59 thoughts on “Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube? Top 3 Options for Every Budget!

  1. Well done mate & thanks again. A perfect run through of 3 mic levels.
    The RODE VideoMicro lives in my bag – with the included dead cat ;0
    This weekend we were at the Motorbike Show as well as the Supercars .. fun WE .. VideoMic Pro was the perfect upgrade to cover all options.

  2. Great video, I use the Video Micro as a vlog mic on a DSLR and GoPro. The other option while using a smartphone I like is the Video MicMe. I also use the Video Mic Go or Video Mic Pro when necessary. As for a Lav, I only use the RODE Smart Lav. I will try your suggested Lav.

  3. Great video
    I use røde video Mic Go on camera (would rather have mini) and Zoom H1 for talk kind of videos with 2 or more people and Giant Squid lav mic into Zoom H1 for 1 person interview kind of videos.

  4. I’ve just received the Rode Micro. There was a lot of hissing with the audio. The only way around it was to change the audio setting on my camera to manual & reduce the audio level of the mic which kind of defeats the purpose. Slightly increasing the audio when editing helps a little.

  5. Thank you for this video!! I always learn so much from you. I'm in need of a new mic so this was perfect timing!

  6. We are using the Rode VideoMicro for vlogging content on our other channel and on our main channel we use the VideoMic Pro+ with the SC8 extension cable. It's been a huge step up from where we started oct 1.

  7. Hi justin.

    Instead of Lavalier mics which one is best for interviews. I don't have a boom stand but i was thinking of getting the NTG4 and attach it to my iphone.

    Sometimes my interviews are outdoor is that something viable?

    Also, how far from the subject it should be with RODE VideoMic Pro+? Thank you.

    I love your videos man keep going!!

  8. Thanks for the video! I currently have the videomic go and it’s been terrible lately :/ loads of crackling and hissing, i think I’m going to pick up the pro+

  9. trying to stay away from usb mics, or anything other than XLR-connected mics. Don't care if I can get an adapter as that is likely to cause unneeded quality drops. I'm not connecting to a phone or DSLR camera, so these are all useless for me. :/

  10. Excellent video Justin!
    For use with my Sony AX100, Gh4/GH5 and Canon 5DMk11 I have available Rode Video Mic Pro's, Zoom H5, Zoom H6 and Rode NTG 2.All Zooms have every capsule available which give me very good real world options.
    Wireless is handled by Sennheiser which I am very happy with bot in Lav and handhelds.
    Appreciate your vide's and guidance always.
    Cheers, Pete

  11. I am currently capturing audio with a Rode video micro, so far it's working really well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This is a very informative video. I wan to upgrade. #SniperEye

  12. Great video! I am finding a microphone to use in fields where winds could be problematic sometimes. Which one would you recommend? I am also on budget. Do you think Rhod VideoMicro (the first one that you reviewed) would do enough job?

  13. I just love your tech reviews. I love how calm and clear and friendly your vibe is. So many tech reviewers are yelling into the camera and I love that you just speak like a NORMAL (but super knowledgeable) HUMAN BEING, haha

  14. Hi, thanks so much for these informative videos. A quick question: is there a microphone you would recommend for filming multiple actors? I'm setting up a YouTube sketch comedy, but an having trouble with the sound. Thanks again.

  15. rode video mic pro really does suck. It was the first mic I ever bought. It is slightly better than camera sound but would never buy one again. You can get the same quality off the same style mics for a fraction of the price.

  16. I recommend Sennheiser and Shure microphones, not cheap but they will last a lifetime. I had access to various models of these brands and not only is the audio capture incredible but the durability of these microphones is amazing. We always used XLR cables and cameras with phantom power. I suppose the lower price Rode are OK for YouTubers, but once you are making professional videos with complicated audio (including music) you will want to use Sennheiser and Shure. Of course if you are recording singers, that is another level of quality and expense such as Neumann. 🙂

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