments, the sticky grenade augment halved the magazine size and both grenade
and sticky lowered the damage by at least half. The stagger on impact is a nice touch and
makes up a little for the lesser damage for such a slow firing weapon.The Piranha is a fully automatic combat shotgun
that delivers medium damage rounds at a very fast pace, As with what I expect most of the shotguns
to be like, the vanilla version performs best with a slightly strange outcome with the clip
on the sticky being taken down by more than half from 12 to 5 in my test while the vanilla
and standard grenade augment variations remained 12.The Crusader is a hard hitting shotgun with
a very satisfying punch, It seems to be like the Bullet version of
a Dhan, a little less powerful but only slightly, to the point that it seems the update did
increase the Crusader to the damage it states yet the tooltip is incorrect, we’ll hopefully
find that out later when I perform the consistency and damage testing. The Sticky as with all others halved the magazine
and didn’t do very good damage, this augment will not be tested with any further Shotguns
except for the venom, The Grenade Augment, however, worked very
well and did around the same amount of damage except it was also AOE, though the Vanilla
hits for weak point bonus where the grenade does not, it’s usage depends on your usage
as AOE or single target.The Venom is a strange one being a shotgun
that fires mini grenades that ricochet and what not, It is worth noting that the Venom cannot take
a Receiver, so if you use a Bio-Converter no extension is needed, and if you don’t then
a single mod extension at most would be required. After testing it out, it feel less like a
shotgun and more like a gun that just has a built in plasma charge system that also
ricochets, it’s ok but it’s not all that powerful, the grenade augment seems to be about the
same damage wise which isn’t all that much, I tried the sticky here as I knew it would
take away the ricochet, but as before it also more than halved the magazine and the damage.The Dhan is an extremely heavy hitting semi-automatic
Shotgun that fires a plasma sphere, opposite to real life, this means it will
not suffer from damage drop off at range so can be used at medium range also, For those curious, the science in this weapon
for how it sustains the plasmasphere is correct to life in the sense that a magnetic field
can be used to keep the plasma stabilised and has been done to a distance of 2 feet
successfully in real life, I bring this up as it’s both interesting,
but also means that really the Dhan should travel a shorter distance than the solid projectiles,
but it would also vaporise the person firing it. Anyway, I’m getting distracted here, so! The Dhan as always felt very satisfying to
use especially when doing a run and gun type approach, it’s hard hitting means decent accuracy
is needed to make good use of this weapon but with good accuracy this thing can do insane
hits when used against weak points, something that was increased in the latest patch, weak
point damage specifically for the Dhan and it showed when I one shotted a Destined with
full health and shields via a headshot compared to the usual 2 full shots required. The grenade launcher augment is interesting
on this one, this was discovered on patch day by Dark Saint as he was testing the guns
after the changes, he found the Dhan does a bit more damage with the grenade augment
in, if you add the kinetic coil to the spot on the vanilla which would have otherwise
had the grenade augment they are about the same, The special thing here is the AOE aspect,
now, the Grenade launcher doesn’t react to weak point, so personally, I will stick to
vanilla and as with the Crusader, this is a multi versus single target choice. Vanilla for single for definite, and Grenade
Launcher for Multi.The Hesh works in a similar way to a buckshot
shotgun, it sprays a cluster of projectiles, but as it’s kett, these are plasma surrounded
projectiles, The grenade augment has proven to be effective
but only with single shot shotguns so will not be tested here and the sticky grenade
as stated before has shown to be lacking. The Hesh was surprisingly awesome, it has
the range of the Dhan being plasma coated, it felt a little like there was a touch of
seeking there but I cannot confirm, just an aid to the accuracy, It’s super fast rate of fire was fantastic
and seemed well balanced with the power it has, I can see this being a contender in the
rankings.The Scattershot is another strange one, It has fairly low damage for a shotgun and
its rate of fire isn’t all that, it shoots it’s projectile spray wide so is largely ineffective
at close range but has a seeking function at mid range to bring them together on a single
target, it’s accuracy is pretty much maxed has infinite ammo, a clip size of 15 and about
average weight. I said all the stats just because they’re
all so weird for a shotgun, and that requires weird augments to use for it, I tried a number of combination with this
one, I tried Vanilla, then Seeking plasma, then Seeking plasma charge, then Plasma Ricochet
after that I also tried a shield Oscillator build, with rank 6 mods and a sticky grenade
launcher to get rid of as much of the mag size as possible I got it down from 15 to
3 shots per mag, unfortunately, the time spent doing those 3 shots for 25% shields could
be better spent doing something else for higher damage and or health or shield regen. Out of the damage builds, most were unimpressive
but the seeking plasma was the best for single target with the Plasma charge and ricochet
superior for AOE and I mean very good for AOE. I’m adding this and not replacing the previous
for transparency as I spoke with Dark Saint after and we discussed the Shield Oscillator
build, I did some more testing this time with the plasma charge not sticky and got the mag
to the same then I realised it was the skills I had, so I took all skill points away and
it had a single shot that recharged super fast, So this build actually works super well, can
charge or not don’t even have to hit anything to get 25% shields every second. And it does adequate damage to.The Disciple feels like a Buckshot Dhan from
the stats, high damage, low rate of fire, large magazine, Let’s see how it fares. The Disciple is hugely affected by range,
it feels like the damage drop off affects this gun more than any other as at close to
medium range its damage is kinda bad, but at close range it’s crazy, if you point blank
it feels on parr with a Dhan for damage except it has more shots per mag. It’s also very satisfying at close range. The Grenade Launcher as expected was awful.The Katana is generally unimpressive, it did
OK damage and as with every weapon could technically be used to complete the game but the satisfaction
level is quite low on this weapon, it doesn’t feel great, it has a narrow firing line but
also suffers heavily from drop off over distance.I tried this just to see how fun it is to
use, as it only goes up to rank 5 I see no point in ranking this for the damage. It was acceptable but nothing really special,
kind of like the Katana really, low satisfaction rating on shot. I can confirm that deconstruction for recovery
of some material and the augmentations used in crafting is definitely possible on this
weapon now.To find out the DPS rankings of the shotguns
I’m going to do an awful lot of mathematics. I’ll be fighting a Fiend one on one with each
weapon, I’ll record the rate of fire, the percentage
of health lost per shot, how many shots it takes to kill the fiend, reload time and compare
all of these to the current statistics to both check for consistency and damage per
second. All shots on the Fiends will be to centre
mass, I’ll be making sure not to hit weak points to keep the results as accurate as
possible, due to this, the length of time it takes me to kill it will not be considered. Real in game conditions will be met with appropriate
skills taken mods used and all augment slots filled for each weapon in it’s respective
best build scenario as some benefit more from different mods and augments than others. Shotguns skill has been maxed and more points
spent in combat to a total of 120 to mimic a likely make up for those who dabble in weaponry
as well as others. Here are all of the builds to be used for
the testing for each weapon, Feel free to pause to check them out, otherwise,
lets continue.So, after the better part of a days worth
of sunlight later, I have done all of my tests, analysed them and got a big old spreadsheet
full of data. I changed a little part of how I was working
this out just beforehand then realised after, this would have been far more accurate on
insanity difficulty as originally I was going to measure the amount per shot, but instead
I measured the amount of shots required to find the percentage per shot and therefore
the health of the Fiend to check for consistency. It is not amazingly consistent, it’s within
12% either side of the mean. I analysed for any accidental weak point shots
or misses, so this is definitely down to other variables, it’s possible that a Fiends body
isn’t just simple weak points and non-weak points and that it has a gradient based damage
system on top of the weak points, If not that then it is most likely that these
weapons have another hidden stat making them perform individually better against armour
and not just better against it as a shotgun. These results show quite clearly even just
through the crusader compared to the Dhan that the update notes were bullshit, The in-game stats, however, appear to be correct,
but don’t take into account certain things like Kinetic Coils and such when displaying
the damage, Adding the correct percentage on yourself
will give a rough estimate but unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how the game multiples
buff, whether it takes the percentage from the base damage or stacks groups of buffs
on top of each other. This all results in relatively minor differences
though so, don’t worry too much about it.So as far as rankings go from these tests, The Dhan is far ahead for single shot damage,
like nearly doubling the next highest. But for Damage Per Second taking reloading
into account, The Piranha is king, With Piranha’s DPS being 1437 the next is
only 82% of that and is the Hesh with the Dhan being almost identical at 81%, but then
the Disciple in 4th is less than 70% of the Piranha with the Katana nearly half the DPS
of the top. If you then add a Bio-Converter to the weapon
as it’s special Augment it shoots up to 1944 for the Piranha in DPS and the Dhan catches
up a little in 2nd place being 87% of the Piranha at 1689 DPS, Hesh is 76% at 1485 and the disciple at 4th
is already down to 61% of the piranha. The actual DPS here isn’t the important thing,
it’s the percentage in relation to each other which makes it valid through all levels, difficulties,
ranks & Builds. To show you just how powerful the bio-converter
is, it adds 49% extra damage per second onto the Ruzad, 45% on to the Dhan, 35% on to the
Piranha and 38% on to the Scattershot, that is with full overheating as the test requires
continuous damage to be valid. All of this shows that the best weapon for
damage is clearly the Piranha, with the Dhan and Hesh close behind, the rest aren’t really
worth much. That being said there is a lot to be said
about preference, so if you prefer a particular gun, use it, you’ll be able to complete the
game with it, and if it’s more fun then great. I will personally be sticking to the Dhan
as my main weapon, I really like it and prefer high power per shot, the Piranha with Seeking
will still be my go to Architect gun. As for Top Builds I simply recommend Seeking
for the Piranha, Bio-Converter for all of them, a single mod extension if you melee
at all and fill with coils. The mods should be a Barrel and Receiver with
a Melee optimizer if you melee at all and have included the single mod extension.Ok, so this one was a little insane to do,
those last 1-2 minutes of the video took a full day to record, test, analyse and process, and I have a feeling most of you don’t really
care about taking it that far as far as SCIENCE! goes, but if you do let me know in the comments. This pretty much concludes that as for single
player the guns haven’t really changed so unless there’s anything particular you wish
me to look at I won’t automatically retest the rest of the guns. Anywho, thank you very much for watching to
the end, it really help promote the video and get it in front of the faces of others, like if you like, dislike if you didn’t, subscribe
if you haven’t already and have an awesome day folks.


  1. Thanks! Was wondering of the new anti-armor rankings, so am likely going to remain with my Piranha – Plasma, as it was a great help in the final battles of the game last campaign. Now to find some Bio-converter augments….

  2. Piranha is so good, and it's in the Milky Way research (Arguable the easier to obtain due to cryo pods) I'd have never tried it without your suggestion, cheers!
    Shame about that Thokin though, unsure what to really use now… Ghost is pretty fun!

  3. Love the SCIENCE!

    Have you considered an Architect slayer ranking, or any other "Role" specific rankings?

  4. This is the type of content I wish more people did. I feel like you'd gain more viewers if you turned this type of thorough, math-based analysis toward the multiplayer side. However, if you think this type of single player testing is time consuming, multiplayer is easily 1000 times larger as a time sink.

    Regardless of whether you eventually look at mp, your approach gained you a subscriber.

  5. Really nice job on this vid. Results are more in line with khrazegaming test results. Check out his face melt build using piranha. I killed architect on Kadara in just over 4 minutes on insane and recorded it. It's a fun build since you like to test things

  6. You do an extraordinary job and watch every video. Agree with a lot of your builds and choices. Keep up the great work.

  7. what an awesome comprehensive review, two thumbs up! Bioware should employ you lol, cos they surely don't seem to do any testing!

  8. Thank you for doing up a speadsheet on the stats, it is quite useful. I've seen some other people compare rate of fire but by calculating single shots.
    If you do continue this in the future please remember that while fiend are a good test subject for shotguns, weapons like assault rifles and smgs are not designed for armour and it will alter the test results.

  9. Honestly, SCIENCE is the reason I watch these videos 🙂

    Shame about the crusader, interesting that the hesh is so close to the Dhan.

    Good to see the Piranha taking the top spot, that thing might as well be called a meat grinder.

  10. This was awesome! These technical videos are always where I go when I'm looking to branch out, your time and effort is totally appreciated. (until the next patch at least lol)

  11. Does the Katana even have a purpose in the game? Or is it just the throwaway shotgun? I really want to like the gun, as I just want a traditional, hard-hitting shotgun, but I just can't see any advantage to having it around.

    If Bioware won't buff the Katana in some way, could they at least bring back either the Scimitar, Eviscerator, or Wraith? The Wraith was my all-time favorite gun from ME3 and I'd love to have it back. It was in that ideal sweet spot of high damage, good accuracy, and with an acceptable ammo capacity. I loved it to death in multiplayer, and I loved it even more in the campaign.

    I miss my shotgun…

  12. How do you put multiples of the same augment on weapons? I'm not able to do that for some reason.

  13. Damn Xaine, you can really see the dedication in how fast you did the video after the patch and also in the new multiple testing screens when presenting each guns. Glad to see you're on the VANGUARD of the Mass Effect Andronemda youtubers. Hahaha see what I did there?

  14. Kind of weird that a seeking Piranha is still the best DPS weapon in the game. Makes insanity a cake walk, especially combined with Turbocharge

  15. I absolutely love your videos. You put so much time and effort into them and your analysis has helped me make the most of my weapon choices in ME:A. Keep up the good work, broski.

  16. Mad props for the spreadsheet. Next I want to see you bust out R, start making histograms, and use Markov Chain Monte Carlo to analyze the results. 😉

  17. I use the highest damage pistol with those lobbing multiexplosion plasma bullets which you can charge for more damage. i have the same gun with just fires straight with great accuracy and range and also hits really hard. a headshot on a regular kett instantly kills them. the stat on the gun says it's just above 1k damage. the clip size on these guns are 2, 3 or 4 so far. the plasma explosion version of the gun can take out multiple enemies in a single shot since one shot explodes 3 times. Shotguns, assault rifles and even sniper rifles are made obsolete with these handguns. the pistols i use are lvl 5 and 6 so far.

  18. I'm a little sad that the Crusader lands somewhere in the middle — performing less effective than the Disciple. 🙁

  19. I can't speak for the entire ME:A player base, but I appreciate the work you put into this. The Dhan is King of Shotguns in Multiplayer, but I absolutely love the Piranha(its only drawback is its weight) as it turns almost anything into hamburger at point blank, and it has a decent range as well. Thank you again for your hard work. Subscribed.

  20. My favorite Build is full Bionic with the Adept Profile. So I use the Scattershot and put Plasma Charge and Shield Oscillator on it. This give me a clip size of one with an additional mod that reduces your clip to one shot. Now I can just spam shoot the Scattershot in the air if I want to and get a constant 25 percent regeneration of my shield. As I kill all enemies mostly with only Bionic skills and combos……..the Scattershot combined with charge keeps my shield at full all the time and if the enemy cannot get through your shields then Health is not a concern.

    I carry the Piranha with bio converter as a backup………for those one or two enemies in the game that may give you a bit of a problem such as Acendents and the Remnant Tiller Destroyer.
    As of January 2018 if you are a solo player, the last patch Nerfed Heleus research points to the point that even if you scan all the time it is doubtful you will ever gain enough Heleus points to fully develop the Dhan. It will be late game for sure and in my last play through at level 77 I only had enough Heleus points for a level 6 Dhan. Used to we got many more Heleus points ………..not anymore as the Developers nerfed that and placed it all into mutiplayer grind, grind some more and then grind some more for random loot boxes that may or may not contain Heleus points.


  21. Xaine, I had this game sitting on my shelf since launch. The initial reviews just turned me off. I have to say though, the depth of study in your videos, with enough sexy gun porn to make a Krogan bust a quad, got me to finally plug this game in and I’m loving it! There is enormous depth the the weapons, combat and crafting system. This game really got a bad turn from the gaming media. Anyways, thanks for your vids; they should’ve gotten a much bigger following than they did.

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