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Best Semi-Auto Hunting Shotgun Under $1000 / Stoeger M3500

How’s it going guys welcome back to the
pilot Patriot channel we’ve got another fun gun review for you guys to look at today
today we’re looking at the Stoeger 3500 so don’t go away alright guys today we’re looking at the
stoeger 3500 this is the 28 inch barrel shoots three-and-a-half-inch down to two
and three-quarters, one problem most people have with a duck gun like this
is it cycles the heavy loads great when you move down to the lighter loads like
Target loads for dove hunting it’s not going to cycle them as good you have
trouble kicking them out just because it’s made specifically for duck hunting
but you’re not going to have that problem with the Stoeger, i have heard
that if you have the recoil reducer in the butt stock that it takes longer to
break in I don’t have the recoil reducer in
today because I’m probably not going to use it one thing they do recommend to break in
the gun is you want to cycle about a hundred rounds through it just to make
sure you get everything loosened up and broke in good after that you shouldn’t
have a problem cycling any load that you want to put in the gun we’re going
to do is we’re going to load two two and three-quarter target loads and 1 – 3 and a
half inch number two duck load and i’m just going to show that it’ll cycle
three of those back to back. all right here we go and you can see the difference on that
last one now we’re just going to try all light loads…looks good alright guys know if you’re paying
attention this is gonna be a little sneak peek of what the gun looks like
when i’m done with it this gun is built primarily for
waterfowl hunting so if you do a lot of waterfowl hunting like I do especially
in swamps and stuff like that your gun is likely to get wet so just to
show that you guys oh ..that’s tough to do right there but
shake her out works like a charm this things made like
a tank alright guys were going to a little bit
more shooting have a little fun shooting some clays and we’ll catch yall at the
tabletop alright guys this is the Stoeger M3500
this is their three-and-a-half-inch magnum waterfowl gun and from my
research this probably one of the best semi-automatic shotgun options out there
especially if you’re a budget-minded hunter like I’m this gun retails for 699
i was able to get it on arms list for 525 so that’s a really hard deal to beat
especially if you’re a duck hunter you know that it’s really hard to find a
quality hunting shotgun for under a thousand dollars but with this Stoeger
now we have that option if you guys want to stick around to the end i’m gonna
show you some really simple upgrade you can do this gun that are going to make
it even better and even closer to those higher end models that you’re going to
pay two thousand dollars for the shotgun is made in Turkey and if you don’t know stoeger is owned by benelli so you’re
getting a lot of the same quality and features that you see in those higher end
benelli shotguns this is the 28 inch barrel version comes in and right around
50 inches in total length so its a pretty long shotgun but for you duck hunters
and your bird hunters out there that just gives you a couple extra inches to
really reach out there and get those birds now if you don’t want something
quite this long they do have it in a 26-inch and 24 inch version it weighs in
right around 7.8 pounds and this particular one is in the new realtree
max5 camo. I think it’s a really good look it’s a little bit darker tone than
the max4, I think it looks awesome now we’re gonna get into some other
features of the gun one of the most important features of this stoeger is
inertia driven bolt system and this is the same Bolt assembly that you’re going
to find on the the Benelli and the way this works is instead of using the gases
from the round to cycle the action and uses the recoil from firing the round
paired with a really heavy inertia spring that’s in there to push the bolt
back unlike the gas systems all the gases and
powder goes out the barrel instead of going back into the bolt and into the
gun and getting it dirty so because it uses this
inertia system that has fewer moving parts has no gas cylinders no O rings no
other complicated parts so that makes for really clean firing gun and it’s
going to be a lot more reliable over the long term because of that now coming
over here to the stock 3500 has a really nice recoil pad and one thing you’ll
find the Stoegers that you don’t see many other shotguns is It has a 13-ounce
recoil reducer that goes back here in the stock and that’s meant to lighten
some of that real heavy recoil that you get from those three-and-a-half-inch
magnum loads i have heard that the recoil reducer works really good for
those heavy loads but they say with that in it doesn’t cycle the light loads is
good i can’t really tell you for sure because I’ve did buy this gun used and
it didn’t come with one so i wasn’t able to test that for you guys it has a molded sling attachment . back
here in the back I do kind of wish this was metal but
that’s nice to have some shotguns don’t have that it does have some pretty nice
checkering on the grips definitely good enough for what you need it for I do have an upgrade planed for that so
make sure you stick around to end the video for that I has your standard
simple crossbolt safety and it is drilled and tapped on the top of the receiver
for a weaver rail if you want to put an optic on here for turkey hunting or
something like that it also has a nice vent rib going all the way up the
barrel and it does have a steel sling swivel here on the front it does have a
red fiber optic front sight that come stock on there that’s pretty nice to
have it’s definitely going to pick up some light and it’s going to make it a
little easier to pick up that front sight when you’re hunting i’m just not a
big fan of the red so i’m probably gonna swap that out but I thought you guys
want to stick around to the end of the video you can see that and last but not least another thing in
the win column for the stoker is it does come with four choke tubes that’s right for that’s just another way
that Stoeger is going to save you some money you want to go out there and buy a
bunch of extra choke tubes unless you want to it comes with improved cylinder, modified,
full, and an extra full extended turkey choke that’s what’s in there right now
this guy is going to be a good buy for anybody and i’m not even just saying
it’s a it’s a great gun for the money because that kind of means
that it’s good for a cheap gun this is a great all-around good
especially with that clean benelli inertia system and as awesome as this
gun is out-of-the-box because you save so much money on this gun you can afford
a few little upgrades that are just going to make it even that much better so stick around I’ll show you what I
have planned for this gun alright guys now I’ve done some really cool upgrades
to the shotgun and most everything you can find on amazon can find a link in
the description below the first thing you probably heard me say before but I
believe every shotgun should have a good sling this is just a max five camo
sling from outdoor connection another thing you’ll see on a lot of
higher-end shotguns is they’ll have upgraded grips and I got a really simple
upgrade to show you guys for that I just got some black rubber grip tape online
and cut it to size following the same shape that i was already molded into the
grips and did the same thing up here on the forend you can see on the sides and
the bottom they’re both of those are just going to give you a little bit
better grip on the shotgun and also gives it a really cool look if any of
you are familiar with like the remington versa max or some of the higher-end
Bennelli’s you’ll see this type of grip on all those and then not only improves
your grip especially if you’re waterfowl hunting your gun is likely to get wet as
you saw earlier in the video but it also really improves the looks of the gun and
down here on the barrel like i said earlier in the video i didn’t like that
red fiber optic that was on here because if you’re doing waterfowl hunting like I
am you’re going to be in a lot of low light situations and our feel like you
can pick up this green better you can probably even tell right now let’s go
and pretty good I in the sunlight and I like i said the
shotgun does come with choke tubes but if you want something just a little bit
better i went with the Carlsons waterfowl choke tubes they came in a
packet 2, one mid-range and one long range those are really great chokes i probably
will do a video on this and make sure you look for that to take a look at this
guy got the shotgun for 500 bucks and to look at it to feel it to shoot it
especially after the upgrades it really competes with those higher models and I think what you end up with
is a really high quality reliable shotgun and I wouldn’t hesitate to put
the stoker 3500 up against any two-thousand-dollar shotgun on the
market especially in the swamps i hope you liked what you saw make sure you go
over and check out my defensive shot gun reviews if you have any questions please
ask them in the comments below please like share and subscribe i’ll see y’all
next time

100 thoughts on “Best Semi-Auto Hunting Shotgun Under $1000 / Stoeger M3500

  1. I'm 14 and just joined my local 4-h shooting sports to shoot clays. And since I'm 14 I really don't have a lot of money, so would you recommend this shotgun ?  And also since ill be shooting clays a lot, is this shotgun reliable with light loads or is there another model of this gun that would be ?

  2. The gun you used in the beginning to show how it cycles 2 3/4 shells and 3 1/2 shells is different than the used in the segment with you were in the water.. Tell me I'm wrong but It looks different.

  3. Great review I plan to pick one up this week at my local gun shop I will use it for waterfowl and clay shooting maybe random rabbit hunts just for fun

  4. The gun does need to be broken in to cycle the light loads with the recoil reducer but after that it will work fine with any rounds

  5. Literally picked one up this evening. This is my first shotgun purchase(No more hand me down shotgun) This review gave me a ton of confidence in the purchase for this years duck hunting. Planning on doing the same add ons you did. The negative thing to the gun out of the box is the red fiber optic, go for green. But thanks for the review.

  6. I hope to get this gun pretty soon before the upcoming waterfowl season. what did you use to cut the pattern for the grip?

  7. Good news guys!! Finally finished the step by step video showing you how to apply the rubber grip tape!! Check it out here :

  8. throwing this out there. I loved mine however my barrel egged and it wasn't my falt whatsoever it just did over one season of killing timber mallards in arkansas to great care of the gun just didn't handle my Kent 3 inch number 5s

  9. Thank you. Ive really looked into getting one of these guns and i think im sold! Looks like a really good solid gun.

  10. yea i ve never shot a stoeger but i ve heard that some of there pump guns arent that good but i wouldn't mind giving one a try

  11. Got my Realtree APG M3500 in 2012. Out of the box it would jam with most every load. The gunsmith at the place I purchased it said he found a few burrs but still could not get it to cycle reliably. Sent the gun back to Stoeger and got it back in three weeks with the message that the forearm was cracked and replaced.
    The forearm was not cracked when I gave it to the gunsmith so he probably wasn't careful enough when assembling. There is a very thin lip on the rear of the forearm that must fit into the receiver so be careful when assembling or you could crack the forearm when tightening the forearm cap.
    The gun has not jammed once since I got it back from Stoeger in Jan. 2013. I have the recoil reducer installed (use blue loctite or it will probably get loose) I have tried everything from a 1 1/8 ounce dove load to a 3 1/2" hevi-shot turkey load. My son has run 12 boxes of Kent Fasteel 3" 1 1/4 ounce loads duck hunting without issue so I am happy with the gun now.

  12. Would love it if you did more of these semi auto shotgun reviews, love the bit putting it in the water etc maybe you could do some more gas operated ones and get some benelli power bore ones in to compare and contrast?!

  13. Probably on American market this shotguns haven't problems but here in Europe(actually)on "balkans"(Turkey neybars countreys)Bulgaria,Greece,Macedonia,Serbia,Bosnia and Hercegovina,Croatia and more more–QUALLITY OF THESE STOEGER SHOTGUNS IS VERRY VERRY VARIABILITY..SO GOOD LUCK WITH CHOICE AND GREETINGS FROM MACEDONIA

  14. Hi , would it cycle well with this Federal all purpose load ammo from walmart?


  15. my first shotgun..ive put at least 700 rounds and only had one misfire…never had a problem with this gun..this thing is a beast

  16. good luck with customer service sent my gun in 4 times for repair because of cycling issues. they never fixed it so i sold it

  17. It's a decent shotgun , but if you really want the best shotgun for under a $1,000 look at the Winchester sx3/sx4 best there is

  18. I’m super late to this, but these things are junk. A poor mans Benelli. Everyone I know who has one had to have something replaced or fixed and ultimately ended up selling it. For under $1k you’re a lot better off with a Beretta A350, or Outlander, Winchester SX3-4, or find a used Benelli SBE2 or M2.

  19. Went pheasant hunting last week. Didnt have to break it in. Just killed a lot of shit that day with no problems. Love it. When i cleaned it this rifle hardly had powder in it.

  20. I use my Remington 1100 for duck, squirrel, and turkey hunting. It's a really good gun. But I do definitely want to get a Stoeger M3500. That gun looks and sounds like a beast. What's the best store to go to to get one of these in Louisiana? Cabela's or Academy?

  21. ive owned mine for 3 seasons now and I love it eats every shell I throw at it in all conditions I highly recommend this gun no gas ports to clean has the same inertia action as the Benelli and franchi for a whole lot less ,you will not be sorry if you buy one….

  22. Yes this gun is inertia driven however it is not the same inertia system that Benelli has!!! I love it when people will talk trash about Benelli but then on the Stoeger and Franchi line they brag about the inertia system when this inertia system is what Benelli makes their budget companies use… I have owned an M3500, currently own a franchi affinity and also a Benelli Vinci and I can tell you without a doubt the Benelli is definitely the best of the three but the franchi is definitely better than the Stoeger!!!

  23. In canada same gun is guna cost me over $1000, super expensive but that is technically a budget semi auto in canada

  24. Just got back from Hanover Michigan from pheasant hunting at the Ringneck Ranch w/my son & grandson. My son & I used our Stoeger M3500, not a single hiccup, 17 birds later we were headed back to Ohio. We would definitely recommend the M3500!

  25. Imma trade my Obama phone in on one of those and use my EBT card for the difference Lol jk. I've been looking at those for a while but definitely getting one After watching your video. I have a Remington 1100 and I can't hit the broad side of barn with it but can tear up some clays with about any other shotgun even a 20 gauge. Anyway thanks for the insight on the Stoeger M3500

  26. Yeah there is no way this thing can compete with a $2k shotgun. I have never heard of having to break in a shotgun just to have everything loosen up. That’s the job of the manufacturer to make sure it works with no glitches out of the box. This is why I buy Browning and Beretta and have never heard such nonsense as having to break in your shotgun. You get what you pay for.

  27. They are good guns, and are pushing the Mossberg 930 out of the 3-gun scene. But, if I had $1000, I'd choose something else. If I had $600 and not a penny more, this would be more of a consideration.

  28. If you’re trying to stay under $1000 get a franchi or beretta. I know 3 guys that have run stoegers and they’ve all failed time and time again. Over $1000 you can’t go wrong with beretta browning or benelli.

  29. Great video brother! I agree, I own two, a M3500 and the M3020 and I love them. As you mentioned, They are built like tanks, very reliable, and great for any hunting needs.

  30. Just got this same shotgun today! I'm a coyote hunter and have been running the Mossberg 930 JM Pro Tactical for a few years. Felt it was not getting shots out to where I wanted and I couldn't run some of the 3.5" rounds from HeavyShot that I wanted. I like the 28" barrel, LOP is a little long by 1/4" but I'll look into it later. Going to try and put down some dogs this weekend with it. Same upgrades coming soon!

  31. Hey man! Just found your channel and am enjoying your videos. I was wondering if you know if the Stoeger's factory listed weight of 7.8 lbs includes the 13 oz recoil reducer? Have you weighed your gun? 

    I know it won't make a tremendous difference in the real world, but while comparing a similar weight mossberg (7.75lbs) to an SBE3 and a winchester SX4 in the store the other day, I thought the mossberg felt like an anchor. According to their respective websites, the difference is around 3/4 of a pound. If the stoeger's 7.8 lbs includes the 13 oz reducer, that should put the gun right around the SBE3 at just over 7, which is what I'm hoping for.

  32. It's a good gun. But nothing tops the Winchester sx 4 in camo. I've shot over 20 cases of gun club threw it, pheasant and duck/goose loads. Imo best under 1000

  33. I realize your review is a couple years old but I really found it very helpful. I bought a Stoeger 3000 a week ago and it did seem slippery to me. Thanks to you, I was able to click on your link and ordered the same grip tape from Amazon ( I love the internet). I was a little worried the tape might be stiff but it was great to work with. Like you, I think it makes the gun look great and does give the extra needed grip. Thanks for the video!!

  34. Was looking at a stoeger, franchi and benelli and just saw too many complaints with the stoeger, and the franchi was impossible to find so I just bought a benelli montefeltro and just cut my losses, plus the 10 year warranty was a nice feature

  35. Рассказываю, как можно делать пару раз в день до 75 дол. на свою карту. Смотрите вuдео у меня канале

  36. Does anyone know if stoeger makes rifled barrels for any of their 12 ga models? And if so are they compatible with other models? Or are their any barrels on the market that are compatible with stoeger.

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